Episode 214 - Golden Buckys: 2017 Edition

Rich and Max present the most prestigious awards show in all of sports: The Golden Buckys!


  • 1:30 Max couldn't hear Rich in the first attempt at this ep (seems ideal), but fixed now
  • 4:30 Your 2017 Golden Bucky's
  • 5:30 Most Outstanding Player M: J Taylor R: TJ Edwards 
  • 8:30 Offensive MVP M: Hornibrook R:  D Davis
  • 12:00 Deffensive MVP M: TJ Edwards R: Nelson
  • 14:00 Most Improved M: Van Ginkel R: Cephus
  • 17:00 Unsung Hero M: Sheehy R: Jamerson
  • 20:15 Biggest Underperformer M: Peavy R: Peavy
  • 21:30 Ray Ball Award Both: Rushing
  • 25:45 Freshman of the Year Both: J Taylor
  • 26:15 Future Star Both AND me: Danny MFing Davis lll
  • 29:15 Worst Game M: B1G Title Game R: Illinois
  • 32:45 Play of the Year M: Van Ginkel's picks R: AJ Taylor catch vs UM
  • 36:00 Game of the Year M: Minnesota R: Orange Bowl
  • 42:00 Coach of the Year M: Settle R: Gilmore
  • 46:00 Dave in Brookfield on meme of 2017 season
  • 50:30 Mark in Riverwoods, IL on people disrespecting Badgers
  • 59:30 Evan Flood next episode

Episode 174 - Spring Practice Preview

Rich and Max get together to hash out their spring practice wishlist and talk Badger recruiting. 


  • 1:15 A good time had by all at Fatpour
  • 7:30 Spring is springing
  • 9:30 Things we'd like to see out of spring practice
  • 11:00 Tyler from Stevens Point on a LT emerging from the pack
  • 13:30 Impact kick returner
  • 15:00 OL cohesion
  • 17:15 An edge rusher steps up
  • 19:00 A WR, not George Rushing, emerges as a number 2
  • 20:00 Will anyone join a Man Called Fums and get catches at TE?
  • 22:15 Who is the backup QB?
  • 25:45 Ben on Bradrick taking a step forward
  • 26:45 Jim Leonhard's defense
  • 29:00 Tyler in Stevens Point on a safety emerging
  • 30:00 Matthew in the US on someone making the leap
  • 32:30 Matthew from Whitnall on catchphrases (now w/ Rich sweating)
  • 39:00 Crootin
  • 43:30 Travis from STL on recruiting vs performance
  • 56:00 Paul from Madison returns!!!

Episode 167 - Cotton Bowl Champions

Rich and Max dissect the 24-16 win over Western Michigan and look at the B1G's performance in bowl games overall as well as discuss the Minnesota hire of PJ Fleck.


  • 1:30 Trailblazers blaze trails
  • 4:30 The voicemails
  • 8:15 Rich says he was wrong
  • 8:45 What this game did for Max
  • 10:45 What this game did for Rich
  • 18:30 Hornibrook and his two series
  • 20:15 Best win of the year?
  • 21:45 UR Player(s) of the Game
  • 25:15 Max watches the Badgers in the buff?
  • 31:00 Big games in the B1G (and beyond)
  • 37:45 Talking Minnesota becoming the Flecktones
  • 45:00 Talking Bielema and lingering resentment

Episode 131 - Spring Practice Wrap

With the Badger spring practice coming to a close Rich and Max take stock of what they've seen from the team over the past month plus. They look at areas that have impressed as well as places they feel the team still has question marks before closing the show with a listener question comparing the 2016 offense with Chryst offenses from 2009-10. 


  • 1:30 Skin care and lawn mowing
  • 6:30 Impressed by the depth
  • 9:30 Max arrives at Camp Randall
  • 11:45 Highlighting a concern at NT
  • 14:30 Let's talk QB's
  • 21:00 Corey Clement is ready to go
  • 21:30 Max tries to derail the pod with Iowa talk
  • 24:30 Leon Jacobs and others who may need a new position
  • 28:00 The third string QB probably isn't Bobby Dunn
  • 30:00 A look at the pass catchers
  • 31:30 Rich Rich knows who Reggie Love is (the guy in the poster on his wall)
  • 36:30 Free Safety... Why hasn't Farrar seized this opportunity
  • 43:15 Jake from Sun Prairie on Chryst trying to recreate 2010
  • 52:00 A TE fight breaks out
  • 55:00 How many questions did spring practice answer
  • 1:02:00 Brin from the Scoreboard on seeing people in BuckAround shirts.

Episode 130 - Last Call for Spring Football

With the Badgers' 2016 Spring Game just days away, Rich and Max wrap up their discussions of spring practice with a look at the latest developments from camp including the apparent shuffling on the offensive line going into the fall and answer some big picture listener questions. Don't forget to send us your spring game thoughts for next week's show!


  • 2:00 Apologies for the delay
  • 4:30 Bill from Neenah and scheduling
  • 8:30 Dylan from PA and coaches getting paid
  • 23:00 Dylan from PA and if UW is a basketball or football school
  • 27:00 Dylan from PA on hating coaches
  • 32:30 Are the OL's dark days over?
  • 37:00 Max is attending the spring game... As am l
  • 43:15 Talking Max's new favorite team, Illinois, and the loss of Dudek

Episode 97 - Week 2: Miami Scoring Machine

The Badgers rebounded from the defeat in Dallas to pulverize the Miami Redhawks. Rich and Max talk about the dominating defensive display, things to like about the passing game, and what they took from the up and down day on the ground.


