Episode 119 - The Legacy of Joel Stave

It's finally come to an end. Over 4 seasons Joel Stave has been a point of controversy amongst Badger fans. With his career as a Badger over, Rich and Max try to make sense of his time in Madison and figure out how he will be remembered. 


  • 2:00 Welcome to the offseason
  • 4:30 Prepare for some cold takes on Stave
  • 8:00 Jarrett from Wauke$ha... What if Stave had gotten some breaks?
  • 12:15 Um... Rich used to be positive?!? The year was 2012. It was a simpler time...
  • 19:00 Travis from THE St Louis
  • 21:30 Matthew from Stave's alma mater
  • 27:00 Stave's legacy... Brusky edition
  • 29:45 Stave's legacy... Branch edition
  • 36:00 Future plans