A Non-Hate Filled Georgia State Preview (because you have no idea who they are)

by Dillon in Virginia a.k.a. Dillon in Pennsylvania a.k.a. the angriest BuckAround listener there is.

So, without further ado I present Georgia State. From my research I learned they are the Panthers, and the school is in Atlanta. Their football program was founded in 2010 and began in FCS, and then moved to the Sun Belt in FBS in 2013. In 2015 the Panthers surprisingly made a bowl where they lost to San Jose State to finish 6-7. So now we get to this season. I'll be honest I did not watch any of their games, I just looked at some stats and internet articles and a few select few highlight clips. But here is my best shot. They lost 31-21 to Ball State and 48-14 t Air Force.

The Panthers run a dual QB system, although Grad Transfer Conner Lynch is the primary passer. Aaron Winchester comes in and appears to be their version of Tanner McEvoy. Manning is passing at 51.8% this year for 298 yds in 2 games vs Ball State & Air Force. Winchester is 5/11 passing for 39 yds.

The two primary receiving options are Robert Davis and Penny Hart, supposedly a decent WR combo in the Sun Belt according to Athlon's preview. Rushing wise Georgia State frankly sucks. In 2 games vs Ball State & Air Force they have rushed 39 times for 104 yds, for an amazing 2.7 ypc. Air Force held the Panthers to 27 yards on 14 attempts, for a 1.9 ypc. From what I can tell, they suck in all facets of offense, but they're maybe slightly less sucky passing the ball.

Defensively both Ball State & Air Force rushed the ball a ton and did it effectively. Ball State had 325 yds rushing with a 6.3 ypc and 4 TDs, Air Force had 464 yds rushing with a 5.6 ypc and 5 TDs. Neither had any reason to pass so I have no idea how good the Panthers' pass D is. (and Air Force never tries to pass anyway with that offense). I'd like to think Bradrich Shaw should be running wild on the Panthers D by mid-3rd Quarter.

Long story short, Georgia State is a team that Akron would likely beat handily. Offensively they suck in all areas, only way they should score is if the Badger offense gives them something. I hope and expect UW to be up by 40pts+ by the end of the first half and I expect to see the backups play most of if not all the second half. We could probably put up 70+ easily on them but I expect Chryst to milk the clock and unofficialy implement a mercy rule of sorts on the Panthers. Badgers win 62-0. The 2 FGs occur in the 2nd half w/the backups and occur due to penalties setting back the Badger offense, not the Panthers D.