Episode 100 - Week 4 Preview: Hawaii a.k.a. Have we Really Done this 100 Times?!

100 Episode? 100 EPISODES!! Rich and Max ring in triple digits with a look ahead to the Badger's final non-conference matchup with Hawaii. They discuss what Norm Chow's team brings to the game, the apparent move of Lubern Figaro from safety to cornerback, shifting Caleb Kinlaw to defense (whoops, recorded this before it was announced), and how the B1G conference schedule is downright awful this week.  Finally they close the show with some listener reactions to last week's Michigan State discussion before a major show announcement in celebration of episode 100.



  • 2:15 Max's special relationship with Hawaii
  • 4:45 Talking Rainbow Warriors
  • 9:45 Will Clement play and allow an honest look at the O Line?
  • 11:00 Where will Walker Williams line up?
  • 12:30 The tale of Figaro
  • 15:00 The future at safety is not Farrar away
  • 17:00 The topic where Rich is wrong the fastest... Caleb Kinlaw
  • 21:00 Big games?!? In the B1G
  • 26:00 Feedback on Sparty vs Bucky
  • 41:30 The most authentic coach in college football
  • 44:30 The Buckaround gives back