Episode 186 - Summer Recruiting Update with Evan Flood

Evan Flood joins the podcast to give his insight into the Badgers and what the current recruiting class. 


  • 2:00 Welcome back Evan Flood of Badger 24/7
  • 2:30 Kevin in DC on Recruits from MI
  • 7:00 Hanzo Steel on Mickey Turner's Recruiting
  • 9:15 Why is Cruickshank a big deal?
  • 12:15 Kyle in Silver Springs on UW's geographic approach
  • 15:45 How did the Bryant situation change so quickly?
  • 21:30 Running Back this cycle
  • 24:15 Sam Brunzel on the lack of a NT
  • 27:15 Iowa ramming down the wall?
  • 33:00 Who is Evan watching among incoming FR?
  • 37:00 Rich wants to know who will decommit
  • 43:30 Brodner injury
  • 45:00 Hescock transfer
  • 47:15 Leon Jacobs

Episode 174 - Spring Practice Preview

Rich and Max get together to hash out their spring practice wishlist and talk Badger recruiting. 


  • 1:15 A good time had by all at Fatpour
  • 7:30 Spring is springing
  • 9:30 Things we'd like to see out of spring practice
  • 11:00 Tyler from Stevens Point on a LT emerging from the pack
  • 13:30 Impact kick returner
  • 15:00 OL cohesion
  • 17:15 An edge rusher steps up
  • 19:00 A WR, not George Rushing, emerges as a number 2
  • 20:00 Will anyone join a Man Called Fums and get catches at TE?
  • 22:15 Who is the backup QB?
  • 25:45 Ben on Bradrick taking a step forward
  • 26:45 Jim Leonhard's defense
  • 29:00 Tyler in Stevens Point on a safety emerging
  • 30:00 Matthew in the US on someone making the leap
  • 32:30 Matthew from Whitnall on catchphrases (now w/ Rich sweating)
  • 39:00 Crootin
  • 43:30 Travis from STL on recruiting vs performance
  • 56:00 Paul from Madison returns!!!

Episode 170 - National Signing Day 2017 with Evan Flood

Evan Flood makes his annual pilgrimage to the BuckAround to talk about the Badgers' latest recruiting class.


  • 2:00 Let's sell some stuff... SillyYak! Eat there!
  • 3:00 Buckaround hoodies and avoiding talk of settling tee bets
  • 6:00 Welcome back Evan Flood of 24/7 for the 7th time
  • 7:15 How did Danny Davis to UW come together?
  • 8:30 The WR group compared to 2016 class
  • 12:00 How good is Jonathan Taylor?
  • 14:45 Neil in if the lack of a D.C. Impacted recruiting down the stretch
  • 16:00 Are the Badgers recruiting to a defensive #brand?
  • 19:00 Does Van Ginkel step in and start?
  • 23:30 The CB's
  • 26:00 Is the scheme helping the CB's?
  • 28:00 The Hawkeyes!
  • 28:30 Who is the class sleeper?
  • 32:00 Can Conan push to start in 2017?
  • 33:30 The path to Vanden Boom's schollie
  • 37:00 Chryst and recruiting
  • 41:15 Show Lackey Steve on low moral fiber and attrition

Episode 135 - Return of the Max! (part 2)

Max returns to the BuckAround to forcefully rebut Rich's outlandish recruiting claims from episode 134 (SPOILER: they really don't disagree that much, sorry). They also share a #hypothetical from longtime friend Bizarro Max and answer a show history question from Wes in LA. 


  • 1:45 Return of Return of the Max
  • 4:15 Sympatico views on recruiting the offensive side of the ball
  • 6:00 QB recruiting and injury luck
  • 8:00 TE and how Hescock is NOT from Connecticut
  • 10:15 Recruiting in Michigan and the Michigan schools
  • 12:30 Recruiting nationally and Chryst recruiting at Pitt
  • 15:30 Max rambles on about Hayden Fry and the greatness of Iowa... For 15 seconds
  • 25:30 Bret Bielema as a developer
  • 29:30 Bizarro Max on hypothetical B1G trades
  • 36:00 Wes from LA on the origins of the Buckaround pod

Episode 134 - Adventures in Monologuing

Rich hosts all by his lonesome this week, diving into the long-promised discussion of the state of Badger recruiting. He discusses hopeful signs for the future while also asking whether or not Badger fans have a improper expectations for how Wisconsin can recruit. Don't forget to send in your Northwestern questions for episode 135!


