Episode 150 - 2016 Badger Fall Camp Wrap Up with Jesse Temple

Jesse Temple returns to the BuckAround to discuss the Badgers as they head into the season opener with LSU. 


2:00 Two guys in their pajamas eating buttered fish
4:30 Welcome back Jesse Temple of ESPN
4:45 Was the QB race as close as we think?
6:45 Can Houston match Stave's first year?
8:45 Will Hornibrook play vs LSU?
10:15 Comparing Bart and Alex
12:15 Corey's Sr year
14:00 Are the RB's as a whole improved?
15:30 The OL will be improved?
18:30 The WR depth
21:00 The LB's will be a strength
25:15 Breakout candidates
26:30 Special Teams
28:45 Will this Badger team make a bowl?
31:00 Jesse wrote a book! Rich read it! Max ate buttered fish!
33:30 What Jesse learned
36:45 Wisconsin is a boxing school
41:45 Confidence levels