Episode 240 - Week 4: Iowa

Rich and Max analyze the Badgers’ 28-17 win over Iowa


  • 1:30 Rich is catching a cold

  • 3:45 The TalkAround

  • 9:00 Max wants to talk about Hornibrook

  • 13:30 Are Badger fans QB expectations off due to Favre and Rodgers?

  • 17:15 Balky is SLC on JT and fumbles

  • 20:00 Media Break: Klatt was good

  • 21:45 Deal and the RB usage

  • 24:00 Is the offense meeting expectations?

  • 29:45 Linemen playing Tight End

  • 32:00 Rich Recites Rules Really Respectfully

  • 33:45 Musical chairs in the secondary

  • 38:15 The DL is bad

  • 42:15 The LB’s are not

  • 44:30 The refs 

  • 48:00 UR Player of the Game

  • 51:00 Why is Edwards off the field so much?

  • 52:30 Big games in B1G

  • 1:00:15 Rich is sick and is gonna vent on Urbs

  • 1:01:30 The Guys talk about Ryan Day... but FAIL TO MENTION HE’S FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE

  • 1:03:00 Prop Bet update


Episode 227 - B1G Picture: Iowa

Scott Dochterman previews the Iowa Hawkeyes plus Rich and Max  talk about the potential for Kayden Lyles' to move to nose guard and the relative strength of Iowa and Wisconsin as football programs. 


  • 2:00 Max, the college football polygamist
  • 4:00 Welcome back Scott Dochterman soon to be of the Athletic
  • 4:30 A look back at 2017
  • 7:30 A look at the running game
  • 15:00 Will the defense be able to replace the LB’s?
  • 23:00 A look at the 2018 schedule
  • 28:30 Rich no longer views Iowa as an equal
  • 37:00 Ty(ler in) Deforest on Kaden Lyles to the D Line
  • 45:30 Max leaves for his exacting social schedule
  • 46:15 Rich did a Nebraska pod
  • 47:00 Buy merch!
  • 48:30 Rich quit the cable... and yelled at kids (not his) to get off his lawn

Episode 207 - Week 11: Iowa

The Badgers turned in an all time defensive performance against the Iowa Hawkeyes in their 38-14 victory. Rich and Max try to make sense of what this means.


  • 2:00 The Dynamic Duo is back
  • 6:00 The Talkaround
  • 8:15 Was this performance surprising?
  • 12:00 The safeties
  • 16:00 The Iowa run game
  • 17:45 Is the UW front 7 THAT good?
  • 19:00 Defensive MVP of the game
  • 24:00 Journal Sentinel Jesse on Shaw running outside the tackles
  • 29:45 Who was a great RB that had such glaring deficiencies as Taylor? (Guess who brought this up?)
  • 32:45 Davis and Pryor are very good football players
  • 35:00 Hornibrook had his typical game
  • 44:45 Projecting ahead
  • 48:45 UR Player of the Game
  • 56:45 Big games in the B1G
  • 59:45 Who's gonna coach Nebraska?
  • 1:03:30 #WhyNotWisconsin
  • 1:06:00 This week's game
  • 1:10:45 Donde esta Jazz Peavy?

Episode 142 - B1G Picture: Iowa

Max hosts solo this week and tackles the subject he can never talk about enough: Iowa! He's joined by Marc Morehouse of the Cedar Rapids Gazette to look back at Iowa's 12-2 season and see what is in store for Iowa in 2016.


  • 1:30 Max is flying solo for Hawkeyearound
  • 1:45 Welcome back Marc Morehouse of the Cedar Rapids Gazette
  • 3:30 Recapping Iowa's 2015
  • 6:45 Why the different mentality in 2015
  • 8:30 Advanced stats blind spots?
  • 11:15 Parallels between 2015 and other great Iowa years
  • 13:45 B1G Championship recap
  • 18:00 What is CJ Beathards ceiling?
  • 21:30 The pass catchers
  • 24:15 Experience back on the OL
  • 27:00 The running game
  • 29:00 The front seven
  • 32:00 The secondary
  • 34:00 Special teams
  • 36:15 Outlook for 2016
  • 38:15 Shots fired... At Purdue
  • 41:45 Sustainability
  • 44:15 Max, like all Badger fans, wishes Iowa sustained success
  • 44:00 Marc, in turn, brings up 59-0
  • 45:45 Max acknowledges we will mock him for UW being his 4th favorite team
  • 47:45 The B1G landscape

Episode 102 - Week 5 Preview: Iowa, The Maxageddoning

The entirety of 100+ episodes of the podcast have boiled down to this: it's Iowa-Wisconsin in Camp Randall and you-know-who can barely contain himself.  There is no need for a summary of the show here because you know what's coming: Max talking about Kenny Chesney. No, really.


  • 2:00 Everything in your life builds up to Iowa
  • 3:45 Do you want to bask in Max's glow? Go to Jordan's B1G pub!
  • 6:45 Gather round boys and girls. Max will tell the story of Iowa.
  • 11:30 A look at the Iowa run game
  • 14:00 How good is the Iowa DL?
  • 17:00 The Hawkeyes have a very good secondary
  • 18:30 The Iowa segment is the song from Barney... It goes on and on my friends
  • 21:47 Max's Iowa talk makes Rich yawn 
  • 23:00 Do you buy the Badger D?
  • 26:00 Examining the Badger WR's
  • 29:00 This game will show if Stave has made progress
  • 31:30 How much have the Badgers held back?
  • 33:30 Will Clement redshirt?
  • 41:00 Talking about position changes
  • 45:30 Big games in the B1G

Episode 23 - B1G West or Bust?

Taking a break from guests, Rich and Max discuss James Franklin's perceived assault on the SEC heartland, Jordan Scarlett's interest in the Badgers, and take a wide angle view of the B1G West division.  Most importantly, we even find time to dispense a little fashion advice.  


Episode 21 - The B1G Picture: Iowa

Marc Morehouse, Iowa sportswriter for the Cedar Rapids Gazette, is the latest contributor to The B1G Picture series as he joins the BuckAround to talk all things Hawkeye football.  He paints a picture of a team that looks to be on the rise in the reorganized B1G, and a legitimate contender for the West division crown.  He talks depth on the offense, strength on the defensive line, and Kirk Ferentz's undying love of punting.