Episode 40 - Week 2: Stay Chillin' People

Coming off a solid performance against the Western Illinois Leathernecks, Rich and Max delve into the finer points of the Badgers' 37-3 victory.  They gauge the progress Tanner McEvoy has made as a passer, evaluate Alex Erickson as a receiver, and even sing the praises of the defense.  They even find time for listener mail and play some user submitted feedback from a very special listener!

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Episode 39 - Everyone Needs to Chill

While it's no doubt been a crazy 48 hours of fallout since the LSU loss, Rich and Max definitely believe it's time for Badger fans to tone down the hyperbolic hysteria.  After putting the LSU game and the rest of the season in proper perspective, they wade into what can only be described as the Joel Stave mess.  

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Episode 38 - Week 1 LSU: Backing off the Ledge

Coming off the Badgers' disappointing 28-24 defeat to LSU, Rich and Max discuss what shifted the balance of the contest despite Wisconsin amassing a 24-7 lead early in the 3rd quarter and find a few encouraging signs in an otherwise heartbreaking loss.  

NOTE: Connor Sheehy was incorrectly credited with a sack on the show; it was in fact Jake Keefer

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Episode 37 - Buck-A-ROUNDTABLE

The season opener is just days away!  To get everyone to share their own thoughts on the season, we thought we'd bring back something we started back when this site was just a blog: Badger Prop Bets.  

This week we brought along some "friends of the podcast" to take a shot at the competition.  Below are a dozen prop bets (and one tiebreaker) that we thought touched on major themes, story lines, and unanswered questions about the Badgers.  We answered these questions as a group on Tuesday, but we want to know what you think as well.  Simply put your replies in the comment section below (our only rule is you need to login with your Twitter, Facebook, or Disqus account so we actually know who you are).

The best part? The winner gets a free T-shirt from the great people over at Wiscy! What's better than free T-shirts? Everyone loves a free T-Shirt! So come join the fun.

ASIDE: You aren't feeling confident that you can win this thing but still REALLY need some gear for game day? Go visit our friends over at Wiscy and use the promo code BuckAround20 at checkout.  You get 20% off your order and as an added bonus you're helping out a business that is helping out your favorite podcast.

Thanks for participating!


Part 2:

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Episode 36 - B1G Picture: LSU (and Bartoo too!)

As the season approaches the shows get more dense! Rich and Max are joined by Ross Dellenger of The Advocate to discuss the Badgers season opener with LSU.  As if previewing the Badgers biggest opponent of the season wasn't enough, they also get a visit from Dave Bartoo of the College Football Matrix.  It's almost like two shows in one.  

Plus make sure to listen all the way through as an all new format for next week's show is discussed!

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