BuckAround is Going Podcasting

For those who haven’t noticed, it’s been pretty quiet around here of late.  That isn’t due to a lack of activity on our part.  While we haven’t been publishing articles like we once were, it's not because we haven't been spending time on the site.  We have been working hard behind the scenes on our next venture: The BuckAround Podcast.     

Starting with our debut episode, we plan on bringing regular, in-depth, and (hopefully!) reasonably intelligent discussion of all things Badger football.  To finish out the rest of the regular and bowl season we’re aiming for weekly shows.  When we get to the off-season there will no doubt be adjustments. 

So why the change? It’s a one word answer: time.  BuckAround is a hobby for everyone involved.  It has to fit around everything else in our lives: family, work,  and Max’s intense dedication to Super Mario Bros. cosplay (I might have made that one up).  The podcast allows us to share the same observations that we would in the blog, but assemble it in a fraction of the time. 

This doesn’t mean the written component of BuckAround is going anywhere.  In fact, the blog will remain the “front page” of the site for the foreseeable future. Regular contributions will still be made there.  Between the blog and the podcast, we’re hoping to INCREASE the amount of consumable information that can be found here.     

BuckAround has grown into a much bigger animal than ever imagined when it was started a year and a half ago.  We’re hoping the podcast is just as successful!


~Rich Branch

co-founder BuckAround.com