Episode 105 - Week 7 MEGA Show. Nebraska wrap (and 3 minutes of Purdue Preview)

With Max off this week celebrating his nuptials, Rich runs the roost with a VERY special guest host that long time listeners should know (and fear). They talk about the resurgence of Joel Stave, Paul Chryst's game management, Rafael Gaglianone's inconsistent but ultimately triumphant day in Lincoln.


  • 2:00 Welcome Skinlamp Nate to the pod!
  • 3:00 Let's talk Stave... Is he better?
  • 10:00 Are the WR's any good?
  • 18:15 Jazzed about Peavy?
  • 19:15 Are the Badgers a passing team now? (Spoiler... NO!)
  • 27:30 Thoughts on Jafa and 2 pods per week
  • 31:30 ANOTHER solid performance by the defense
  • 36:45 UR player of the game
  • 42:30 "Want to know something interesting about Purdue?"
  • 44:15 Are the Badgers better off finishing 2nd in the West this year?
  • 49:00 Tune in next week to hear all about Iowa, Northern Illinois and Darius Hillary!

Episode 104 - Week 6 Nebraska Preview: Make or Break Time?

With the Badgers sitting at 0-1 in conference, Rich and Max examine the showdown in Lincoln Saturday with Nebraska. They discuss which is worse: Nebraska's pass defense or Wisconsin's pass offense, whether or not Nebraska will run the ball, and if this is truly a "must win" game for the Badgers if they still want to win the west. They close the show with a discussion of what a poor performance from Joel Stave could or should mean for his future and where the team goes from there. 


  • 1:30 Who's a bigger mess? Wisconsin? Nebraska?
  • 4:30 Where are the Badgers weakest on offense right now?
  • 5:30 How should Nebraska attack the Badger D?
  • 6:15 What should we think about the Husker running game?
  • 9:00 This IS an elimination game... Right?
  • 12:45 Max is one of THOSE guys. The kind that gets married during football season.
  • 13:15 Who will step up?
  • 14:30 REALLY bad injury luck
  • 17:00 It's time to adjust expectations
  • 20:30 Fourth down watch
  • 25:30 Could this devolve into a mess?
  • 30:45 If it does, do they change the QB?
  • 40:15 Surveying the landscape of the B1G
  • 43:45 Prediction time
  • 46:30 Who do you want to see perform well?
  • 49:00 Only one show next week

Episode 103 - Week 5 Review Iowa: Sneaky Bad

Coming off a turnover-laden clunker of a loss to Iowa, Rich and Max discuss the what went wrong Saturday at the hands of the Hawkeyes. There is lots of Stave talk, the inconsistent running game and the all world effort of the defense, headlined by Joe Schobert's headline-grabbing day. Max wraps the show with a quick breakdown of his trip to Madison.


  • 2:30 The Staviest thing that ever Stave'd
  • 5:00 Rich did prep work!
  • 7:35 Rich talking Hillary is the new Max talking Iowa
  • 8:15 How good is this defense?
  • 10:30 Joe Schobert making the leap
  • 13:00 The listeners want to talk about the offense
  • 24:00 Sneaky bad
  • 27:00 Listener attempts at rationality
  • 28:30 Will this line be good? They are young, but ARE they good? WILL they be good?
  • 33:30 With Erickson and Traylor out, unexpected players will have to step up
  • 37:00 How good is Iowa?
  • 40:30 The B1G West is terrible
  • 41:00 UR Player of the Game
  • 43:30 Games from the B1G (formerly Big Games from the B1G)
  • 47:30 Jordan's B1G Pub



Episode 102 - Week 5 Preview: Iowa, The Maxageddoning

The entirety of 100+ episodes of the podcast have boiled down to this: it's Iowa-Wisconsin in Camp Randall and you-know-who can barely contain himself.  There is no need for a summary of the show here because you know what's coming: Max talking about Kenny Chesney. No, really.


