Episode 152 - Week 2 Akron Review: The Interregnum

With the Badgers 2-0, Rich and Max return to analyze the 54-10 domination of the Akron Zips. They look at what more can be learned from the team 2 games into the season as well as give their thoughts on some of the younger players who saw time in the 2nd half.  


  • 2:00 Max makes Stevie Miller sound like Bill Brasky
  • 5:45 Fifty something to Ten
  • 8:45 Why Olive as fullback?
  • 11:15 Clement overworked?
  • 15:00 Bradrick Shaw reminiscent of Lance Smith
  • 19:15 Are the WR's better than we thought?
  • 20:00 Hefty from Brahm on Wheelwright as a poor man's Chris Chambers
  • 25:15 The Fr WR's
  • 29:30 The Houston voicemails
  • 37:45 What to make of James and Obasih?
  • 41:45 Is anyone on D playing better than Tindal?
  • 47:00 UR Player of the Game
  • 53:00 Big games in the B1G
  •  1:01:00 Rich tries to one up my 2017 CFB playoff prediction

Episode 151 - Week 1 LSU Review: Everyone Must Chill (Again)

Rich and Max review the Badgers thrilling victory over LSU as well as the bigger games in conference and carve out some time to talk about Kirk Ferentz's new contract at Iowa


1:30 Rich is Joan Rivers
5:30 The Voicemails
9:15 Wisconsin's defense was VERY good
11:00 Who surprised on D?
16:45 The LB's (Speedy recovery to Orr)
19:00 The Offensive Line
25:15 Are the WR's just some guys?
29:15 Tyler on Houston vs Stave and Mental vs Physical errors
36:30 How big of a win was this?
39:45 Season expectations
45:30 UR Player of the Game
50:00 There were other B1G games


Episode 150 - 2016 Badger Fall Camp Wrap Up with Jesse Temple

Jesse Temple returns to the BuckAround to discuss the Badgers as they head into the season opener with LSU. 


2:00 Two guys in their pajamas eating buttered fish
4:30 Welcome back Jesse Temple of ESPN
4:45 Was the QB race as close as we think?
6:45 Can Houston match Stave's first year?
8:45 Will Hornibrook play vs LSU?
10:15 Comparing Bart and Alex
12:15 Corey's Sr year
14:00 Are the RB's as a whole improved?
15:30 The OL will be improved?
18:30 The WR depth
21:00 The LB's will be a strength
25:15 Breakout candidates
26:30 Special Teams
28:45 Will this Badger team make a bowl?
31:00 Jesse wrote a book! Rich read it! Max ate buttered fish!
33:30 What Jesse learned
36:45 Wisconsin is a boxing school
41:45 Confidence levels


Episode 149 - B1G Picture: LSU

Rich and Max are joined by Ross Dellenger to preview the season opener with LSU. They close out the show discussing Dan Voltz's retirement, Bart Houston being named starting quarterback, and the release of the Badgers' depth chart.


1:15 It's Friday night... These party animals are podcasting
4:00 Welcome back Ross Dellenger of The Advocate
4:15 So... Leonard Fournette... Is he good? Is he healthy?
5:45 The other RB's
6:45 What kind of QB is Brandon Harris?
8:15 Does WR depth matter?
10:30 How will the OL holdup with the turnover?
12:15 What impact will injuries have on the DL?
15:00 Will the defense be more of a base 3-4?
17:15 Key-ing in on the LB's (sorry...)
18:45 What did Arkansas do vs LSU in 2015?
21:00 What UW weakness will LSU try to exploit?
22:30 How will this matchup play out?
26:30 Prop Bet CONTROVERSY!!!
32:30 Dan Voltz's retirement and OL attrition
37:15 Bart Houston... Starting QB
38:45 The punting (and other positions) depth chart



Episode 148 - B1G Picture: Ohio State

Ramzy Nasrallah of ElevenWarriors.com joins the show to preview the final conference team on the Badgers' schedule. Rich and Max then close the show with some camp talk and listener mail.  The season is almost here! 


