Episode 161 - Week 10 Northwestern: Lifting the Curse

For the first time in 17 years the Badgers won in Evanston. Rich and Max discuss the victory - and if that actually means anything.


  • 1:30 A boring week
  • 4:00 The Voicemails
  • 8:00 Did we learn anything
  • 9:15 WiscoBiscuits and Amanda in Madison on Shaw, Clement and movement
  • 18:45 David Edwards and the OL as a whole
  • 23:15 SacTown Andy on Chryst and the offense's lack of development
  • 26.30 The Redzone... No, not Galloway's pod. Listen to that too though
  • 30:30 Balky on the 2nd best defensive performance this year
  • 36:00 Jazz Peavy, the offenses top playmaker
  • 37:30 Paul Chryst and clock management
  • 39:30 UR Player of the Game (Connor Allen snubbed again)
  • 41:00 Max is coming to your city (if your city is Madison)
  • 46:15 Big Games in the B1G