  • 2:00 Everything in your life builds up to Iowa
  • 3:45 Do you want to bask in Max's glow? Go to Jordan's B1G pub!
  • 6:45 Gather round boys and girls. Max will tell the story of Iowa.
  • 11:30 A look at the Iowa run game
  • 14:00 How good is the Iowa DL?
  • 17:00 The Hawkeyes have a very good secondary
  • 18:30 The Iowa segment is the song from Barney... It goes on and on my friends
  • 21:47 Max's Iowa talk makes Rich yawn 
  • 23:00 Do you buy the Badger D?
  • 26:00 Examining the Badger WR's
  • 29:00 This game will show if Stave has made progress
  • 31:30 How much have the Badgers held back?
  • 33:30 Will Clement redshirt?
  • 41:00 Talking about position changes
  • 45:30 Big games in the B1G

Episode 101 Week 4 Review: Hawaii - J Leman is Coming for your Soul!

Wrapping up non-conference play, Rich and Max review the Badgers' convincing 28-0 win over the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii. They discuss the dominant performance of the defense, the solid effort in the ground game, and he up and down afternoon through the air. Let be honest here. This is all just a prelude for Max to lose his mind in the Iowa preview in episode 102.


  • 2:00 Meetup with Max near Camp Randall
  • 5:45 Recapping Hawaii
  • 6:15 A look at the secondary
  • 15:00 Not much to discuss with the front 7... Which is a good thing
  • 16:15 A look into the future at LB
  • 18:30 The inverted wishbone is back!!
  • 21:00 Rich has concerns
  • 23:30 Alec Ingold means 4 years of Northern Illinois references
  • 26:15 The OL looks better
  • 29:15 Talking about the throw game
  • 40:00 Jazz' hands on punt returns
  • 45:00 J Leman stares into your soul
  • 46:00 Drew Meyer and the Shanks (album coming to stores soon)
  • 49:00 UR player of the game
  • 51:15 Were there big games in the B1G?

Episode 100 - Week 4 Preview: Hawaii a.k.a. Have we Really Done this 100 Times?!

100 Episode? 100 EPISODES!! Rich and Max ring in triple digits with a look ahead to the Badger's final non-conference matchup with Hawaii. They discuss what Norm Chow's team brings to the game, the apparent move of Lubern Figaro from safety to cornerback, shifting Caleb Kinlaw to defense (whoops, recorded this before it was announced), and how the B1G conference schedule is downright awful this week.  Finally they close the show with some listener reactions to last week's Michigan State discussion before a major show announcement in celebration of episode 100.



  • 2:15 Max's special relationship with Hawaii
  • 4:45 Talking Rainbow Warriors
  • 9:45 Will Clement play and allow an honest look at the O Line?
  • 11:00 Where will Walker Williams line up?
  • 12:30 The tale of Figaro
  • 15:00 The future at safety is not Farrar away
  • 17:00 The topic where Rich is wrong the fastest... Caleb Kinlaw
  • 21:00 Big games?!? In the B1G
  • 26:00 Feedback on Sparty vs Bucky
  • 41:30 The most authentic coach in college football
  • 44:30 The Buckaround gives back

Episode 99 - Week 3: Pumping the Brakes on Troy

Rich and Max examine the Badgers' 28-3 win over Troy. They talk about the dominating defensive performance, why the team scored so few points, Chris Orr's arms (or lack thereof - TBD) and the Jabbawockeez. 


  • 2:00 Who is listening in Hong Kong?
  • 5:30 Chris Orr's sleeves
  • 6:30 The Brusky Scale of Arm Power Measurement (BSAPM)
  • 11:45 Chris Orr's play... Evan Flood is smart
  • 13:45 Thinning the herd at ILB
  • 19:00 McEvoy's usage
  • 21:00 The O-Line in flux
  • 25:15 The Deal vs Dare debate... Or lack thereof
  • 28:30 Is UW's offense fools gold?
  • 35:00 UW on 4th down
  • 40:00 UR Players of the Game
  • 42:30 Big games in the B1G
  • 52:00 Max didn't talk about NIU in the OSU recap enough... So he's doubling down
  • 52:45 Cue the Iowa music

Episode 98 - Week 3 Preview: Troy

Preparing for the 2nd installment of what is the Badgers de facto preseason, Rich and Max look at Saturday's game against the Troy Trojans. They highlight what the want to see from the run and pass game, as well as where the defense can improve. They also look at the rise of Michigan State and why the Badgers haven't been able to match their meteoric rise.


