Episode 238 - Week 2: New Mexico

Rich recaps the Badgers 45-14 victory over New Mexico


1:00 Rich flies solo and forfeits the right to say “... and joined as always”
2:45 The Talkaround
5:15 Not a lot to say about the defense
7:30 Welcome back Loudermilk
9:15 The dropoff from Connelly to Orr
11:15 Madison Cone can play
12:30 JS Jesse on the early gameplans
19:00 Chryst didn’t let off the gas
23:00 Tyler formerly of Stevens Point on getting excited about AJ Taylor
25:00 Get ready for 2.8 more years of Rich gushing about Jake Ferguson
27:45 Concern for Dietzen
28:30 The odd play calling at the end of the 1st half
31:30 Matthew in MKE on fair catching kickoffs
33:00 UR Player of the Game... If Krumholz plays... it’s a run
35:30 Rich... RICH... stumps for Iowa


Episode 152 - Week 2 Akron Review: The Interregnum

With the Badgers 2-0, Rich and Max return to analyze the 54-10 domination of the Akron Zips. They look at what more can be learned from the team 2 games into the season as well as give their thoughts on some of the younger players who saw time in the 2nd half.  


  • 2:00 Max makes Stevie Miller sound like Bill Brasky
  • 5:45 Fifty something to Ten
  • 8:45 Why Olive as fullback?
  • 11:15 Clement overworked?
  • 15:00 Bradrick Shaw reminiscent of Lance Smith
  • 19:15 Are the WR's better than we thought?
  • 20:00 Hefty from Brahm on Wheelwright as a poor man's Chris Chambers
  • 25:15 The Fr WR's
  • 29:30 The Houston voicemails
  • 37:45 What to make of James and Obasih?
  • 41:45 Is anyone on D playing better than Tindal?
  • 47:00 UR Player of the Game
  • 53:00 Big games in the B1G
  •  1:01:00 Rich tries to one up my 2017 CFB playoff prediction