Episode 95 - Week 1 Alabama Review: Quest for...Fun?

Fresh off the season opener, Rich and Max delve into the finer points of the Badgers 35-17 loss in Dallas to the Crimson Tide of Alabama. They discuss the anemic Badger ground game, how optimistic they think fans should be about the passing game,  and where to look for improvement in the ground game.  


  • 1:00 Good... Morning?!?
  • 5:00 General reactions to the D
  • 21:15 What do you do with McEvoy?
  • 25:00 A Tale of Two Halves... The Joel Stave story
  • 30:00 Taiwan Deal and his arms
  • 32:00 Do you feel good about the OL?
  • 36:00 The WR's look like WR's
  • 38:30 Under the Radar Players of the Game aka UR Players of the Game
  • 48:00 The Big Games in the B-1-G
  • 1:00:30 Takeaways

Episode 94 - Sayonara Offseason!

Rich and Max close out the offseason (hallelujah!) with their final thoughts on the Alabama game. They discuss where each team has advantages, how the Alabama quarterback situation could affect the game, and what a Badger win could mean in the larger picture. The show closes with a series of major statements from Max...well...you've just gotta listen to this one. 


  • 1:30 Rich's "interesting" observation
  • 4:00 Alabama's QB concerns are the new Wisconsin's OL concerns
  • 10:00 Are you nervous about this game?
  • 13:45 The blueprint to a Badger win
  • 16:00 It's about the players
  • 19:15 Rich discusses what has been haunting my dreams.. Derrick Henry
  • 21:45 Worry about the Badgers OL
  • 24:30 The WR rotation
  • 26:30 Where did Nick Thomas go?
  • 28:00 Does Aranda want a bigger defense?
  • 30:15 You're not gonna get Rich to be optimistic!
  • 31:30 Lane Kiffin's tendencies
  • 33:15 What is an acceptable result?
  • 36:30 Max's bachelor party AND Iowa game reference AND NIU game reference... If you listen to nothing else LISTEN TO THIS!!!
  • 40:30 Would You Rather?!? Badgers Edition

Episode 93 - B1G Picture: Alabama

The season is finally here! Heading into the opener, Rich and Max are joined by Drew DeArmond to break down Saturday's matchup in Dallas. Drew discuses Alabama's major issues at quarterback, the strength of the Alabama defensive front, and who will catch passes with the departure of Amari Cooper. 


  • 1:30 Congrats to friend of the show Jesse Temple on his new gig
  • 4:45 It's game week!!!!
  • 5:15 Welcome Drew DeArmond to the show
  • 7:30 How do Alabama fans see this game?
  • 10:45 What does Alabama want out of their QB this year?
  • 13:15 How will Bama's WR's look this year without Amari Cooper?
  • 16:15 What is OJ Howard's role?
  • 18:45 What makes Bama's DL so special? (Hint: the 9 NFL prospects)
  • 22:00 Is the news better for Badger fans at LB? (Spoiler: Nope)
  • 25:15 So maybe there's weaknesses in the secondary?
  • 29:00 Where are the biggest advantage and disadvantage for Alabama?
  • 31:30 How have the Alabama QB's done protecting the ball in practice?
  • 34:15 Prediction time
  • 40:15 New BuckAround format