Episode 77 - B1G Picture: Rutgers

Rich and Max officially kick off the B1G Picture series with a discussion of Rutgers football with Dan Duggan of NJ.com. Dan breaks down the quarterback battle, the depth concerns on defense, and what Rutgers can be as a football team in 2015 and beyond.  Rich and Max close the show discussing the latest in Badgers recruiting, read some listener mail, and lament the loss of Jesse Temple on the Badger football beat.  


  • 1:15 Sargent Major Max
  • 2:45 The Revenge of Dan Duggan
  • 3:20 2014 Rutgers Recap
  • 4:30 The tale of Jeff Towers
  • 6:30 The Ralph Friedgen situation
  • 10:30 Who's gonna be the QB?
  • 13:00 And who will they throw to?
  • 15:00 The RB's will be a strength
  • 19:00 The OL has questions
  • 20:30 The DL has some stars and some issues.
  • 23:00 The LB's lack depth
  • 24:30 What's left in the secondary?
  • 26:00 2015 and beyond
  • 31:45 Rutgers place in the B1G
  • 34:45 Rich and Max talk about Rutgers behind Dan's back.
  • 38:30 The sky is falling 
  • 51:45 Breaking... Listeners love shoutouts
  • 53:15 Bold prediction feedback
  • 1:02:00 Jesse Temple is leaving Fox Sports Wisconsin

Episode 74 - Spring Practice Capstone

With spring practice officially in the rear view mirror, Rich and Max pause to reflect on what's been learned about the team over the past 15 practices. They give their impressions on the offensive line, what they saw out of the backup quarterbacks, and what they thought about the inexperienced linebackers.  They close the show with a larger discussion of Paul Chryst as a recruiter and what can be learned from his approach thus far.  


  • 2:00 The exercise of making people uncomfortable
  • 4:15 Kicking it off with a listener speak pipe
  • 5:30 Wisconsin's top concern... The offensive line?!?
  • 13:35 Rich wants to talk quarterbacks
  • 17:15 WR's are better than we thought... Maybe?
  • 24:00 Moving to the DL
  • 28:45 TJ Edwards is a player
  • 31:45 Another speak pipe message?!? Just kidding.
  • 34:15 Dare vs Deal
  • 37:30 Seriously, another speak pipe message.
  • 42:00 Crootin with Chryst
  • 55:00 Listener emails