Episode 238 - Week 2: New Mexico

Rich recaps the Badgers 45-14 victory over New Mexico


1:00 Rich flies solo and forfeits the right to say “... and joined as always”
2:45 The Talkaround
5:15 Not a lot to say about the defense
7:30 Welcome back Loudermilk
9:15 The dropoff from Connelly to Orr
11:15 Madison Cone can play
12:30 JS Jesse on the early gameplans
19:00 Chryst didn’t let off the gas
23:00 Tyler formerly of Stevens Point on getting excited about AJ Taylor
25:00 Get ready for 2.8 more years of Rich gushing about Jake Ferguson
27:45 Concern for Dietzen
28:30 The odd play calling at the end of the 1st half
31:30 Matthew in MKE on fair catching kickoffs
33:00 UR Player of the Game... If Krumholz plays... it’s a run
35:30 Rich... RICH... stumps for Iowa


Episode 191 - Fall Camp Grab Bag

Rich and Max talk about the latest developments in camp plus answer some listener mail


  • 2:00 Paul Chryst's boring monolith
  • 3:45 The guys got to... at least talk about... camp
  • 5:15 Running Backs
  • 11:00 Leon Jacobs likes to work out
  • 16:00 Tom on the train on keys to success/failure
  • 25:00 Ben in Chicago on underperformance
  • 31:00 Ballky in SLC on All Badger Team and 
  • 36:30 Brian in Ogg on Twilight starring Barry Alvarez
  • 47:45 Upcoming schedule

Episode 182 - B1G Picture: Minnesota

Rich and Max are joined by Kyle Goblirsch os Gopher247.com to preview 2017 Minnesota. Afterwards Rich and Max sift through listener mail and reexamine the Ben Bryant decommitment from a different angle.


1:45 BuckAround popping collars
3:30 Kyle Goblirsch of Gopher247 and his notes
4:00 What went into firing Claeys
8:00 When did they decide to move on?
12:00 How will Gophers replace 1st rounder Mitch Leidner?
14:00 What about WR?
20:30 Strengths and weaknesses on D?
27:15 How will 2017 play out?
28:30 What do Fleck teams look like long term?
37:15 Ryan in Ft Worth on improved recruiting at Minny and Nebraska
48:30 Adam from Barrington on the non-Conference games
52:30 Ross from Milwaukee on Orr taking a RS
54:30 Jeff in LaCrosse on the new RS proposal
57:45 Malik Zaire and Ben Bryant thoughts


Episode 180 - B1G Picture: Purdue

Rich and Max are joined by Mike Carmin to get the state of Purdue, discuss the Ben Bryant Situation, and run through listener mail. 


  • 3:00 Welcome back Mike Carmin from JC Online
  • 3:30 What did Darrell Hazel do wrong?
  • 7:30 How does the roster fit Brohm's strengths?
  • 9:15 Any offensive players to look out for?
  • 11:15 How good can the D be under Nick Holt?
  • 13:00 How will 2017 play out?
  • 15:00 Is Purdue more serious about investing in football?
  • 21:30 "It might not be a poop show." - Maxwell Brusky
  • 23:30 Ben Bryant... who knows?
  • 30:15 Adam from Barrington, IL on Chris Orr
  • 34:30 Ben from Chicago on Michael Dieter's upside
  • 37:00 Tim from St Cloud on the Badgers schedule
  • 42:15 Ty from Nashville on the LB's

Episode 99 - Week 3: Pumping the Brakes on Troy

Rich and Max examine the Badgers' 28-3 win over Troy. They talk about the dominating defensive performance, why the team scored so few points, Chris Orr's arms (or lack thereof - TBD) and the Jabbawockeez. 


