Episode 72 - Media Relations

After taking a week off (OK, a week and a half!) Rich and Max return to discuss the latest developments in spring practice.  They look at the depth at running back, the questions at wide receiver, and the pronunciation of Alex Hornibrook's name.  They close the show with Rich's theory on why the Badgers have had such a "quiet" spring.



2:00 Maxwell Brusky: Podcast Superstar
5:30 Spring practice... Just kidding. It's rambling. Mikey Dudek is the new Iowa.
9:30 We are #TeamDare and other RB talk.
16:15 Alex Hornibrook is strong out the gate.
20:45 Weekly (semi-weekly) McEvoy talk and the WR's.
26:00 Sojourn Shelton rebounds.
29:10 Paul Chryst is NOT a quote machine.
40:30 Good night.


Episode 71 - Spring Mid-Terms: 2015 Edition

Making his annual spring practice pilgrimage to the BuckAround, B5Q's Luke Mueller joins the podcast to give Rich and Max an update on what he's seeing with Paul Chryst's Badgers this spring.  He breaks down the progression of the quarterbacks, if Dare Ogunbowale can be the #2 running back, and what the new faces at inside linebacker bring to the table.  He even finds time to give some hot punting takes!


1:30 We are "The Giving Tree".

3:30 Can YOU help with the archives?

6:00 Return of the Jedi, Luke Mueller.

8:05 Quarterbacks: Bart Houston looks solid. Not at punter... At QB!

11:45 Compare and contrast Hornibrook and Kafentzis.

14:15 Let's talk Dare, Deal and Kinlaw.

18:55 Who will catch the ball?

23:30 New coaches getting Settled... Get it?

27:50 The Lines.

35:10 Inside Linebackers: what do we have here?

40:55 Trezy... I think, and the last line of defense.

46:50 Punting. It's not pretty folks.

50:15 Why the lack of storylines?


Episode 70 - Spring Practice Potpourri

Returning from a two week hiatus, Rich and Max give their thoughts on Spring Practice thus far. They discuss Chryst's handling of the quarterbacks, whether Tanner McEvoy will play wide receiver (Rich kinda whiffs on this part), what inside linebacker is going to look like, and the strange way the relationship between the athletic department and Badger football media works.  They close out the show with a brand new segment that EVERYONE is going to be talking about! 


1:20 Max's article and Twitter handles
4:00 And now for something new and exciting... Well not no, but later in the show
7:05 Let's talk about spring practice and the lack of drama
10:45 Stave is our quarterback
15:30 recurring Tanner McEvoy talk, now with more WR
18:25 Inside LB's, wherein Rich explains the sort feature to Max
25:55 Austin Hudson's transfer and keeping things hush-hush.
31:50 A listener question and advanced sorting.
43:05 Return of the MAC (discussion).
46:00 Max's Minute(s)
1:04:40 One last question


Episode 69 - Spring Practice Preview

Basketball? Who needs basketball! Rich and Max ring in the beginning of spring practice with their thoughts on what can be learned about the team over the next month. The look at the myriad of questions on offense, where there are concerns on defense and manage to talk about Iowa nine times over the course of the episode. Spring practive primers: "There are many like it, but this one is ours!"


1:44 Iowa geography and outdated discussions of The Bachelor
3:16 Buckaround's spring coverage is different
5:36 Let's talk about Tanner McEvoy. He's fast enough, he's big enough and gosh darn it people like him (at other positions).
12:46 Quarterbacks, a competition? Who's number 2?
18:46 WR's development
22:45 Who will step up on OL? Max sneaks in Iowa discussion.
27:41 Let's talk defense. inside LB's, Jeremy Patterson and the secondary.
34:20 PUNTERS!!!
39:55 Slot WR Can Jazz Peavy be this year's Rob Wheelwright (have more than one catch)?
41:30 Closing thoughts


Episode 68 - Way Too Early Depth Charts: Defensive and Special Teams Edition

Wrapping up what they started last week, Rich and Max take a stab at projecting the 2015 defense. They look at some of the new starters at defensive line and linebacker and agree that the secondary looks very crowded with the potential additions of Tanner McEvoy and Natrell Jamerson, but first take time to examine the significance of how the John Settle hire was rolled out.