Episode 129 - Spring Practice Update with John Veldhuis

Rich and Max are joined for the first time by John Veldhuis of BadgerBlitz.com. John gives an update on spring practice to date including his analysis of the quarterback race, the progression of the offensive line, and what the defense will look like under Justin Wilcox. 


  • 2:45 The Buckaround is back... And ready to talk NIU football
  • 5:30 Welcome John Veldhuis of BadgerBlitz.com
  • 6:45 How are QB's looking?
  • 10:00 Why is Houston the favorite?
  • 12:00 Are either of them better than Stave? Will they be in the future?
  • 17:00 Who is the third string QB?
  • 20:00 What to make of Taiwan Deal?
  • 23:30 Will Dare be the third down back?
  • 25:30 Leon Jacobs... FB?
  • 30:30 Define legitimate and the depth at WR
  • 36:30 Anything of note (aka noteworthy) at TE?
  • 37:45 Back to "normal" at OL?
  • 40:00 How deep will the DL go?
  • 50:45 How will Wilcox's D compare to Aranda's?
  • 52:00 Is TJ Watt a difference maker?
  • 57:00 Who will replace Hillary? Is that even possible?
  • 1:04:45 China Bob wants to talk Titus Booker
  • 1:07:00 Who will return punts?
  • 1:11:30 We're caught up

Episode 128 - Football 101: Television and College Football

Mark Rudner, Senior Associate Commissioner of Television Administration for the Big Ten Conference, joins the show to educate Rich and Max on the finer points of how television and college football work together. The conversation ranges from when and how kickoff times are established to what the future of televisions sports is in the age of cord cutting. The show is closed with a discussion of the first day of spring practice.


  • 2:15 Welcome Mark Rudner from BTN
  • 3:15 How does college football scheduling work?
  • 17:15 How does that change with out of conference games?
  • 19:00 How much input does a school have?
  • 22:45 How has the conference network landscape changed?
  • 27:00 Why has BTN had better market penetration than PAC 12?
  • 30:15 Was BTN's reach better than projected?
  • 33:00 Where is hockey heading?
  • 36:00 Hockey expansion?
  • 37:00 SEC bias?
  • 40:00 When will BTN be on Apple TV?
  • 42:45 What is the next big thing?
  • 44:15 Looking at the next cable deal
  • 51:30 Spring practice is here
  • 52:30 Ryan Ramczyk... Starting LT
  • 54:30 Who are you and what have you done with negative Rich?
  • 56:30 A glimpse at the LB's
  • 58:45 Walker Williams and Arthur Goldberg
  • 1:00:00 Is the only drama at safety?
  • 1:03:30 upcoming schedule

Episode 127 - Spring Practice Preview: 2016 Edition

The Badgers hit the field on March 16th to officially begin the 2nd season of Paul Chryst's tenure as Wisconsin head coach. Max and Rich ready themselves for the next month of practices with discussions of the quarterback race, what the future holds for Taiwan Deal, and how much we can really learn about Justin Wilcox's defense in spring. They close the show with a listener voicemail and analysis of the hire of Lovie Smith.


  • 1:30 Old business and new business
  • 4:45 How will Paul Chryst handle the QB's?
  • 9:00 Is Taiwan Deal the most interesting man in Madison?
  • 11:00 Rich is puzzled by Leon Jacobs
  • 13:15 Rich is a Badgers fan.
  • 13:45 Will a clear starting 5 emerge on the OL?
  • 19:00 The uncertainty in the secondary
  • 24:00 Who will emerge as a playmaker?
  • 28:00 How much can we learn about Wilcox in the spring?
  • 30:00 Tookey Monster on why Wilcox might be hated
  • 32:30 Max doesn't think the Badgers can beat his favorite team in '16
  • 37:00 Illinois has gone crazy... Or big?

Episode 126 - Football 101: Advanced Football Stats with Bill Connelly

In what is (hopefully) the first of many installments, Rich and Max are joined by Bill Connelly of SBNation and Football Study Hall Fame to get a crash course in advanced stats and talk about his newest book project. They close the show with some listener mail and talk the hire of Jim Leonhard - something neither of them saw coming. 






