Episode 219 - The Deafening Silence of a Businesslike Spring

Rich and Max take stock of a spring practice with minimal drama and little intrigue. How do you make this interesting?


  • 1:15 I'm Rich and l'm here with my dying co-host Max
  • 4:00 No QB controversy means no drama
  • 9:45 South Jersey Pete on the Deal with Taiwan
  • 14:30 Steve in NY on Taiwan Deal's flabby guns
  • 15:45 Tom on the Train on where Farrar's role this year
  • 20:15 Rich is getting what he wanted at DB
  • 22:45 The injury list
  • 24:30 Will there be a 50-50 run-pass play call this year?
  • 27:30 The Spring Game
  • 35:00 Kyle's closing the doors. Go say hi!!