Episode 229 - B1G Picture: Michigan

Kyle Rowland joins the podcast to preview the 2018 Wolverines, and then Rich and Max discuss the "Bielema Paradox", revisit bag men, and take a 2nd look at their receiver exercise from episode 228


  • 1:00 A less verbose intro... or is it?
  • 2:45 Welcome Kyle Rowland of the Toledo Blade
  • 3:15 Were expectations in 2017 fair?
  • 6:00 What will the offense look like and what are the names to know?
  • 9:45 Is the defense gonna be really solid? Better than last year?
  • 13:30 Big Ten East Champs or bust!!!
  • 15:45 Is this season all about beating OSU?
  • 19:00 Max has lower expectations for UM
  • 22:45 Steve in Portland on where the losses may come from
  • 31:45 The Bielema paradox
  • 40:00 Badger Bob on Godfrey’s conclusions in his articles on Bag men
  • 45:15 Sactown Andy on the pass catcher breakdown
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  • 50:30 Review R Pod

Episode 22 - The B1G Picture: Nebraska

Joined by Brandon Cavanaugh of HuskerCorner.com, Rich and Max take a look at the other preseason favorite for the West Division Crown.  They talk Nebraska's offense post-Taylor Martinez, the Randy Gregory-lead defense, and the importance of proper syllable emphasis when talking about supporters of Bo Pelini (BO-lievers vs. bo-LEAVERS...just listen).  It's definitely an interesting conversation about an interesting team.