  • 1:00 Your lovely and delightful hosts
  • 3:30 Welcome Ramzy Nasrallah of ElevenWarriors.com
  • 3:45 Last season a missed opportunity?
  • 7:30 How much does Meyer carryover from 2015 to 2016?
  • 9:30 JT Barrett as the leader
  • 11:15 How much of Elliot can be replaced?
  • 14:30 How will WR shake out?
  • 16:30 How is the DL still loaded?
  • 18:45 Raekwon McMillan and the LB's
  • 20:45 Reloading the secondary
  • 22:30 Schiano as the new DC
  • 23:30 Is missing the playoff a disappointment?
  • 25:30 What can derail Urban Meyer?
  • 32:30 Who will be worse than expected?
  • 42:45 Camp thoughts
  • 49:00 Leftover bold predictions
  • 54:30 Dylan in Virginia on Aranda being overrated
  • 59:30 Jared from WauKe$ha on a name change
  • 1:04:30 Rich challenges the listeners

Episode 147 - Prop Bets: 2016 Edition

Andy Schaaf returns to the podcast to host the annual prop bet competition. Aside form various statistical measures, Andy gauges the hosts' feelings about Paul Chryst's attire, John Settle's Twitter account (of course!), and which reserve player Dave Heller will hyperfocus on in 2016.


  • 1:15 Max's advantage
  • 2:15 Welcome, the one the only Andy Schaaf
  • 5:45 There are prizes!!! Well... A prize
  • 7:30 QB starter for first game (Both Houston)
  • 8:00 QB starter for last game (Both Hornibrook)
  • 10:00 Over/Under total TD passes (Both Over)
  • 12:00 Over/Under total passing yards 2350 (R Under M Over)
  • 15:30 Over/Under Receptions by FR WR's (R Under M Over)
  • 18:30 Over/Under George Rushing receiving yards 300 (Both Under)
  • 20:15 Over/Under TE Catches 45.5 (Both Under)
  • 21:30 Over/Under David Edwards receptions .5 (R Under M Over)
  • 22:45 Total rushing yards Clement or Field (R Clement M Field)
  • 24:30 Over/Under Yards Per Carry 4.8 (R Over M Under)
  • 27:00 Over/Under WR rushing yards 145 (R Under M Over)
  • 29:00 Over/Under Dan Voltz starts 6 (Both Over)
  • 30:15 More INT's CB's or Safeties (R Safeties M CB's)
  • 31:45 Most Tackles (R TJ Edwards M Orr) 
  • 33:30 Over/Under Defensive Points per Game Allowed 20.5 (R Over M Under)
  • 35:15 Over/Under Yards per Punt 39.67 (Both Over)
  • 35:45 Over/Under punt attempts inside opponents 40 7.5(Both Under)
  • 38:15 Special teams TD? (Both Yes)
  • 39:00 Over/Under Top 25 Wins 1.5 (Both Over)
  • 41:15 Antonio Williams TD vs Badgers (R No M Yes)
  • 42:45 Chryst hat versus LSU Red or White? (Both Red)
  • 45:45 Will UW wear an alternate uni? (R No M Yes)
  • 46:45 Non QB pass? (R No M Yes)
  • 47:45 Over/Under Dave Heller tweets mentioning Jeremy Patterson 6.5 (R Over M Under)
  • 49:30 Over/Under John Settle tweets 2.5 (R Over M Under)

Episode 146 - Bold Predictions: 2016 Edition

The listener-driven preseason bold predictions segment returns for another season. This year it focuses on the bigger names on defense, the offensive line, and the Badgers' record against top tier opponents. 


  • 2:00 Bold Prediction show
  • 5:00 The passing game
  • 12:45 Vince Biegel
  • 16:00 Sojourn Shelton and the secondary
  • 29:15 Offensive Line and the ground game
  • 33:30 Records and Wins/Losses
  • 41:15 Potpourri/Trolling

Episode 145 - B1G Picture: Michigan

Rich and Max are joined by Ace Anbender of MGoBlog.com to take a look at the Michigan Wolverines. They then wrap up the show with some listener mail and talk about what was seen and heard at today's open scrimmage.


  • 2:00 Max makes technology hard
  • 3:00 Welcome Ace Anbender of MGoBlog.com
  • 3:15 2015 was a success
  • 4:45 The battle at QB
  • 8:45 RB and depth
  • 10:30 Is the OL ready to take the next step?
  • 18:00 Talking Taco and the DL
  • 20:30 Peppers and the LB's
  • 23:00 Dominating the offseason storylines
  • 25:30 The B1G East goes through Ann Arbor
  • 29:00 Silly Yak has a sister store! www.thebreadbarn.com
  • 32:00 The Badger scrimmage
  • 33:45 Wheelwright sitting out practice and being challenged
  • 35:00 The freshmen WR's
  • 38:00 Jake from Sun Prairie on the QB's maybe not developing
  • 42:00 TJ in Phoenix on the apparel request

Episode 144 - Fall Camp Preview 2016: Gettin' Chryst-y with it

Fall camp is here! Rich and Max go through thoughts and expectations, offering their thoughts on what a successful preseason should look like.  


