Episode 182 - B1G Picture: Minnesota

Rich and Max are joined by Kyle Goblirsch os Gopher247.com to preview 2017 Minnesota. Afterwards Rich and Max sift through listener mail and reexamine the Ben Bryant decommitment from a different angle.


1:45 BuckAround popping collars
3:30 Kyle Goblirsch of Gopher247 and his notes
4:00 What went into firing Claeys
8:00 When did they decide to move on?
12:00 How will Gophers replace 1st rounder Mitch Leidner?
14:00 What about WR?
20:30 Strengths and weaknesses on D?
27:15 How will 2017 play out?
28:30 What do Fleck teams look like long term?
37:15 Ryan in Ft Worth on improved recruiting at Minny and Nebraska
48:30 Adam from Barrington on the non-Conference games
52:30 Ross from Milwaukee on Orr taking a RS
54:30 Jeff in LaCrosse on the new RS proposal
57:45 Malik Zaire and Ben Bryant thoughts