Week Old Bread

Get excited Badger fans! The Camp is back to get Badger fans pumped for the upcoming season [Wisconsin Athletics]

You may see old shades of Chris Borland from 2009 this season as the defense practiced in a new scheme this week. Need. More. Sacks. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Any chance Russell Wilson has a year of eligibility left?? Battle for QB1 is pretty inconsistent so far in camp [Madison.com]

Bielema elected to move Derek Watt to Fullback as Bradie Ewing left a pretty big void at the position [UWBadgers]

Dreams come true for LB Ethan Armstrong and OL Robert Burge [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Previously not listed on the roster going into camp, WR Isaiah Williams is back on to add depth to the position [Pierce County Herald]

Bielema shares more details on the fight [Madison.com]

Somewhat surprising that Montee Ball did not receive ANY 1st place votes in the ESPN “Expert’s” Heisman poll, but Marcus Lattimore received 1? Blasphemy! [ESPN]

Follow fall camp reports here [BadgerNation – subscription required]