Episode 179 - So Long Spring (Practice, That Is)

Max & Rich open the show with reactions to the 2017 NFL Draft and then review what they've learned about the Badgers through spring.


3:00 Rewatching the Spring Game while mocking the watchability of the Draft
8:00 Max wants to talk draft (sneaks in NIU talk)
16:45 Madison meetup... Northwestern?
22:00 Sam Brodner looked like a RB... or a bigger Dare
27:00 Arrington Farrah, Linebacker
29:30 Isaiah Loudermilk is large
36:30 No kick returners...
37:45 Rich is a cat person! Who knew?
39:30 Is the OL in a bad place?
46:00 🎵 Teach the man 10 plays and let him kill some people 🎶
49:30 Quintez Cephus IS that 2nd WR you demanded
53:15 Max is happy with the TE's
55:30 Everybody's favorite band! Nickelback
58:45 The back up QB situation
1:06:15 What is Chris James?
1:09:00 Feedback on the polo
1:12:30 Send your voicemails and emails... please?!?
1:13:45 You can find Chryst in the club