  • 1:15 The East Coast Elitist... Flying solo
  • 3:45 Talking 'Crootin
  • 5:30 Things are going well at QB
  • 10:45 Identifying targets early
  • 14:00 Not just upper Midwest prospects
  • 17:30 Is Chryst a good recruiter?
  • 23:00 How is Chryst doing this?
  • 29:45 What if Bielema wasn't a good recruiter?
  • 33:00 Wes on flattery and the geographic proliferation of the Buckaround and why non-Badger fans listen

Episode 133 - Football 101: Recruiting Basics with Allen Trieu

Continuing the Football 101 series, Rich and Max are joined by Allen Trieu, Midwest Football Recruiting Manager for Scout.com. He explains the rules regulations, and limitations of today's recruiting world. They round out the show with a favorite listener segment - the BSAPM.


  • 2:15 Welcome Allen Trieu... The Grand Puba of Scout
  • 2:45 What does "being recruited" involve?
  • 4:45 What do a coach and recruit talk about?
  • 6:15 How are they communicating?
  • 7:15 What are the rules governing contact?
  • 10:00 Bill from Neenah and unofficial vs official visits
  • 15:15 Jon from Madison and how star ratings work
  • 19:45 What's the purpose of an uncommitable offer?
  • 21:30 How are kids found? Where does the film come from?
  • 24:15 Jake in Sun Prairie on how much outfitters influence recruits
  • 26:45 Chris from Champaign and the importance of HS coaches in the process
  • 28:30 What effect do satellite camps have?
  • 30:30 What would Allen change in recruiting?
  • 36:30 Clement looks like a Mack truck
  • 40:15 Who is negative on the BSAPM?

Episode 123 - National Signing Day with Evan Flood: 2016 Edition

Another signing day, another wall-to-wall, information packed recruiting wrap with Evan Flood. Evan breaks down Wisconsin's recruiting class including the sleepers, steals, and question marks in Paul Chryst's first full class as head coach. Evan has always been a listener favorite and doesn't disappoint. 


  • 1:15 Housekeeping
  • 5:00 Finally the (Evan) Flood has come BACK... To the Buckaround
  • 6:00 Was this cycle indicative of Chryst's future recruiting style?
  • 7:45 Is the lack of drama reminiscent of the Bielema days?
  • 9:00 Why did Antonio Williams decommit?
  • 11:30 Could the Badgers have handled the RB situation better?
  • 14:00 How far down the list was Brodner?
  • 16:00 How close were the Badgers to landing Nate Stanley?
  • 18:30 Jacob Caesar
  • 20:15 Are the Badgers leaning toward a certain DE prototype?
  • 25:45 Will any DL recruits move to OL?
  • 26:45 Why is it so hard for the Badgers to recruit CB's?
  • 29:00 What is Chryst looking for in his QB's?
  • 31:00 Biggest sleeper on this class?
  • 34:00 What gaps remain unfilled?
  • 35:45 Grading John Settle
  • 37:30 Who, besides Rudolph, did well recruiting?
  • 40:00 Why the lack of hat drama?
  • 41:45 What impact will Wilcox have as a recruiter?
  • 44:00 Leon Jacobs at RB
  • 46:00 How big will the 2017 class be?
  • 46:45 What is Chryst's ceiling as a recruiter?
  • 50:00 Coming next week... Angry, negative Rich (not really... Maybe)

Episode 107 - Week 8 Preview: Max's Budding Love Affair with Illinois

With the Badgers still fighting to stay in the fight for the B1G West, Rich and Max preview their next opponent: Illinois. Max admits to his growing fascination with the Illini while giving a detailed rundown of the team on both sides of the ball. They then respond to some listener mail and delve into a discussion of what the decommitment of Antonio Williams means for the Badgers, and give their take on the state of Badger recruiting.