  • 2:30 Send us your bold predictions! Or call them in!
  • 4:00 Things the hosts are excited about
  • 5:00 Max: How the secondary takes shape
  • 8:30 Rich: Houston locking down the QB position
  • 10:45 Max: Chryst-y type things
  • 18:30 Rich: Is there a plus athlete on the defense?
  • 23:00 What freshmen will get playing time?
  • 23:45 Rich: Is Bradrick Shaw for real?
  • 27:00 Estes and Sanders not on the 105 man roster
  • 29:15 Ty DeForest transfers to Illinois St
  • 31:00 Clarifying Dixon's weight loss
  • 31:45 Voltz at OG
  • 34:15 Uniform talk
  • 35:30 Seriously. Bold predictions. Send them.
  • 36:30 Witty repartee 

Episode 143 - Big Picture: Nebraska

Rich and Max are joined by Mike'l Severe of The Bottom Line on Omaha.com to discuss the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Rich and Max then finish the show with some listener feedback on their depth analysis, realistic expectations for the Badgers year to year, and if there will be more BuckAround shirts in the future.


  • 1:30 Like Limp Bizkit, Rich and Max "Keep Rollin' "
  • 4:00 Welcome back Mike'l Severe of The Bottom Line
  • 4:45 Factors behind a poor 2015
  • 6:00 Close losses
  • 7:30 Tommie Armstrong's ceiling
  • 8:45 Best WR group in the B1G?
  • 10:00 Top 3 rushing attack in B1G?
  • 11:15 Is Newby an every down back?
  • 13:00 Is the OL the limiting factor for the offense?
  • 14:45 Heavy losses on the DL
  • 17:00 Experience and depth at LB
  • 18:30 Riley's ceiling/fit at Nebraska
  • 21:00 How will 2016 shake out?
  • 24:30 Matt from Waukesha on flattery and favorite episodes
  • 30:00 Northern Illinois CB's
  • 30:15 Jack from Oslo, Norway on more Buckaround apparel
  • 34:00 Someone driving a truck owes me a beer
  • 35:30 ... And a reminder l owe Kyle one
  • 36:15 Travis from STL on the RB grade
  • 41:15 Travis from STL on the QB situation (IOWA MENTIONS)
  • 46:15 Travis from STL on UM hype
  • 49:45 Tookie Monster on realistic expectations
  • 1:00:00 Bold prediction show prep... Send your predictions!

Episode 142 - B1G Picture: Iowa

Max hosts solo this week and tackles the subject he can never talk about enough: Iowa! He's joined by Marc Morehouse of the Cedar Rapids Gazette to look back at Iowa's 12-2 season and see what is in store for Iowa in 2016.


  • 1:30 Max is flying solo for Hawkeyearound
  • 1:45 Welcome back Marc Morehouse of the Cedar Rapids Gazette
  • 3:30 Recapping Iowa's 2015
  • 6:45 Why the different mentality in 2015
  • 8:30 Advanced stats blind spots?
  • 11:15 Parallels between 2015 and other great Iowa years
  • 13:45 B1G Championship recap
  • 18:00 What is CJ Beathards ceiling?
  • 21:30 The pass catchers
  • 24:15 Experience back on the OL
  • 27:00 The running game
  • 29:00 The front seven
  • 32:00 The secondary
  • 34:00 Special teams
  • 36:15 Outlook for 2016
  • 38:15 Shots fired... At Purdue
  • 41:45 Sustainability
  • 44:15 Max, like all Badger fans, wishes Iowa sustained success
  • 44:00 Marc, in turn, brings up 59-0
  • 45:45 Max acknowledges we will mock him for UW being his 4th favorite team
  • 47:45 The B1G landscape

Episode 141 - B1G Picture: Michigan State

Rich is joined by Chris Vannini of CoachingSearch.com and The Only Colors podcast to preview the Michigan State Spartans. Rich also discusses the updated fall roster and what can be inferred from weight gains/losses over the past year.