  • 2:15 It's 2015... You don't need to listen to football on the radio
  • 3:30 What do we know about Troy?
  • 6:00 Troy's air raid
  • 9:15 What to expect? Probably a replay of Miami
  • 11:30 If Ray Ball is healthy, how much time will he see?
  • 16:30 If Clement is marginally healthy will he play? Should he?
  • 18:15 Dod Caputo return too soon?
  • 22:15 What to make of Kinlaw?
  • 26:00 Big games in the B-1-G
  • 33:45 We're not gonna get into Rutgers... For more than 3-4 minutes
  • 37:45 What caused the seperation between Bucky and Sparty?
  • 49:15. We're gonna skip predictions... Here are our predictions
  • 49:45 Rich gets taken to task

Episode 97 - Week 2: Miami Scoring Machine

The Badgers rebounded from the defeat in Dallas to pulverize the Miami Redhawks. Rich and Max talk about the dominating defensive display, things to like about the passing game, and what they took from the up and down day on the ground.


  • 2:00 Max is a homer... But for who? Badgers? Hawkeyes? Huskies?
  • 7:30 58-0 provides a lot to talk about
  • 9:30 The defense was really good
  • 15:30 Schobert > Biegel
  • 19:00 Is McEvoy good at safety?
  • 22:45 McEvoy at QB, will that be a thing?
  • 27:00 Special teams have been... Special
  • 31:15 In case you hadn't heard Arkansas lost to a MAC contender
  • 32:15 They're not gonna break the seal on Penniston
  • 34:00 The throw game
  • 44:30 Let's talk about the bad stuff... O Line
  • 52:15 UR players of the game
  • 57:45 Big games in the B-1-G
  • 1:06:30 The B1G... Hey, it doesn't look like crap

Episode 96: Week 2 Preview: Miami (No, not that one)

Looking to rebound from their season opening loss, the Badgers return to Camp Randall to take on the Miami Redhawks in what fans hope will be an exorcism of their Dallas Demons. Rich and Max discuss what they want to see from both sides of the line of scrimmage, in the passing game, and what lingering injuries may mean for the Badgers through the rest of non-conference play. Finally, the close the show with a discussion of Max's well publicized trip to see the mighty Huskies of Northern Illinois.


  • 2:45 #noteworthy
  • 3:30 Max on the MAC
  • 5:00 Northern Illinois defense reference
  • 7:00 Miami is not a MAC powerhouse (not an ACC one either)
  • 9:00 Keyboard broke from sheer volume of NIU references
  • 10:00 What should we expect from the Badgers?
  • 11:00 Will Clement play? Should he?
  • 14:30 How will the WR's perform? 
  • 17:15 Will Caputo play?
  • 20:30 Watch Sheehy and Musso
  • 25:30 Big games in the B-1-G
  • 32:15 The lesson, as always, Iowa is awful
  • 39:30 Max's trip to DeKalb
  • 46:45 Picks for UW vs Miami

Episode 95 - Week 1 Alabama Review: Quest for...Fun?

Fresh off the season opener, Rich and Max delve into the finer points of the Badgers 35-17 loss in Dallas to the Crimson Tide of Alabama. They discuss the anemic Badger ground game, how optimistic they think fans should be about the passing game,  and where to look for improvement in the ground game.  


  • 1:00 Good... Morning?!?
  • 5:00 General reactions to the D
  • 21:15 What do you do with McEvoy?
  • 25:00 A Tale of Two Halves... The Joel Stave story
  • 30:00 Taiwan Deal and his arms
  • 32:00 Do you feel good about the OL?
  • 36:00 The WR's look like WR's
  • 38:30 Under the Radar Players of the Game aka UR Players of the Game
  • 48:00 The Big Games in the B-1-G
  • 1:00:30 Takeaways

Episode 94 - Sayonara Offseason!

