Episode 128 - Football 101: Television and College Football

Mark Rudner, Senior Associate Commissioner of Television Administration for the Big Ten Conference, joins the show to educate Rich and Max on the finer points of how television and college football work together. The conversation ranges from when and how kickoff times are established to what the future of televisions sports is in the age of cord cutting. The show is closed with a discussion of the first day of spring practice.


  • 2:15 Welcome Mark Rudner from BTN
  • 3:15 How does college football scheduling work?
  • 17:15 How does that change with out of conference games?
  • 19:00 How much input does a school have?
  • 22:45 How has the conference network landscape changed?
  • 27:00 Why has BTN had better market penetration than PAC 12?
  • 30:15 Was BTN's reach better than projected?
  • 33:00 Where is hockey heading?
  • 36:00 Hockey expansion?
  • 37:00 SEC bias?
  • 40:00 When will BTN be on Apple TV?
  • 42:45 What is the next big thing?
  • 44:15 Looking at the next cable deal
  • 51:30 Spring practice is here
  • 52:30 Ryan Ramczyk... Starting LT
  • 54:30 Who are you and what have you done with negative Rich?
  • 56:30 A glimpse at the LB's
  • 58:45 Walker Williams and Arthur Goldberg
  • 1:00:00 Is the only drama at safety?
  • 1:03:30 upcoming schedule