Episode 199 - Week 3: BYU

The Badgers left Provo with a convincing 40-6 statement victory. Rich and Max want to understand why.


  • 1:30 The amazing prop bet tracker
  • 5:30 A complete performance
  • 6:45 The TALKAround
  • 10:15 The quarterback play
  • 15:00 Mokie in Wrigleyville on The OL
  • 19:00 RB's
  • 20:45 Did Ingold transfer to NIU?
  • 25:00 Prince of Darkness on pace
  • 27:30 BYU picking on DCW
  • 30:30 BYU seemed poorly coordinated
  • 37:00 UR Players of the Game
  • 40:45 Big games in the B1G

Episode 159 - Week 8 Iowa: Divided Loyalties

Rich and Max break down the Badger's 17-9 victory over Iowa and look ahead to the matchup with Nebraska.


  • 2:30 Voicemails
  • 5:00 The QB situation
  • 6:45 Steve from Portland, OR on QB usage
  • 12:00 "What's the deal with the OL?" - Jerry Seinfeld
  • 19:00 Clement seems to be healthy... And frustrated
  • 21:45 Balky from SLC on suggestions for Chryst
  • 25:00 WR's and playing time or lack thereof
  • 31:30 Carl from Graves Lake on arm tackling
  • 38:00 Sliding into Nebraska talk
  • 43:00 Max clarifies his relationship with Iowa
  • 46:30 Where does Iowa go from here?
  • 49:45 UR Players of the Game
  • 56:15 Big Games in the B1G
  • 1:03:00 A pod recommendation and a meet up that Rich doesn't want to call a meet up

Episode 157 - Bye Week Q&A with Jason Galloway

Madison.com's Jason Galloway discusses what he's seen of the Badgers 5 games into the season and looks ahead to the Ohio State matchup.


  • 2:00 Max is celebrating his anniversary... By podcasting for us
  • 6:15 Welcome back Jason Galloway of the WSJ
  • 7:00 A QB position discussion
  • 10:30 Hornibrook's UM game performance
  • 12:45 Tom in SF on playing Houston again
  • 14:45 The OL
  • 20:00 Missing old Dare
  • 21:45 Is Clement healthy?
  • 24:00 Why not play the FR WR's against Michigan?
  • 26:00 George Rushing's performance
  • 27:15 The defenses performance versus expectations
  • 30:45 Alec James and Chikwe Obasih
  • 32:30 Jason's UR Player of the first half
  • 34:00 Let's talk punters
  • 37:00 Is the team okay with the QB switch?
  • 39:15 Watson in Wrigleyville on injuries under Chryst
  • 48:30 Grant from Winona on where a Badger win vs OSU would rank
  • 50:30 Max turns it into an Iowa mention
  • 51:15 OSU game predictions

Episode 151 - Week 1 LSU Review: Everyone Must Chill (Again)

Rich and Max review the Badgers thrilling victory over LSU as well as the bigger games in conference and carve out some time to talk about Kirk Ferentz's new contract at Iowa


1:30 Rich is Joan Rivers
5:30 The Voicemails
9:15 Wisconsin's defense was VERY good
11:00 Who surprised on D?
16:45 The LB's (Speedy recovery to Orr)
19:00 The Offensive Line
25:15 Are the WR's just some guys?
29:15 Tyler on Houston vs Stave and Mental vs Physical errors
36:30 How big of a win was this?
39:45 Season expectations
45:30 UR Player of the Game
50:00 There were other B1G games


Episode 79 - Spring Scouting Report with Space Coyote

Making his 3rd appearance on the show, Logan Larson (a.k.a. Space Coyote) returns to the podcast to dissect the Badger spring game. He handicaps the backup quarterback race, evaluates the talent available at wide receiver, has high hopes for the defensive line and explains why Leon Jacobs is one of his breakout stars for 2015. All the while fending off Max's best efforts to turn this podcast into a preview of Illinois. 


