Episode 192 - Adoptive vs. Adopted

With Max away Rich is joined by Show Lackey Steven to talk Badger camp plus previews Maryland with Lamar Johnson of Testudo Times


  • 1:00 Max is missing
  • 2:15 Welcome Lamar Johnson of Testudo Times
  • 2:45 With the Recruiting and the bowl was 2016 a success?
  • 3:45 What was the biggest step forward?
  • 4:30 What will the offense look like?
  • 6:45 Will it be similar to Harbaugh?
  • 7:30 What kind of performance can the D turn in?
  • 10:00 How will 2017 play out?
  • 11:30 What can Durkin do long term at Maryland?
  • 13:30 It me. Show Lackey Steve
  • 15:00 Why Lambeau? Why not Camp Randall?
  • 22:00 Cichy's season ending injury
  • 29:45 Steve rambles
  • 30:30 What to make of the RB battle?
  • 33:30 Is this the tipping point for Deal?
  • 36:00 Nickelback... no, nickel back and the battle there
  • 38:30 Why doesn't Cain know the signals?
  • 40:00 The kick returners
  • 43:15 Will Wheelwright's replacement have the same impact?
  • 45:00 Rand Back to DT
  • 48:45 PLAYOFFS?!? You want to talk PLAYOFFS?!?
  • 51:30 Housekeeping
  • 57:15 Paul from Madison

Episode 176 - All Quiet on the Spring Practice Front

Rich and Max discuss the latest developments of spring practice and reflect on the implications of the failed effort to lure transfer Malik Zaire. 


  • 3:00 Getting shooshed
  • 5:00 The opposite of Total Recall
  • 6:45 Ty from TN on the LB's
  • 16:00 Kyle still has no bumper sticker?!?
  • 19:45 Taylor from Lincoln, NE on this is how it's SUPPOSED to be
  • 26:30 TE usage
  • 29:00 BuckAround Recommendations
  • 37:15 Paul from Madison

Episode 174 - Spring Practice Preview

Rich and Max get together to hash out their spring practice wishlist and talk Badger recruiting. 


  • 1:15 A good time had by all at Fatpour
  • 7:30 Spring is springing
  • 9:30 Things we'd like to see out of spring practice
  • 11:00 Tyler from Stevens Point on a LT emerging from the pack
  • 13:30 Impact kick returner
  • 15:00 OL cohesion
  • 17:15 An edge rusher steps up
  • 19:00 A WR, not George Rushing, emerges as a number 2
  • 20:00 Will anyone join a Man Called Fums and get catches at TE?
  • 22:15 Who is the backup QB?
  • 25:45 Ben on Bradrick taking a step forward
  • 26:45 Jim Leonhard's defense
  • 29:00 Tyler in Stevens Point on a safety emerging
  • 30:00 Matthew in the US on someone making the leap
  • 32:30 Matthew from Whitnall on catchphrases (now w/ Rich sweating)
  • 39:00 Crootin
  • 43:30 Travis from STL on recruiting vs performance
  • 56:00 Paul from Madison returns!!!

Episode 173 - Way Too Early 2017 Depth Charts: Defensive Edition

Rich and Max project the starting defense for 2017, answer listener mail, and discuss the hiring of Bob Bostad as OLB coach.


  • 3:00 Larry the Cable Guy ain't walking through that door
  • 6:00 JS Jesse on is Beau Benzschawel good?
  • 10:45 Ben in Chicago on Buckaround meetup and the RB's and Danny Davis
  • 17:45 Bostad is back
  • 21:00 Is Rich Anti Canada?
  • 28:00 Returning defenders with the most games played
  • 32:15 The DL
  • 36:15 The DB's
  • 46:45 LB's
  • 59:00 Rich serenades the listeners
  • 1:00:00 They actually have a little depth and should be good
  • 1:01:45 Email 5 things you want to see in the best possible spring practice

Episode 115 - Minnesota Wrap Up: Make it a Dozen!

The Badgers closed the regular season with a convincing 31-21 victory over the Golden Gophers of Minnesota. They break down the "return" of the Badger running game, the defenses' turnover filled afternoon, Max's surprise pick for under the radar player of the game, and compare Thanksgiving recipes. 


  • 1:45 The sad tale of the scalloped oysters
  • 4:15 The Badgers win at an 85% sold out TCF
  • 5:30 The RB's get back on track
  • 7:30 Rich points out all the Gophers DT's were hurt
  • 12:30 The second half was ugly
  • 15:45 Leidner is a less athletic, less electric Taylor Martinez
  • 20:15 The Badgers improved pass rush
  • 22:00 Gophers coaching shakeup
  • 24:00 Cichy's Targeting penalty
  • 26:30 Was this game chippier than a normal Axe Game?
  • 28:30 Rich wants to talk awards!!! Not really, but he humors us
  • 30:15 Corey Clement's "suspension"
  • 34:30 UR Players of the Game
  • 37:00 The B1G Championship 
  • 40:00 The Holiday Bowl
  • 43:15 We shall return... But not til the 21st.
  • 45:45 The Buckaround recommends...