Rich and Max close out the offseason (hallelujah!) with their final thoughts on the Alabama game. They discuss where each team has advantages, how the Alabama quarterback situation could affect the game, and what a Badger win could mean in the larger picture. The show closes with a series of major statements from Max...well...you've just gotta listen to this one. 


  • 1:30 Rich's "interesting" observation
  • 4:00 Alabama's QB concerns are the new Wisconsin's OL concerns
  • 10:00 Are you nervous about this game?
  • 13:45 The blueprint to a Badger win
  • 16:00 It's about the players
  • 19:15 Rich discusses what has been haunting my dreams.. Derrick Henry
  • 21:45 Worry about the Badgers OL
  • 24:30 The WR rotation
  • 26:30 Where did Nick Thomas go?
  • 28:00 Does Aranda want a bigger defense?
  • 30:15 You're not gonna get Rich to be optimistic!
  • 31:30 Lane Kiffin's tendencies
  • 33:15 What is an acceptable result?
  • 36:30 Max's bachelor party AND Iowa game reference AND NIU game reference... If you listen to nothing else LISTEN TO THIS!!!
  • 40:30 Would You Rather?!? Badgers Edition

Episode 93 - B1G Picture: Alabama

The season is finally here! Heading into the opener, Rich and Max are joined by Drew DeArmond to break down Saturday's matchup in Dallas. Drew discuses Alabama's major issues at quarterback, the strength of the Alabama defensive front, and who will catch passes with the departure of Amari Cooper. 


  • 1:30 Congrats to friend of the show Jesse Temple on his new gig
  • 4:45 It's game week!!!!
  • 5:15 Welcome Drew DeArmond to the show
  • 7:30 How do Alabama fans see this game?
  • 10:45 What does Alabama want out of their QB this year?
  • 13:15 How will Bama's WR's look this year without Amari Cooper?
  • 16:15 What is OJ Howard's role?
  • 18:45 What makes Bama's DL so special? (Hint: the 9 NFL prospects)
  • 22:00 Is the news better for Badger fans at LB? (Spoiler: Nope)
  • 25:15 So maybe there's weaknesses in the secondary?
  • 29:00 Where are the biggest advantage and disadvantage for Alabama?
  • 31:30 How have the Alabama QB's done protecting the ball in practice?
  • 34:15 Prediction time
  • 40:15 New BuckAround format

Episode 92 - Prop Bets: 2015 Edition

It's the 3rd Annual Prop Bet Competition! In a change of format from last year, Rich and Max invite Andy Schaaf to Emcee the Prop Bet competition as they are matched against one another to see who can better predict the 2015 Badgers. They talk Tanner McEvoy as a wide receiver, who leads the team in tackles, and spend way too much time talking about John Settle's twitter. It's a great show. 

NOTE: Andy was nice enough to create a google doc to track results as the season progresses. You can access it here.  The winner receives a shirt of their choice from our friends at Wiscywear.com 


Episode 91 - Fall Camp Update with Jason Galloway

The season is less than 2 weeks away! As the Badgers enter the home stretch of fall camp, Rich and Max are joined by Jason Galloway of Madison.com. They discuss the growth of Joel Stave, how the offensive line is shaping up, and how the defense is taking shape. To open the show, the guys catch up with Dave Bartoo, creater or the College Football Matrix, to get a sense for how he thinks the Badgers' season will play out and what to expect from Paul Chryst. 

Patience Grasshoppers, the season is almost here!