  • 4:00 Welcome SBNation's Bill Connelly
  • 5:00 Least valuable stats?
  • 6:15 Which stats should be used less?
  • 8:00 The 5 factors of S&P+
  • 9:30 How did Bill get involved with advanced stats?
  • 13:15 Defining success rate
  • 15:00 The randomness of being... And the randomness of turnovers
  • 17:15 How F/+ combines two systems
  • 18:45 Preseason rankings
  • 23:00 Accounting for coaching turnover... Or not
  • 26:45 A statistical look at Stave
  • 28:15 A brief history of Wilcox
  • 30:00 Andy in Chicago and the limitations of football stats
  • 32:15 Dan in DC and why the NFL is more pass heavy
  • 34:15 THE BOOK! BUY IT!
  • 43:00 Brin from Madison corrects Rich and Max on QB depth
  • 49:00 Keelon Brookins moving back to safety
  • 49:45 The Badger coaching all stars
  • 52:00 Max went to Cornell? Yet denies his FCS heritage? For shame

Episode 125 - Way too Early 2016 Depth Charts: Defensive Edition

In a jam packed show, Rich and Max analyze the impact of the departure of Daronte Jones and FINALLY get to their backlog of listener mail. Those segments bookend their detailed projections for what the Badger defense will look like in 2016. 


  • 1:30 Getting back to our roots... And talking weather
  • 3:30 The loss of Daronte Jones
  • 8:00 The Defensive depth charts
  • 8:30 The DL
  • 14:45 The ILBs
  • 16:00 The OLBs
  • 19:00 The CBs
  • 24:00 Safety
  • 32:15 Kicker
  • 32:30 That was quick... Now the returners
  • 33:45 Punter
  • 35:00 The holder... seriously... The holder
  • 37:00 A shoutout for the sensitive Bizarro Max
  • 37:30 Eric from Becker, MN on kickers
  • 40:00 Nick from SW Wisconsin on Kare Lyles
  • 42:45 Tyler from Stevens Point on Wilcox
  • 45:30 Max is glad about Wilcox... Want easy access to this
  • 47:00 Aussie Luke on why he is a Badger fan (hint: it's about a girl)

Episode 124 - Way too Early Offensive Depth Charts 2016 Edition

It's time to start looking ahead to 2016! Rich and Max are by themselves this week and give their best guesses as to what the Badger offense will look like in the coming season. 


  • 2:00 Looking at projected 2016 offensive depth chart
  • 3:30 QB Depth Chart
  • 7:15 RB Depth Chart
  • 11:30 FB Depth Chart
  • 16:15 The fellas show a poor grasp of the BSAPM
  • 17:30 WR Depth Chart
  • 27:00 TE Depth Chart
  • 36:14 OL Depth Chart - Where there are some differences
  • 42:30 How do we feel about this offense?
  • 44:45 Who did the offense lose?

Episode 123 - National Signing Day with Evan Flood: 2016 Edition

Another signing day, another wall-to-wall, information packed recruiting wrap with Evan Flood. Evan breaks down Wisconsin's recruiting class including the sleepers, steals, and question marks in Paul Chryst's first full class as head coach. Evan has always been a listener favorite and doesn't disappoint. 


  • 1:15 Housekeeping
  • 5:00 Finally the (Evan) Flood has come BACK... To the Buckaround
  • 6:00 Was this cycle indicative of Chryst's future recruiting style?
  • 7:45 Is the lack of drama reminiscent of the Bielema days?
  • 9:00 Why did Antonio Williams decommit?
  • 11:30 Could the Badgers have handled the RB situation better?
  • 14:00 How far down the list was Brodner?
  • 16:00 How close were the Badgers to landing Nate Stanley?
  • 18:30 Jacob Caesar
  • 20:15 Are the Badgers leaning toward a certain DE prototype?
  • 25:45 Will any DL recruits move to OL?
  • 26:45 Why is it so hard for the Badgers to recruit CB's?
  • 29:00 What is Chryst looking for in his QB's?
  • 31:00 Biggest sleeper on this class?
  • 34:00 What gaps remain unfilled?
  • 35:45 Grading John Settle
  • 37:30 Who, besides Rudolph, did well recruiting?
  • 40:00 Why the lack of hat drama?
  • 41:45 What impact will Wilcox have as a recruiter?
  • 44:00 Leon Jacobs at RB
  • 46:00 How big will the 2017 class be?
  • 46:45 What is Chryst's ceiling as a recruiter?
  • 50:00 Coming next week... Angry, negative Rich (not really... Maybe)

Episode 122 - The Golden Buckys: 2015 Edition

The end of 2015 - from a BuckAround perspective - is here. Rich and Max hand out their post season awards and close the book on the season that was, but not until they reveal the results of the prop bet competition with friend of the show Andy Schaaf and discuss possible reasons behind the mysteriously quiet (and long!) search for a new defensive coordinator


