Episode 98 - Week 3 Preview: Troy

Preparing for the 2nd installment of what is the Badgers de facto preseason, Rich and Max look at Saturday's game against the Troy Trojans. They highlight what the want to see from the run and pass game, as well as where the defense can improve. They also look at the rise of Michigan State and why the Badgers haven't been able to match their meteoric rise.


  • 2:15 It's 2015... You don't need to listen to football on the radio
  • 3:30 What do we know about Troy?
  • 6:00 Troy's air raid
  • 9:15 What to expect? Probably a replay of Miami
  • 11:30 If Ray Ball is healthy, how much time will he see?
  • 16:30 If Clement is marginally healthy will he play? Should he?
  • 18:15 Dod Caputo return too soon?
  • 22:15 What to make of Kinlaw?
  • 26:00 Big games in the B-1-G
  • 33:45 We're not gonna get into Rutgers... For more than 3-4 minutes
  • 37:45 What caused the seperation between Bucky and Sparty?
  • 49:15. We're gonna skip predictions... Here are our predictions
  • 49:45 Rich gets taken to task