  • 2:00 The many rooting interests of Maxwell Brusky
  • 6:15 Let's talk about Illinois in an orderly fashion
  • 8:45 Geronimo Allison can make every catch
  • 11:15 Is Wes Lunt good?
  • 13:45 Does Illinois have a DL?
  • 15:00 Will Clement play?
  • 18:45 Max mistakenly asserts anyone could be as good as Darius Hillary
  • 19:00 DJ Gillins... Wide Reciever
  • 27:00 To win the B1G West or not to win the B1G West
  • 32:15 Did the Badgers miss a windo to break through?
  • 35:00 Andersen's offensive recruits haven't been game breakers
  • 40:15 18 year olds can be flaky
  • 41:00 What to make of Chryst the Recruiter

Episode 87 - B1G Picture: Minnesota

Rich and Max add to the 2015 B1G Picture catalog with a visit from Kyle Goblirsch of Gopher 247. He talks about how the team improved in 2014, if Mitch Leidner is ready to make major strides in 2015, and if Minnesota's defense can complement what looks like an elite secondary. They close the show discussing the Jordan Stevenson fallout, what the latest roster changes mean for the team, and Rich's various (unnecessary) Twitter beefs.


  • 1:00 Banter
  • 4:00 Bret Bielema fears the Buckaround
  • 7:45 Kyle Goblirsch (aka Bizarro Evan Flood) of Gopher 24/7
  • 8:00 Gopher 2014 season recap
  • 10:15 The development of Mitch Leidner
  • 13:45 Who will catch the ball?
  • 17:15 Who will replace Cobb at RB?
  • 21:00 Are the Gophers going no huddle?
  • 22:15 Will the secondary be anything short of dominant?
  • 25:15 Who will step up in the front seven?
  • 27:45 The state of Gopher recruiting
  • 28:00 Max makes a Northern Illinois reference without saying Northern Illinois
  • 31:00 Is this the year the Gophers get the axe?
  • 38:00 B1G Media Days takeaways
  • 46:00 Devin Gaulden transfers out
  • 48:15 Kellen Jones transfers in
  • 51:00 Jordan Stevenson... Husker and the ramifications
  • 59:00 Northwestern is next week
  • 59:30 Listener feedback: What are you watching for in camp?
  • 1:00:30 Celebrity doppelg√§ngers

Episode 85 - Admissions, Athletics, and Access

In the wake of the Jordan Stevenson news, Rich and Max share their thoughts on what can be learned from the entire experience. They examine his late rejection from the university, what it means going forward, and if this is the true legacy of Gary Andersen at Wisconsin.  Finally they close the show analyzing current and future defensive depth where Max somehow compares Iowa to Alabama.  


  • 3:15 Is the Buckaround coming to your CITAAAY (if your city is College Park, MD)?
  • 7:00 Have you ordered a Buckaround shirt? Time is running out.
  • 11:15 Jordan Stevenson isn't walking through that door
  • 16:30 Why did the Chancellor reject Stevenson?
  • 19:00 Why did no one confirm Stevenson's test score hype earlier?
  • 22:00 Can we get some new Chryst photos?!?
  • 23:30 How Stevenson could bring the admission conversation to the forefront
  • 27:00 How does this change the RB depth chart?
  • 29:30 A look at the defensive depth charts
  • 30:45 Defensive End
  • 37:15 Nose Tackle
  • 41:30 Outside Linebacker
  • 45:45 Inside Linebacker
  • 50:00 Ludicrous Iowa mention
  • 51:30 Cornerback
  • 57:30 Safety
  • 1:02:45 Next episode is Nebraska. No really... We mean it.