  • 2:00 Who is listening in Hong Kong?
  • 5:30 Chris Orr's sleeves
  • 6:30 The Brusky Scale of Arm Power Measurement (BSAPM)
  • 11:45 Chris Orr's play... Evan Flood is smart
  • 13:45 Thinning the herd at ILB
  • 19:00 McEvoy's usage
  • 21:00 The O-Line in flux
  • 25:15 The Deal vs Dare debate... Or lack thereof
  • 28:30 Is UW's offense fools gold?
  • 35:00 UW on 4th down
  • 40:00 UR Players of the Game
  • 42:30 Big games in the B1G
  • 52:00 Max didn't talk about NIU in the OSU recap enough... So he's doubling down
  • 52:45 Cue the Iowa music

Episode 91 - Fall Camp Update with Jason Galloway

The season is less than 2 weeks away! As the Badgers enter the home stretch of fall camp, Rich and Max are joined by Jason Galloway of Madison.com. They discuss the growth of Joel Stave, how the offensive line is shaping up, and how the defense is taking shape. To open the show, the guys catch up with Dave Bartoo, creater or the College Football Matrix, to get a sense for how he thinks the Badgers' season will play out and what to expect from Paul Chryst. 

Patience Grasshoppers, the season is almost here!


  • 2:00 Rich is obsessed with Iowa
  • 6:00 Welcome back Dave Bartoo, creator of the CFB Matrix
  • 6:15 What is the CFB Matrix?
  • 8:30 How does the Matrix view Chryst versus Andersen?
  • 13:00 What about Aranda staying?
  • 14:45 How will the B1G play out?
  • 16:45 Where to find the CFB Matrix
  • 19:30 Just when you thought Rich was going to be negative...
  • 24:45 The one and only Jason Galloway of Madison.com ... It's a website
  • 26:15 Is there anything other than injuries happening at Fall Camp?
  • 28:15 Talking Stave and the throw game
  • 30:30 How is Stave's chemistry with the WR's?
  • 31:30 McEvoy will be a WR... Why?
  • 33:00 What is McEvoy's best position?
  • 34:00 All you need is Love? (Spoiler: you need more)
  • 35:15 Will Trezy see the field?
  • 37:00 Who will return kicks?
  • 38:30 Is/Should the OL be a huge concern?
  • 40:30 Did Ball miss his chance to lock up a OG position?
  • 42:45 The DL looks good
  • 44:30 Is the ILB depth real?
  • 46:15 Dare vs Deal
  • 48:00 The TE position
  • 50:00 Who is a written off player that will emerge?
  • 52:00 Could UW make the playoff with one loss?
  • 57:00 The 2nd Annual Over/Under prop bet pod is on deck!

Episode 65 - National Signing Day 2015 with Evan Flood

Let's be honest. You aren't reading this.  You don't even care what's here.  What you care about is what's INSIDE this podcast.  It's the pure buttery goodness of Evan Flood's recruiting knowledge.  And there is a LOT of it in this epsiode.  Enjoy!


  • 1:30 Rich is a Phoenix rising from Arizona
  • 6:00 Talkin Crootin with Evan Flood
  • 7:00 What position was addressed best?
  • 9:45 Why is DB always such a challenge?
  • 13:00 How has Arranda's role changed?
  • 16:30 The recruitment of Arrington Farrar
  • 20:30 How did the RB musical chairs "really" play out?
  • 25:30 UW is recruiting RB's at an elite level. Why not OL or TE?
  • 27:30 Who are the players who can contribute right away?
  • 32:30 What happened with the defensive directions?
  • 37:35 What about the WR position?
  • 40:15 Impressions on in state recruiting
  • 43:15 Lets talk Northern Illinois recruiting!!!
  • 45:30 Will Andersen's lasting legacy be recruiting?
  • 50:00 How will Chryst balance in state and out of state?
  • 53:15 What are the strengths of new staff regarding recruiting?
  • 1:00:20 Can Kafentzis start from Day 1?
  • 1:02:30 Listener questions
  • 1:23:20 Let's call it a night

Episode 26 - Reunited

With Max back, he and Rich talk through Rich's Stave Injury worries, review Wisconsin's monster recruiting weekend, give their thoughts on Gary Andersen as a recruiter in general, and name their 5 most important Badgers for 2014.  


Jesse Temple's 25 Most important Badgers for 2014