  • 1:30 Putting 2015 in the rear view
  • 5:00 Recapping the Over/Unders with the illustrious Amos Schaff
  • 16:15 Host Over/Under champ? Max
  • 19:00 WHY is there no DC yet?
  • 21:45 The Golden Buckys
  • 23:15 MOP: Ray Ball... Just kidding it's Schobert
  • 25:15 Offensive MVP: Rich: Dare Max: Erickson
  • 29:00 Defensive MVP: Rich: McEvoy Max:Caputo
  • 32:15 Unsung Hero: Obasih
  • 34:30 Freshman of the Year: TJ Edwards
  • 37:45 Future Star, Offense: Rich Benzschawel Max: Ingold (NIU bias)
  • 39:15 Future Star, Defense Rich: Sagapolu & Dixon Max: Jamerson
  • 43:00 Biggest Disappointment: Rich: Figaro Max: Clement
  • 45:00 Worst Game: Rich: Iowestern Max: Northwa
  • 45:45 Play of the Year: Rich: Wheelwright one hander Max: Rafa's 2nd chance FG
  • 49:30 Game of the Year: USC
  • 51:45 Coach of the Year Rich: Gilmore Max: Aranda
  • 56:00 The end of the #questforfun

Episode 121 - Getting Offensive About the Offensive Line

Getting into the home stretch of their 2015 wrap up, Rich and Max are joined by long time listener Jon from Minneapolis to discuss the Badger offensive line from 2015. HE bring his background as a player and coach to break down their scheme, technique and condition. Rich and Max also carve out a few minutes before his appearance to talk about the emergence of Tim Tibesar as the leading candidate for the Wisconsin defensive coordinator job before finding out at the end of the show it may well end up being Justin Wilcox. 


  • 1:45 We want to hear from our listeners... We miss you
  • 3:15 Tibesar leading the DC search?
  • 10:30 Stop with the Bostad
  • 16:30 The world renowned Jon from Minneapolis
  • 18:00 What changed from the Andersen regime to the Chryst regime?
  • 21:00 Did Voltz and Marz plateau this year?
  • 24:30 Marz compared to recent LT's
  • 27:15 Grading Dieter vs Voltz
  • 29:15 Is the C position in good hands with Dieter?
  • 31:30 Thoughts on Jacob Maxwell
  • 34:45 A look at Walker Williams
  • 37:00 Micah Kapoi's upside
  • 38:30 How does the logjam in the interior shakeout in '16?
  • 40:30 How did the strength and conditioning impact the Badgers in '15?
  • 42:45 How much of the OL's struggle was due to the RB's?
  • 44:00 MGIII's NFL struggles
  • 44:45 Did Dare actually improve?
  • 46:15 TE usage
  • 51:00 Justin Wilcox leading the DC search?

Episode 120 - 2015 Retrospective with Jason Galloway

2015 was a weird season. There's no way of getting around that. But with that in mind Rich (flying solo this episode) tries to make sense of the year that was with Jason Galloway of Madison.com. He gives his take on the career arc of Joel Stave, the division of labor on the Badger coaching staff, and how he grades out Year 1 of Paul Chryst. 


  • 1:30 Old business
  • 5:15 Welcome back Jason Galloway
  • 6:15 Stave legacy... Galloway edition
  • 8:15 The WR's jump forward
  • 11:30 Evaluating Joe Rudolph
  • 13:30 Chris Haering's role
  • 15:30 Tibesar and the LB's
  • 17:45 Unsung hero
  • 19:30 Why the lack of turnovers from the CB's?
  • 22:00 Does Daronte Jones get enough credit?
  • 23:30 Who made biggest jumps from spring to fall?
  • 26:00 Did 2015 team feel different than 2014 team?
  • 28:00 Grading Paul Chryst
  • 30:00 Plans for offseason football coverage
  • 31:45 Why didn't Galloway let the dogs out?

Episode 119 - The Legacy of Joel Stave

It's finally come to an end. Over 4 seasons Joel Stave has been a point of controversy amongst Badger fans. With his career as a Badger over, Rich and Max try to make sense of his time in Madison and figure out how he will be remembered. 