  • 1:30 It's all Badgers tonight
  • 6:00 Making his THIRD appearance... Logan Larson aka the Space Coyote
  • 7:00 All B1G breakout team starting... Wait for it... Joel Stave
  • 12:00 The competition for the backup QB
  • 19:45 What's the Deal with Taiwan?
  • 24:45 Some surprise standouts on the OL
  • 30:15 Are UW WR's going to be awful?
  • 32:10 TE's appear solid
  • 33:45 Is the DL the most improved unit on the defense?
  • 37:45 Let's talk about Leon Jacobs... A lot.
  • 46:20 Will the defense perform better against top offenses?
  • 55:00 Where for art thou Austin Kafentzis? (spoiler: it's Nevada)

Episode 74 - Spring Practice Capstone

With spring practice officially in the rear view mirror, Rich and Max pause to reflect on what's been learned about the team over the past 15 practices. They give their impressions on the offensive line, what they saw out of the backup quarterbacks, and what they thought about the inexperienced linebackers.  They close the show with a larger discussion of Paul Chryst as a recruiter and what can be learned from his approach thus far.  


  • 2:00 The exercise of making people uncomfortable
  • 4:15 Kicking it off with a listener speak pipe
  • 5:30 Wisconsin's top concern... The offensive line?!?
  • 13:35 Rich wants to talk quarterbacks
  • 17:15 WR's are better than we thought... Maybe?
  • 24:00 Moving to the DL
  • 28:45 TJ Edwards is a player
  • 31:45 Another speak pipe message?!? Just kidding.
  • 34:15 Dare vs Deal
  • 37:30 Seriously, another speak pipe message.
  • 42:00 Crootin with Chryst
  • 55:00 Listener emails

Episode 68 - Way Too Early Depth Charts: Defensive and Special Teams Edition

Wrapping up what they started last week, Rich and Max take a stab at projecting the 2015 defense. They look at some of the new starters at defensive line and linebacker and agree that the secondary looks very crowded with the potential additions of Tanner McEvoy and Natrell Jamerson, but first take time to examine the significance of how the John Settle hire was rolled out.  


  • 1:30 A series of apologies
  • 4:00 How the University introduced Coach Settle
  • 12:10 The defensive line
  • 22:20 The linebackers
  • 33:00 The defensive backs
  • 44:45 Kicking and punting and returning
  • 50:00 Player acquisition, player development and player deployment... Boom.
  • 56:30 That's a wrap

Episode 42 - Week 4: Bowling over Bowling Green

After a record shattering performance against Bowling Green, Rich and Max breakdown the highlights - and significant lowlights - of the blowout victory.  They talk about Melvin Gordon's triumphant day, the importance of Dare Ogunbowale's emergence at running back, the impressive showing by the defense, and even find time to dissect Max's drunken tweets, play some message board trivia, and discuss the finer points of knitting a purse during a football game.  As always, it's an action packed and informative show.  

Message Board Trivia challenge:

Below are four statements.  Three of these were actually made on message boards; one was made up.  Reply in the comments with your guess as to which one is the false one.  The winners get our never ending respect.:

  1. Bart Houston is the type of QB who would just thrive if thrown into the spotlight. Probably the best pure passer on the roster, no fear.
  2. Anyone else a bit disappointed in what we are seeing from Clement so far?

  3. Dare should get 10 touches a game, he shows more explosiveness than Clement.

  4. McEvoy is like Pryor, miller types in that he can throw enough to be a very good qb.


Episode 15 - Spring Mid-Terms

Rich and Max are joined by Luke Mueller of Bucky's 5th Quarter who provides his take on what he's seen and heard so far in camp.  Luke talks the offense, defense, and players who may surprise this year.


Episode 12 - Spring Practice Primer

With Spring Practice only days away Rich & Max tackle some of the less discussed aspects of spring practice (what does Michael Trotter's playing time tell us about the future of Badger football) as well as some of the bigger topics as well but not before spending way too much time breaking down the relative merits of the month of March.