Episode 135 - Return of the Max! (part 2)

Max returns to the BuckAround to forcefully rebut Rich's outlandish recruiting claims from episode 134 (SPOILER: they really don't disagree that much, sorry). They also share a #hypothetical from longtime friend Bizarro Max and answer a show history question from Wes in LA. 


  • 1:45 Return of Return of the Max
  • 4:15 Sympatico views on recruiting the offensive side of the ball
  • 6:00 QB recruiting and injury luck
  • 8:00 TE and how Hescock is NOT from Connecticut
  • 10:15 Recruiting in Michigan and the Michigan schools
  • 12:30 Recruiting nationally and Chryst recruiting at Pitt
  • 15:30 Max rambles on about Hayden Fry and the greatness of Iowa... For 15 seconds
  • 25:30 Bret Bielema as a developer
  • 29:30 Bizarro Max on hypothetical B1G trades
  • 36:00 Wes from LA on the origins of the Buckaround pod