Episode 82 - July Recruiting Rodeo with Evan Flood

Always the BuckAround's most requested guest, Evan Flood returns to the podcast to give Badger fans an update on what's happening on the recruiting trail with Wisconsin. He talks the decommitment of Craig Watts, the coaching staff's role in recruiting, academics, apparel, and how he expects the recruiting class to play out on signing day.


  • 1:30 Catching up
  • 5:30 Seriously... Order your Buckaround shirt
  • 7:50 The one and only Evan Flood
  • 8:15 What happened to Craig Watts?
  • 10:15 Compare and contrast Chryst's recruiting with Andersen's
  • 12:45 Division of labor on the staff
  • 17:25 How has covering recruiting changed with the Chryst hire?
  • 22:30 What happened with Bredeson?
  • 25:30 Impressions of in state recruiting
  • 27:45 We offer HS freshmen now?
  • 29:30 Who is handling recruiting coordinator duties?
  • 32:15 Is Bradrick Shaw the most overlooked incoming Fr?
  • 34:00 How will DB recruiting play out?
  • 35:30 Who are the top 5 remaining realistic targets?
  • 38:30 Is Antonio Williams still solid?
  • 39:45 Is there a disconnect between admissions and the staff?
  • 43:45 Is UW perceived as more rigorous academically than rivals?
  • 46:00 How important is apparel affiliation to recruits?
  • 48:30 How has Badger recruiting changed in the last 5 years?
  • 51:00 Over/Under... Final recruiting rank
  • 52:15 How does 2017 in state class look?
  • 55:45 What did we learn?
  • 58:30 Max doesn't pee

Episode 74 - Spring Practice Capstone

With spring practice officially in the rear view mirror, Rich and Max pause to reflect on what's been learned about the team over the past 15 practices. They give their impressions on the offensive line, what they saw out of the backup quarterbacks, and what they thought about the inexperienced linebackers.  They close the show with a larger discussion of Paul Chryst as a recruiter and what can be learned from his approach thus far.  


  • 2:00 The exercise of making people uncomfortable
  • 4:15 Kicking it off with a listener speak pipe
  • 5:30 Wisconsin's top concern... The offensive line?!?
  • 13:35 Rich wants to talk quarterbacks
  • 17:15 WR's are better than we thought... Maybe?
  • 24:00 Moving to the DL
  • 28:45 TJ Edwards is a player
  • 31:45 Another speak pipe message?!? Just kidding.
  • 34:15 Dare vs Deal
  • 37:30 Seriously, another speak pipe message.
  • 42:00 Crootin with Chryst
  • 55:00 Listener emails

Episode 66 - Reputation

Returning from their post signing day hiatus, Rich and Max are joined by Travis Wilson of Wisconsin Sports Network on the podcast to learn more about the dynamics of football in the state of Wisconsin. Afterwards Rich and Max discuss the significance of the departure of Thomas Brown and what the potential hire of John Settle means for the future of Badger football.  


Episode 65 - National Signing Day 2015 with Evan Flood

Let's be honest. You aren't reading this.  You don't even care what's here.  What you care about is what's INSIDE this podcast.  It's the pure buttery goodness of Evan Flood's recruiting knowledge.  And there is a LOT of it in this epsiode.  Enjoy!


  • 1:30 Rich is a Phoenix rising from Arizona
  • 6:00 Talkin Crootin with Evan Flood
  • 7:00 What position was addressed best?
  • 9:45 Why is DB always such a challenge?
  • 13:00 How has Arranda's role changed?
  • 16:30 The recruitment of Arrington Farrar
  • 20:30 How did the RB musical chairs "really" play out?
  • 25:30 UW is recruiting RB's at an elite level. Why not OL or TE?
  • 27:30 Who are the players who can contribute right away?
  • 32:30 What happened with the defensive directions?
  • 37:35 What about the WR position?
  • 40:15 Impressions on in state recruiting
  • 43:15 Lets talk Northern Illinois recruiting!!!
  • 45:30 Will Andersen's lasting legacy be recruiting?
  • 50:00 How will Chryst balance in state and out of state?
  • 53:15 What are the strengths of new staff regarding recruiting?
  • 1:00:20 Can Kafentzis start from Day 1?
  • 1:02:30 Listener questions
  • 1:23:20 Let's call it a night

Episode 64 - January Potpourri

With Signing Day just around the corner, Rich and Max take a look at Chryst's first few weeks as a recruiter in Madison, what Gary Andersen and Sam Madden's comments about Wisconsin academic standards mean in the bigger picture, and finally - FINALLY - close out the 2014 season with the 2014 Golden Bucky awards.  


