Episode 115 - Minnesota Wrap Up: Make it a Dozen!

The Badgers closed the regular season with a convincing 31-21 victory over the Golden Gophers of Minnesota. They break down the "return" of the Badger running game, the defenses' turnover filled afternoon, Max's surprise pick for under the radar player of the game, and compare Thanksgiving recipes. 


  • 1:45 The sad tale of the scalloped oysters
  • 4:15 The Badgers win at an 85% sold out TCF
  • 5:30 The RB's get back on track
  • 7:30 Rich points out all the Gophers DT's were hurt
  • 12:30 The second half was ugly
  • 15:45 Leidner is a less athletic, less electric Taylor Martinez
  • 20:15 The Badgers improved pass rush
  • 22:00 Gophers coaching shakeup
  • 24:00 Cichy's Targeting penalty
  • 26:30 Was this game chippier than a normal Axe Game?
  • 28:30 Rich wants to talk awards!!! Not really, but he humors us
  • 30:15 Corey Clement's "suspension"
  • 34:30 UR Players of the Game
  • 37:00 The B1G Championship 
  • 40:00 The Holiday Bowl
  • 43:15 We shall return... But not til the 21st.
  • 45:45 The Buckaround recommends...