  • 2:00 Welcome to the offseason
  • 4:30 Prepare for some cold takes on Stave
  • 8:00 Jarrett from Wauke$ha... What if Stave had gotten some breaks?
  • 12:15 Um... Rich used to be positive?!? The year was 2012. It was a simpler time...
  • 19:00 Travis from THE St Louis
  • 21:30 Matthew from Stave's alma mater
  • 27:00 Stave's legacy... Brusky edition
  • 29:45 Stave's legacy... Branch edition
  • 36:00 Future plans

Episode 118 - Holiday Bowl Recap

Winning bowl games is fun, and making podcasts about teams winning bowl games is also fun! Rich and Max carve out some time to discuss the Badgers thrilling victory over USC before diving into a discussion of the departure of Dave Aranda and what it means for the future of Wisconsin football.


  • 1:00 Happy New Year!!!
  • 1:45 A new co-host ain't walking through that door!!!
  • 2:30 The tinder of podcasts
  • 3:45 Voicemails
  • 8:45 A microcosm of the season
  • 9:45 The 2015 Badgers D... An effort wasted?
  • 14:00 Corey Clements (sic) looked okay
  • 17:00 Let's back up the Stave praise
  • 20:00 Missed opportunities in the red zone
  • 22:00 Rich eats crow... Or does he?
  • 24:00 Rich turns on Hillary like he stole something
  • 27:00 UR Players of the Game
  • 32:30 Fare thee well David Aranda and Badger coach pay
  • 43:00 A reminder that the Badgers are in the "B" tier
  • 45:15 Basketball distracting Iowa fans from their train wreck Rose Bowl
  • 54:00 The upcoming schedule

Episode 117 - The USC Perspective with Lindsey Thiry

Filling out the BuckAround's Holiday Bowl preview, Lindsey Thiry joins Rich to discuss the state of USC heading into the December 30th matchup. Lindsey breaks down common threads in USC's 5 losses, what coaching changes mean for the Badgers in the bowl game, and the level of motivation for USC will be in the bowl given the high expectations going into the season. 


Episode 116 - Happy Holiday (Bowl)!

Rich and Max join forces to preview the Badgers' matchup with USC in the Holiday Bowl. They measure Wisconsin's secondary against USC's passing attack, the battle along the line of scrimmage, discuss the latest developments with Corey Clement and Dave Aranda, and open the show with a listener submitted, Badger-themed haiku. 


  • 1:15 A Badger Haiku for you and yours
  • 4:30 Hotel, Motel, Holiday Bowl
  • 6:30 What to watch
  • 9:00 The quarterbacks
  • 11:00 USC doesn't have bad losses
  • 13:30 How will the Badger D perform?
  • 16:45 How will the Badgers CB's hold up?
  • 18:15 Key matchup
  • 21:30 Containing Adoree Jackson on special teams
  • 23:00 The Aranda thing
  • 26:30 The Clement thing
  • 30:15 Max's vanity project... Big Ten Chat
  • 33:15 Rich's vanity project... Being the first to hear Big Ten Chat

Episode 115 - Minnesota Wrap Up: Make it a Dozen!

The Badgers closed the regular season with a convincing 31-21 victory over the Golden Gophers of Minnesota. They break down the "return" of the Badger running game, the defenses' turnover filled afternoon, Max's surprise pick for under the radar player of the game, and compare Thanksgiving recipes. 


  • 1:45 The sad tale of the scalloped oysters
  • 4:15 The Badgers win at an 85% sold out TCF
  • 5:30 The RB's get back on track
  • 7:30 Rich points out all the Gophers DT's were hurt
  • 12:30 The second half was ugly
  • 15:45 Leidner is a less athletic, less electric Taylor Martinez
  • 20:15 The Badgers improved pass rush
  • 22:00 Gophers coaching shakeup
  • 24:00 Cichy's Targeting penalty
  • 26:30 Was this game chippier than a normal Axe Game?
  • 28:30 Rich wants to talk awards!!! Not really, but he humors us
  • 30:15 Corey Clement's "suspension"
  • 34:30 UR Players of the Game
  • 37:00 The B1G Championship 
  • 40:00 The Holiday Bowl
  • 43:15 We shall return... But not til the 21st.
  • 45:45 The Buckaround recommends...

Episode 114 - Week 13 Mega Show: No Puns about Jazz, Sorry

With the game overshadowed by questions about officiating, Rich and Max delve into the chaos that was the Badgers' 13-7 loss to Northwestern. They discuss the bevy of officiating controversies in the game, the bevy (I'm liking this word today!) of turnovers by the Badgers, and the dominating performance by the defense.  They finish the show with a visit from Bizarro Max, a preview of the Minnesota game, and explore Max's Thanksgiving menu. 