Episode 113 - Week 12 Northwestern Preview: Factual Narratives

As the Badgers prepare to take on Northwestern off the bye week, Rich and Max take a look at what Saturday's game will bring. They discuss the Wildcats' inconsistent offense, their stingy defense, and how much of a factor Corey Clement can be in this game. They also find time to discuss Tom Oates' latest column on the state of the Badgers before closing the show with a set of lightning round questions from the audience and an update on the prop bet competition. 


  • 1:30 The team is back
  • 2:00 The TalkAround (72)-77B-UCKY
  • 3:45 Bizarro Max
  • 5:30 The Badgers are gonna play Northwestern
  • 7:15 Max gets his NIU reference in early
  • 11:15 How much can the Badgers score?
  • 16:30 Jarrett from Wauke$ha
  • 18:00 The athletic department's handling of Clement's hand situation
  • 22:00 Tom Oates' Andersen article
  • 36:00 Big games in the B1G
  • 41:45 Lightning round
  • 44:30 Prop bets
  • 48:30 Prediction time

Episode 112 - Week 10 Maryland Review: Blueprint to beat the Badger's Defense?

The Badgers head into the bye week with a tighter than expected 31-24 victory over Maryland. Rich and Max discuss the unexpectedly less than dominant performance from the defense, the schizophrenic performance from the offense, and special teams that were a puzzling mix of both good and bad. All this plus Rich's in person experience at Byrd Stadium.


  • 1:30 Welcome to the bye week
  • 3:00 Call us!!! 720-77-BUCKY
  • 4:00 Is this the blueprint for attacking the Badgers D?
  • 10:30 What happens when the Badgers play real offensive talent?
  • 11:15 Your #MACtion interlude
  • 12:30 The Maryland DL
  • 13:45 The RB situation
  • 16:00 Stave went streaking
  • 19:30 Rich misses DJ Gillens
  • 22:00 We've gotta talk about Joel Stave
  • 29:00 SPECIAL teams!!!
  • 36:00 Good coaching is about what you do when your plan doesn't work
  • 39:15 UR Player of the game
  • 40:30 Let's talk about Iowa... Or, let's listen to Max talk about Iowa
  • 43:15 Rich goes to Maryland
  • 49:45 "It's better than Rutgers?"

Episode 110 - Week 9 Review: Rutgers "Lunacy"

Off the Badgers' 48-10 stomping of Rutgers, Rich and Max have plenty of positives to discuss. They examine the return of Corey Clement, another dominating performance from the defense, and the curious case of DJ Gillins. All this and more but not before Rich issues a heartfelt apology at the top of the podcast...again


  • 1:30 Matt Millen 3 weeks in a row
  • 3:00 Rich makes a public apology
  • 10:00 Let's get happy and talk about the game
  • 11:30 The return of Corey Clement
  • 15:30 Dave Aranda's Madison tenure
  • 16:15 Joel Stave. Joel Stave.
  • 21:00 Four thoughts on Rich's Iowa
  • 24:15 Ho Hum the Badgers D played well
  • 30:45 DJ Gillens is jumping people
  • 33:15 Fourth Downs
  • 38:30 UR Players of the game
  • 43:00 Big games in the B1G



Episode 75 - The Badger Media Non-Frenzy with Dave Heller

After a months-long courtship, the BuckAround is finally joined by Dave Heller, Digital Content Manager (and all around good guy) of Fox Sports Wisconsin and Fox Sports North. Dave breaks down the mechanics of covering the Badgers on a day to day basis. He outlines the mechanics of Athletics Communcations departments, where reporters get sources, and how reporters react to being lied to by team officials.  Rich and Max close the show with a discussion of the popular "reuturn of the B1G" narrative and some viewer mail surrounding punters (of course) and Max's workout regimen.  


Dave's Matt Canada Article



  • 1:15 Max's grandparents were married 75 years!!!
  • 6:00 The Buckaround's Moby Dick... Dave Heller
  • 9:15 Access to college athletes
  • 15:00 Badger coverage compared to other teams
  • 19:15 How UW administration is so good at controlling info.
  • 24:45 How does a coach lying impact media relations?
  • 27:30 How does a coach being familiar impact media relations?
  • 33:30 Narrative arcs
  • 35:30 have B1G coaches been upgraded? A retrospective
  • 56:45 Listener emails including one on Hans, Franz and Max
  • 1:03:00 Wrap up and call for predictions

Episode 68 - Way Too Early Depth Charts: Defensive and Special Teams Edition

Wrapping up what they started last week, Rich and Max take a stab at projecting the 2015 defense. They look at some of the new starters at defensive line and linebacker and agree that the secondary looks very crowded with the potential additions of Tanner McEvoy and Natrell Jamerson, but first take time to examine the significance of how the John Settle hire was rolled out.  


  • 1:30 A series of apologies
  • 4:00 How the University introduced Coach Settle
  • 12:10 The defensive line
  • 22:20 The linebackers
  • 33:00 The defensive backs
  • 44:45 Kicking and punting and returning
  • 50:00 Player acquisition, player development and player deployment... Boom.
  • 56:30 That's a wrap