Episode 123 - National Signing Day with Evan Flood: 2016 Edition

Another signing day, another wall-to-wall, information packed recruiting wrap with Evan Flood. Evan breaks down Wisconsin's recruiting class including the sleepers, steals, and question marks in Paul Chryst's first full class as head coach. Evan has always been a listener favorite and doesn't disappoint. 


  • 1:15 Housekeeping
  • 5:00 Finally the (Evan) Flood has come BACK... To the Buckaround
  • 6:00 Was this cycle indicative of Chryst's future recruiting style?
  • 7:45 Is the lack of drama reminiscent of the Bielema days?
  • 9:00 Why did Antonio Williams decommit?
  • 11:30 Could the Badgers have handled the RB situation better?
  • 14:00 How far down the list was Brodner?
  • 16:00 How close were the Badgers to landing Nate Stanley?
  • 18:30 Jacob Caesar
  • 20:15 Are the Badgers leaning toward a certain DE prototype?
  • 25:45 Will any DL recruits move to OL?
  • 26:45 Why is it so hard for the Badgers to recruit CB's?
  • 29:00 What is Chryst looking for in his QB's?
  • 31:00 Biggest sleeper on this class?
  • 34:00 What gaps remain unfilled?
  • 35:45 Grading John Settle
  • 37:30 Who, besides Rudolph, did well recruiting?
  • 40:00 Why the lack of hat drama?
  • 41:45 What impact will Wilcox have as a recruiter?
  • 44:00 Leon Jacobs at RB
  • 46:00 How big will the 2017 class be?
  • 46:45 What is Chryst's ceiling as a recruiter?
  • 50:00 Coming next week... Angry, negative Rich (not really... Maybe)