  • 2:00 Rich is obsessed with Iowa
  • 6:00 Welcome back Dave Bartoo, creator of the CFB Matrix
  • 6:15 What is the CFB Matrix?
  • 8:30 How does the Matrix view Chryst versus Andersen?
  • 13:00 What about Aranda staying?
  • 14:45 How will the B1G play out?
  • 16:45 Where to find the CFB Matrix
  • 19:30 Just when you thought Rich was going to be negative...
  • 24:45 The one and only Jason Galloway of Madison.com ... It's a website
  • 26:15 Is there anything other than injuries happening at Fall Camp?
  • 28:15 Talking Stave and the throw game
  • 30:30 How is Stave's chemistry with the WR's?
  • 31:30 McEvoy will be a WR... Why?
  • 33:00 What is McEvoy's best position?
  • 34:00 All you need is Love? (Spoiler: you need more)
  • 35:15 Will Trezy see the field?
  • 37:00 Who will return kicks?
  • 38:30 Is/Should the OL be a huge concern?
  • 40:30 Did Ball miss his chance to lock up a OG position?
  • 42:45 The DL looks good
  • 44:30 Is the ILB depth real?
  • 46:15 Dare vs Deal
  • 48:00 The TE position
  • 50:00 Who is a written off player that will emerge?
  • 52:00 Could UW make the playoff with one loss?
  • 57:00 The 2nd Annual Over/Under prop bet pod is on deck!

Episode 90 - B1G Picture: Illinois

Wrapping up the last conference opponent on the Badgers' schedule, Rich and Max are joined by Bob Asmussen of the News-Gazette. He discusses the return of Wes Lunt, the rise of Jihad Ward, and what the future holds for Tim Beckman at Illinois. They close the show with a discussion of the latest news from Badger Practice and some listener mail


  • 1:30 Tee shirts have shipped
  • 2:45 Welcome Bob Asmussen of the News-Gazette
  • 3:15 Illini 2014 recap
  • 3:45 What is Wes Lunt's ceiling?
  • 5:15 How will the WR position play out?
  • 6:30 Why did Aaron Bailey transfer?
  • 7:30 Who is behind Ferguson at RB?
  • 8:45 Who will start on the O Line?
  • 11:00 Are the DB's a strength?
  • 12:30 Are the LB's even stronger?
  • 15:00 Will the DL improve?
  • 16:15 Explaining the coaching turnover
  • 18:15 Is this staff more cohesive than in the past?
  • 19:00 How has the administration handled the off field stuff?
  • 20:45 No quit in the Illini
  • 22:00 2015 outlook
  • 24:45 Rich has Illini thoughts
  • 27:00 Where do the Illini fall in the Chicago radio pecking order?
  • 28:00 Rich and Max go to camp... Not really but they talk about it
  • 33:00 Pumping the brakes on the McEvoy hype
  • 35:00 Pronunciation with Dr Watson
  • 36:15 Listener Iowa punter reference
  • 38:30 A look at the OL
  • 42:00 Two pods next week

Episode 89 - B1G Picture: Northwestern

Rich and Max are joined by Zachary Pereles of InsideNU to discussion the 2015 version fo the Northwestern Wildcats. Zach shares insight into the quarterback race, the depth at the skill positions, and how he sees the defense holding up against the rest of the conference.  They then close with a discussion of who to follow on twitter and some listener mail. Two shows in a week yet again!

  • 1:30 A Rich initiated Iowa reference?!?!?!?
  • 3:45 Zachary Pereles of InsideNU
  • 4:00 2014 Northwestern recap
  • 6:30 Who is the NU quarterback at Northwestern?
  • 8:00 Is this the deepest collection of skill players Fitzgerald has had?
  • 10:00 A look at the O Line
  • 12:15 New faces among the LB's
  • 14:30 Old faces on the D Line and in the secondary
  • 17:30 What to expect in 2015
  • 19:45 A look at Northwestern's rivalry games
  • 21:20 Zachary makes an Iowa reference?!?!?!?
  • 22:00 Northwestern recruiting
  • 24:40 Max makes a long awaited NIU reference
  • 30:30 Buckaround approved Twitter follows
  • 31:30 Badger follows
  • 35:00 B1G follows
  • 38:30 National follows
  • 44:30 Beer at Camp Randall
  • 50:30 Max's buzzer beater Iowa reference
  • 52:00 Illinois next week

Episode 88 - #QuestForFun

With fall camp opening today, Rich and Max lead a listener-driven preview of Badgers fall camp. They talk about development on both lines, the questions at wide receiver, and various other areas of concern going into 2015. Just don't forget the slogan for 2015: The #QuestForFun