  • 1:15 You see me Rollin'... Rollin' solo
  • 3:00 Chris Vannini of coaching search.com
  • 3:30 Reviewing the 2015 Spartans
  • 6:15 The QB battle
  • 8:15 How much does losing Cook hurt?
  • 10:00 How will RB's be handled?
  • 12:30 The line loses a pair of Jacks
  • 14:00 Is there depth at DL?
  • 17:00 Are there ANY concerns in back 7?
  • 23:00 How does 2016 play out?
  • 25:30 The Badger vs Sparty rivalry
  • 29:15 Roster tidbits
  • 32:30 The incredibly shrinking Kevin Estes
  • 37:30 The incoming Freshmen
  • 43:15 TJ Edwards and his foot

Episode 140 - B1G Picture: Illinois

Mark Primiano of the Champaign room returns to discuss the Fighting Illini and Rich and Max finish up their positional depth discussion with the defense. 


  • 1:45 An action packed show
  • 3:00 Welcome back Mark Primiano of Champaign Room
  • 3:45 Thoughts on Josh Whitman and Lovie Smith
  • 9:30 Why couldn't Whitman wait a year?
  • 11:30 The Cover 2 in college
  • 13:45 Wes Lunt
  • 16:15 Will this be more of a run first offense?
  • 20:30 How will the DL shape up?
  • 23:15 Will there be major issues at LB?
  • 25:15 Barton and the DB's
  • 26:30 Max declares Illini are going bowling!!!
  • 32:15 Illinois is the love child of Iowa and Northern Illinois
  • 34:00 The Defensive depth and projection grades
  • 34:15 Defensive End
  • 39:00 Nose Tackle
  • 44:30 Inside Linebacker
  • 50:45 Outside Linebacker
  • 56:00 Cornerback featuring Serge Trezy
  • 1:03:00 Safety

Episode 139 - Wall to Wall Badger Talk

By popular demand (well...sort of) Rich and Max return with a show that is just Badger talk from start to finish (if you don't include Max's indignant Iowa references). They discuss some B1G trade follow ups, the reclassification of Ke'shan Pennamon to the 2017 recruiting class, current and future depth on the offense, and smack talk surrounding baked good. 


  • 2:30 Rich cheats on Max with a Husker pod
  • 4:15 TJ in Phoenix in the lack of Badger talk on the Buckaround
  • 12:30 Luke from B5Q on trading an OL for a WR
  • 16:15 Keshawn Pennamon (probably) ain't walkin through that door
  • 19:30 Max Minute(s)
  • 22:30 Roster strength and projection grades
  • 24:30 Quarterback
  • 30:30 Rex in KC on how the QB position plays out
  • 36:00 Running Back
  • 40:00 ALL HAIL IOWA!!!
  • 44:00 Wide Reciever
  • 51:15 Fullback
  • 54:30 Offensive Line
  • 59:00 Tight End
  • 1:06:15 Kyle from Silly Yak drops the gauntlet on Show Lacky Steve
  • 1:09:15 Next Week: The Defense

Episode 138 - B1G Picture: Minnesota

Kyle Goblirsch returns to the BuckAround and gives an update on the state of Minnesota football since the departure of Jerry Kill. 


  • 2:00 Facial hair
  • 5:30 Welcome back Kyle Goblirsch of Gopher247
  • 6:15 Making sense of 2015
  • 11:00 How did Jerry Kill wind up at KSU?
  • 13:00 Did anyone see the coaching staff breakup coming?
  • 15:45 How long of a leash does Claeys have?
  • 17:45 Talking about future first round pick Mitch Leisner
  • 21:15 Will a RB emerge or will they go with a committee?
  • 23:30 Will all the JUCO OL's start?
  • 25:30 A look at the pass catchers
  • 30:00 The depth at LB
  • 33:30 Only one returning starter among the DB's
  • 36:15 Projecting the 2016 season
  • 42:15 Who is beating Iowa?!?

Episode 137 - B1G Picture: Purdue

Nathan Baird joins the BuckAround to give the latest on the Boilermakers. He discusses the future (and past) of Darell Hazell, if the rotating door at quarterback will stop spinning, and gives his thoughts on who the playmakers for Purdue will be in 2016. Rich and Max then close the show with the long awaited host and listener player trade hypotheticals. 


