Episode 80 - B1G Picture: Iowa

Marc Morehouse returns to the BuckAround to share his thoughts on the current state of the Hawkeyes.  He discusses the disappointing 2014 campaign and the subsequent off season fallout, what to expect from CJ Beathard as quarterback, and who can fill the holes left by the loss of Carl Davis and Louis Trinca-Pasat on defense.  Afterwards, Rich attacks Max's "Chryst revisionism" before contrasting the geographic distribution of offers between the Chyrst, Andersen, and Bielema regimes.  


  • 3:00 Max is the real MVP
  • 5:20 Marc Morehouse was fooled into coming on the show again
  • 6:45 Why are people so angry about Iowa's 2014?
  • 10:00 What to make of Iowa's January press conference?
  • 12:45 Why was the decision to start CJ Beathard at QB made so quick?
  • 16:45 Thoughts on the change at OC
  • 20:45 The OL and the running game
  • 25:15 Who will play the "ball moving" positions?
  • 30:45 What's the identity of the defense
  • 35:30 Wins prediction?
  • 40:00 Over/Under
  • 47:45 Wisconsin Crootin
  • 59:45 Rich's Research Corner
  • 1:15:30 The hosts attempt to determine when they will pod again. Fail.