Episode 227 - B1G Picture: Iowa

Scott Dochterman previews the Iowa Hawkeyes plus Rich and Max  talk about the potential for Kayden Lyles' to move to nose guard and the relative strength of Iowa and Wisconsin as football programs. 


  • 2:00 Max, the college football polygamist
  • 4:00 Welcome back Scott Dochterman soon to be of the Athletic
  • 4:30 A look back at 2017
  • 7:30 A look at the running game
  • 15:00 Will the defense be able to replace the LB’s?
  • 23:00 A look at the 2018 schedule
  • 28:30 Rich no longer views Iowa as an equal
  • 37:00 Ty(ler in) Deforest on Kaden Lyles to the D Line
  • 45:30 Max leaves for his exacting social schedule
  • 46:15 Rich did a Nebraska pod
  • 47:00 Buy merch!
  • 48:30 Rich quit the cable... and yelled at kids (not his) to get off his lawn