  • 1:30 #QuestForFun
  • 5:30 Fall Camp is here
  • 7:30 The Paul Chryst press conference
  • 13:00 Where will Tanner McEvoy end up and the impact
  • 17:37 Iowa Heisman reference
  • 20:40 Thoughts on a couple RS Freshmen
  • 28:00 How will the backup RB shake out?
  • 31:00 Will Chryst help Stave emerge?
  • 36:30 Drew Meyer is the punter
  • 37:15 Alec James is an Adonis
  • 39:00 Will the changes in position coaches be noticeable?
  • 42:45 Hawkeyearound
  • 46:15 Hokie Magic?
  • 48:30 Will Kyle Penniston have an impact in 2015?
  • 50:45 How much will Kellen Jones play?
  • 52:00 Over/Under on next UW admissions academic issue
  • 54:15 Gaglianone's personal #QuestForFun
  • 56:00 Northwestern is next... We promise

Episode 87 - B1G Picture: Minnesota

Rich and Max add to the 2015 B1G Picture catalog with a visit from Kyle Goblirsch of Gopher 247. He talks about how the team improved in 2014, if Mitch Leidner is ready to make major strides in 2015, and if Minnesota's defense can complement what looks like an elite secondary. They close the show discussing the Jordan Stevenson fallout, what the latest roster changes mean for the team, and Rich's various (unnecessary) Twitter beefs.


  • 1:00 Banter
  • 4:00 Bret Bielema fears the Buckaround
  • 7:45 Kyle Goblirsch (aka Bizarro Evan Flood) of Gopher 24/7
  • 8:00 Gopher 2014 season recap
  • 10:15 The development of Mitch Leidner
  • 13:45 Who will catch the ball?
  • 17:15 Who will replace Cobb at RB?
  • 21:00 Are the Gophers going no huddle?
  • 22:15 Will the secondary be anything short of dominant?
  • 25:15 Who will step up in the front seven?
  • 27:45 The state of Gopher recruiting
  • 28:00 Max makes a Northern Illinois reference without saying Northern Illinois
  • 31:00 Is this the year the Gophers get the axe?
  • 38:00 B1G Media Days takeaways
  • 46:00 Devin Gaulden transfers out
  • 48:15 Kellen Jones transfers in
  • 51:00 Jordan Stevenson... Husker and the ramifications
  • 59:00 Northwestern is next week
  • 59:30 Listener feedback: What are you watching for in camp?
  • 1:00:30 Celebrity doppelgängers

Episode 86 - B1G Picture: Nebraska

The second episode in a 2 show week, Rich and Max (in spirit) deliver the promised Nebraska preview with Mike'l Severe of The Bottom Line at Omaha.com. They talk the biggest questions on offense and defense and why Mike Riley isn't an "Energy Vampire". They close the show with a preview of B1G Media Days which include questions they would like asked of Paul Chryst by the media as well as drinking games for those [crazy enough to be] watching at home.


  • 1:45 Apologies for the Jordan Stevenson comments
  • 2:45 A BuckAround welcome to Mike'l Severe
  • 3:30 2014 Huskers recap
  • 4:45 How will Tommy Armstrong fit into Mike Riley's system?
  • 8:00 Will the RB's carry the offense?
  • 10:45 Questions on the OL 
  • 12:00 Two solid WR's... And then what?
  • 14:00 Is the DL the best defensive position group? Not according to Mike'l.
  • 15:20 Who will play LB for the Huskers?
  • 18:45 What brought Riley to Nebraska?
  • 22:00 Welcome back Max!!!
  • 22:45 Last chance to get your LIMITED EDITION BUCKAROUND tees!!! Rich MEANS it!!!
  • 28:30 A self aggrandizing NIU mention
  • 30:30 B1G Media Day and it's flaws.
  • 33:30 Questions the Buckaround would ask at Media Day
  • 44:45 I repeat. The "skill position revolution" will NOT be televised.