InsideNU's Breakdown of the Controversial calls from Saturday


  • 2:30 It's a montage!!!
  • 6:45 Dude, Matt Millen
  • 8:00 Dare's spike
  • 9:45 The Jazz non-TD (Max isn't taking it well...)
  • 16:00 The Erickson non-TD
  • 19:00 If they wanted to win they shouldn't have turned it over 5 times
  • 24:30 The Badgers gave up 3 TD's at Camp Randall... And lost twice
  • 27:15 Attempting to make sense of RB usage
  • 29:30 Clement's promising post game comment
  • 30:30 Who did the bye week benefit?
  • 32:15 Yet another is this OL good conversation
  • 37:00 If we had listened to Rich earlier maybe we could have saved Ray Ball...
  • 41:30 Who's gonna take over at LT?
  • 43:00 UR Players of the Game
  • 45:00 Bizarro Max and Iowa talk
  • 54:30 It's Axe Week
  • 1:05:30 We lied... We're not changing the intro.
  • 1:06:15 Max's Turkey Day menu... Featuring scalloped oysters

Episode 113 - Week 12 Northwestern Preview: Factual Narratives

As the Badgers prepare to take on Northwestern off the bye week, Rich and Max take a look at what Saturday's game will bring. They discuss the Wildcats' inconsistent offense, their stingy defense, and how much of a factor Corey Clement can be in this game. They also find time to discuss Tom Oates' latest column on the state of the Badgers before closing the show with a set of lightning round questions from the audience and an update on the prop bet competition. 


  • 1:30 The team is back
  • 2:00 The TalkAround (72)-77B-UCKY
  • 3:45 Bizarro Max
  • 5:30 The Badgers are gonna play Northwestern
  • 7:15 Max gets his NIU reference in early
  • 11:15 How much can the Badgers score?
  • 16:30 Jarrett from Wauke$ha
  • 18:00 The athletic department's handling of Clement's hand situation
  • 22:00 Tom Oates' Andersen article
  • 36:00 Big games in the B1G
  • 41:45 Lightning round
  • 44:30 Prop bets
  • 48:30 Prediction time

Episode 112 - Week 10 Maryland Review: Blueprint to beat the Badger's Defense?

The Badgers head into the bye week with a tighter than expected 31-24 victory over Maryland. Rich and Max discuss the unexpectedly less than dominant performance from the defense, the schizophrenic performance from the offense, and special teams that were a puzzling mix of both good and bad. All this plus Rich's in person experience at Byrd Stadium.


  • 1:30 Welcome to the bye week
  • 3:00 Call us!!! 720-77-BUCKY
  • 4:00 Is this the blueprint for attacking the Badgers D?
  • 10:30 What happens when the Badgers play real offensive talent?
  • 11:15 Your #MACtion interlude
  • 12:30 The Maryland DL
  • 13:45 The RB situation
  • 16:00 Stave went streaking
  • 19:30 Rich misses DJ Gillens
  • 22:00 We've gotta talk about Joel Stave
  • 29:00 SPECIAL teams!!!
  • 36:00 Good coaching is about what you do when your plan doesn't work
  • 39:15 UR Player of the game
  • 40:30 Let's talk about Iowa... Or, let's listen to Max talk about Iowa
  • 43:15 Rich goes to Maryland
  • 49:45 "It's better than Rutgers?"

Episode 111 - Week 10 Maryland Preview: Rolling Solo in College Park

Rich and Max examine the Badgers upcoming matchup with the Terrapins of Maryland. They discuss the relative lack of playmakers on the Maryland offense, the threat on special teams posed by Will Likely, and how they see the coaching staff dividing carries amongst the running backs once (if?) everyone is healthy. Finally, Rich breaks down his "tailgating crisis" for the weekend's game in College Park. 


  • 2:00 HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! The new intro will be after the season
  • 3:15 Call us!!! (720) 77-BUCKY
  • 5:15 Let's talk Maryland
  • 10:30 How much will Clement play?
  • 14:15 How will the Badgers split carries if/when Clement is healthy?
  • 17:15 Will we see more Gillins?
  • 19:30 Is McEvoy a viable draft prospect? At what position?
  • 24:15 Big games in the B1G
  • 31:30 Let's talk about Nebraska
  • 37:00 Prediction time
  • 39:30 Rich's Maryland situation