  • 2:00 Max is a homer... But for who? Badgers? Hawkeyes? Huskies?
  • 7:30 58-0 provides a lot to talk about
  • 9:30 The defense was really good
  • 15:30 Schobert > Biegel
  • 19:00 Is McEvoy good at safety?
  • 22:45 McEvoy at QB, will that be a thing?
  • 27:00 Special teams have been... Special
  • 31:15 In case you hadn't heard Arkansas lost to a MAC contender
  • 32:15 They're not gonna break the seal on Penniston
  • 34:00 The throw game
  • 44:30 Let's talk about the bad stuff... O Line
  • 52:15 UR players of the game
  • 57:45 Big games in the B-1-G
  • 1:06:30 The B1G... Hey, it doesn't look like crap

Episode 67 - Way too Early Depth Charts: Offensive Edition

Buckle up people because it's officially here! The doldrums of the pre-spring practice off season has arrived and Rich and Max have officially set sail for conjecture land with their  depth chart projections for the 2015 season. With a striking amount of agreement between them they are able to put together a consolidated depth chart for the two of them while still finding time to discuss killer whales, arm wrestling, and Billy Dee Williams 


  • 1:30 We're in the mood to talk
  • 6:50 RB: Clement followed by others
  • 14:20 FB: Where we have agreement
  • 20:00 TE: A lot of familiar faces... And some new ones
  • 33:15 OL: The position group with the most question marks
  • 46:00 WR: Who will be opposite Erickson?
  • 56:45 QB: It's gonna be tough to unseat Stave
  • 1:03:00 Farewell from conjectureland

Episode 64 - January Potpourri

With Signing Day just around the corner, Rich and Max take a look at Chryst's first few weeks as a recruiter in Madison, what Gary Andersen and Sam Madden's comments about Wisconsin academic standards mean in the bigger picture, and finally - FINALLY - close out the 2014 season with the 2014 Golden Bucky awards.  


Sam Madden Article on Maize N Brew

Gary Andersen Discusses Wisconsin's Academic Standards


  • 1:30 Too much to talk about.
  • 9:30 What have we seen from Chryst the recruiter?
  • 21:30 A reader email about Gary Anderson.
  • 25:00 Academics, admissions and Sam Madden.
  • 34:20 Put your tuxes on! It's the Golden Bucky's!!!
  • 35:35 Overall MVP: spoiler... It's MELVIN!!!
  • 36:25 Offensive MVP: where Rich is wrong (Alex Erickson) and says someone besides MELVIN.
  • 38:15 Defensive MVP: Warren Herring
  • 39:55 Unsung Hero: Sam Arneson
  • 41:50 Biggest Disappointment: Rich has Love. Max has Shelton
  • 44:35 Freshman of the Year: Fumigalli for Max and Obasih for Rich
  • 46:00 Offensive Future Star: where Rich (picking George Rushing) mocks Max for the correct answer (Clement).
  • 48:00 Defensive Future Star: Figaro for Max and Sheehy for Rich
  • 50:20 Worst Game: LSU for Max and Northwestern for Rich
  • 53:50 Best Game: it's Auburn
  • 56:00 Play of the Year: Max says Love's jet sweep vs LSU but Rich says MELVIN on 4th and 1 vs Auburn
  • 58:30 That's a wrap on 2014

Episode 51 - Week 11: Taking too Much from Purdue

Rich and Max try not to take too much from the Badgers' 34-16 victory over Purdue, but just can't help it, especially when it come to the quarterbacks and the salty defense.  They also offer their thoughts on "Freedom" and roll out the latest from JSComments.  This week's show went a little long, but it wraps up with an intriguing suprise at the end.  Everyone likes surprises, right?


Episode 50 - Week 10: Rich Does Rutgers

Returning from a wet and miserable day in Piscataway, Rich gives his take as a visiting fan to High Point Solutions Stadium.  Continuing on the misery theme, Rich and Max talk about the Badgers quarterback play as well but balance that out with some big complements for the defense and special teams.  The show is rounded out with a short preview of the Purdue game in the coming week. 


Episode 45 - Week 6: A Rainy Day in Evanston

Rich and Max sift through the still smoldering embers of the Northwestern game and try to answer the burning questions surrounding UW's offense, specifically a seeming QB controversy and just what's with this offensive line. Also, was the defense really THAT bad? Also, the first winners of the @JSComments message board trivia contest are revealed!


Episode 35 - Fall Camp Fashion Show with Jesse Temple

Jesse Temple makes his long awaited return to the BuckAround to break down the details of fall camp.  Rich and Max ask about the emergence of the freshmen at wide receiver, depth at the linebacker position, bask in Rich's brilliant and unwavering support of Reggie Love as a viable receiving option for the Badgers (guess who writes this), and even learn Jesse's secrets to being the most well dressed writer on the Wisconsin football beat.  


Episode 9 - National Signing Day Wrap Up with Evan Flood

Evan Flood joins the BuckAround to break down the Badgers 2014 recruiting class. It's our best show yet.  Mostly because we let Evan do most the talking!