Sam Madden Article on Maize N Brew

Gary Andersen Discusses Wisconsin's Academic Standards


  • 1:30 Too much to talk about.
  • 9:30 What have we seen from Chryst the recruiter?
  • 21:30 A reader email about Gary Anderson.
  • 25:00 Academics, admissions and Sam Madden.
  • 34:20 Put your tuxes on! It's the Golden Bucky's!!!
  • 35:35 Overall MVP: spoiler... It's MELVIN!!!
  • 36:25 Offensive MVP: where Rich is wrong (Alex Erickson) and says someone besides MELVIN.
  • 38:15 Defensive MVP: Warren Herring
  • 39:55 Unsung Hero: Sam Arneson
  • 41:50 Biggest Disappointment: Rich has Love. Max has Shelton
  • 44:35 Freshman of the Year: Fumigalli for Max and Obasih for Rich
  • 46:00 Offensive Future Star: where Rich (picking George Rushing) mocks Max for the correct answer (Clement).
  • 48:00 Defensive Future Star: Figaro for Max and Sheehy for Rich
  • 50:20 Worst Game: LSU for Max and Northwestern for Rich
  • 53:50 Best Game: it's Auburn
  • 56:00 Play of the Year: Max says Love's jet sweep vs LSU but Rich says MELVIN on 4th and 1 vs Auburn
  • 58:30 That's a wrap on 2014

Episode 30 - Gary Andersen Q & A with Kyle Kafentzis

Rich and Max are joined by Kyle Kafentzis - father of 2015 QB commit Austin Kafentzis and long time high school football coach - to discuss Gary Andersen as a coach, recruiter, and developer of talent.  With a decade of coaching experience in Utah, Kyle has seen Andersen through the years as an assistant under both Urban Meyer and Kyle Whittingham as well as his time as a head coach at Utah State.  Kyle tells us what separates Gary from his head coaching peers in Utah, what's wrong with the Elite 11 competition, and what Andersen saw in his son that made him the first quarterback offered in the 2015 class.  A really unique perspective on the coach and football program.  


Episode 26 - Reunited

With Max back, he and Rich talk through Rich's Stave Injury worries, review Wisconsin's monster recruiting weekend, give their thoughts on Gary Andersen as a recruiter in general, and name their 5 most important Badgers for 2014.  


Jesse Temple's 25 Most important Badgers for 2014


Episode 24 - Summer Camp with Evan Flood

Evan Flood makes his long-awaited return to the BuckAround to give a summer update on Wisconsin recruiting.  He talks about the Badgers' recruiting success in Texas, positive steps in Michigan, the staff's efforts to find hidden gems in far away places, and even answers listener questions.  It's a jam packed show that even includes a breakdown of Nick Saban's love of watersports.  

For listeners, below is a link to the greatest video clip in the history of watersports:

Nick Saban Took a Bunch of Alabama Players Tubing


Episode 19 - Recruiting Grab Bag

Putting off the continuation of the B1G Picture series for a week, Max and Rich talk Wisconsin recruiting from some different angles including budgets, athletic department revenues, the importance of proper pronunciation in Illinois case law, and why national sports writers know very little about college football.  Who knew you could talk college football for an hour in May and not even touch on the NFL draft?


Episode 9 - National Signing Day Wrap Up with Evan Flood

Evan Flood joins the BuckAround to break down the Badgers 2014 recruiting class. It's our best show yet.  Mostly because we let Evan do most the talking!