Episode 111 - Week 10 Maryland Preview: Rolling Solo in College Park

Rich and Max examine the Badgers upcoming matchup with the Terrapins of Maryland. They discuss the relative lack of playmakers on the Maryland offense, the threat on special teams posed by Will Likely, and how they see the coaching staff dividing carries amongst the running backs once (if?) everyone is healthy. Finally, Rich breaks down his "tailgating crisis" for the weekend's game in College Park. 


  • 2:00 HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! The new intro will be after the season
  • 3:15 Call us!!! (720) 77-BUCKY
  • 5:15 Let's talk Maryland
  • 10:30 How much will Clement play?
  • 14:15 How will the Badgers split carries if/when Clement is healthy?
  • 17:15 Will we see more Gillins?
  • 19:30 Is McEvoy a viable draft prospect? At what position?
  • 24:15 Big games in the B1G
  • 31:30 Let's talk about Nebraska
  • 37:00 Prediction time
  • 39:30 Rich's Maryland situation