Episode 139 - Wall to Wall Badger Talk

By popular demand (well...sort of) Rich and Max return with a show that is just Badger talk from start to finish (if you don't include Max's indignant Iowa references). They discuss some B1G trade follow ups, the reclassification of Ke'shan Pennamon to the 2017 recruiting class, current and future depth on the offense, and smack talk surrounding baked good. 


  • 2:30 Rich cheats on Max with a Husker pod
  • 4:15 TJ in Phoenix in the lack of Badger talk on the Buckaround
  • 12:30 Luke from B5Q on trading an OL for a WR
  • 16:15 Keshawn Pennamon (probably) ain't walkin through that door
  • 19:30 Max Minute(s)
  • 22:30 Roster strength and projection grades
  • 24:30 Quarterback
  • 30:30 Rex in KC on how the QB position plays out
  • 36:00 Running Back
  • 40:00 ALL HAIL IOWA!!!
  • 44:00 Wide Reciever
  • 51:15 Fullback
  • 54:30 Offensive Line
  • 59:00 Tight End
  • 1:06:15 Kyle from Silly Yak drops the gauntlet on Show Lacky Steve
  • 1:09:15 Next Week: The Defense