  • 1:30 Beer
  • 5:00 Welcome Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal & Courier
  • 5:30 Has there been improvement under Hazell?
  • 8:45 Does Blough stay as starting QB?
  • 12:00 Who will help Markell Jones at RB?
  • 14:30 Any playmakers emerging?
  • 16:45 Is LB the best/deepest position?
  • 21:00 A look at the DL
  • 22:45 Are the ST special?
  • 25:15 How does 2016 play out?
  • 28:30 A bowl game?!?
  • 30:45 Is 6 wins enough for Hazell?
  • 34:00 Badger player trades
  • 55:00 Max's trade
  • 56:00 Rich's trade
  • 1:03:30 Next week: Minnesota

Episode 136 - B1G Picture: Northwestern

Rich and Max are joined by Bucky's Fifth Quarter founder Adam Hoge, now the Bears Insider for WGN Radio and sideline reporter for Northwestern football. Adam discusses whether it's better to be good versus lucky, what to expect in Clayton Thorson's 2nd season, how good the defense will be after a strong 2015 campaign, and what he makes of the Badgers' prospects for the upcoming season. Rich and Max close the show with a discussion of listener etiquette in bakeries, what in the world Max uses DropBox for, and a reminder for listeners to send in their B1G trades. 


  • 2:00 Come for the trade ideas... Wait til next week
  • 5:30 Welcome Adam Hoge to talk Northwestern football
  • 6:30 Were the Wildcats not much better than last year?
  • 9:15 The development of Clayton Thorson
  • 12:45 Expectations at WR
  • 15:30 Why did the DB's move to WR?
  • 17:30 How will the OL shake out?
  • 20:15 Replacing departed DL's
  • 22:15 Can the Cats repeat 2015's defensive success?
  • 24:30 How will Northwestern look in 2016?
  • 27:00 Adam's thoughts on the 2016 Badgers
  • 30:30 5 minutes on our awesomely awesome show lackey Steven
  • 35:00 Max's Technology Corner
  • 37:45 Arman "helping" Rich

Episode 135 - Return of the Max! (part 2)

Max returns to the BuckAround to forcefully rebut Rich's outlandish recruiting claims from episode 134 (SPOILER: they really don't disagree that much, sorry). They also share a #hypothetical from longtime friend Bizarro Max and answer a show history question from Wes in LA. 


  • 1:45 Return of Return of the Max
  • 4:15 Sympatico views on recruiting the offensive side of the ball
  • 6:00 QB recruiting and injury luck
  • 8:00 TE and how Hescock is NOT from Connecticut
  • 10:15 Recruiting in Michigan and the Michigan schools
  • 12:30 Recruiting nationally and Chryst recruiting at Pitt
  • 15:30 Max rambles on about Hayden Fry and the greatness of Iowa... For 15 seconds
  • 25:30 Bret Bielema as a developer
  • 29:30 Bizarro Max on hypothetical B1G trades
  • 36:00 Wes from LA on the origins of the Buckaround pod

Episode 134 - Adventures in Monologuing

Rich hosts all by his lonesome this week, diving into the long-promised discussion of the state of Badger recruiting. He discusses hopeful signs for the future while also asking whether or not Badger fans have a improper expectations for how Wisconsin can recruit. Don't forget to send in your Northwestern questions for episode 135!


  • 1:15 The East Coast Elitist... Flying solo
  • 3:45 Talking 'Crootin
  • 5:30 Things are going well at QB
  • 10:45 Identifying targets early
  • 14:00 Not just upper Midwest prospects
  • 17:30 Is Chryst a good recruiter?
  • 23:00 How is Chryst doing this?
  • 29:45 What if Bielema wasn't a good recruiter?
  • 33:00 Wes on flattery and the geographic proliferation of the Buckaround and why non-Badger fans listen

Episode 133 - Football 101: Recruiting Basics with Allen Trieu

Continuing the Football 101 series, Rich and Max are joined by Allen Trieu, Midwest Football Recruiting Manager for Scout.com. He explains the rules regulations, and limitations of today's recruiting world. They round out the show with a favorite listener segment - the BSAPM.


  • 2:15 Welcome Allen Trieu... The Grand Puba of Scout
  • 2:45 What does "being recruited" involve?
  • 4:45 What do a coach and recruit talk about?
  • 6:15 How are they communicating?
  • 7:15 What are the rules governing contact?
  • 10:00 Bill from Neenah and unofficial vs official visits
  • 15:15 Jon from Madison and how star ratings work
  • 19:45 What's the purpose of an uncommitable offer?
  • 21:30 How are kids found? Where does the film come from?
  • 24:15 Jake in Sun Prairie on how much outfitters influence recruits
  • 26:45 Chris from Champaign and the importance of HS coaches in the process
  • 28:30 What effect do satellite camps have?
  • 30:30 What would Allen change in recruiting?
  • 36:30 Clement looks like a Mack truck
  • 40:15 Who is negative on the BSAPM?