Episode 244 - Week 9: Northwestern

Rich and Max wade through the existential crisis that was the Badgers 31-17 loss to Northwestern 


  • 2:00 Rich is excited about the potential of divergent thoughts on this pod

  • 4:15 The Talkaround

  • 8:00 Shoutout to the official tailgate

  • 9:45 Conclusions about Coan

  • 11:00 New or original thoughts on the defense?

  • 11:30 UR Players of the Game

  • 14:00 Ryan in Chicago on Groschek

  • 26:15 Jordan in Chicago on holding Chryst accountable

  • 36:15 Heath in Houston on how this game reflects on Hornibrook

  • 41:00 Jonathan in Madison in what happened to Anthony Lotti

  • 44:30 Marty in MKE on the future of the DL

  • 1:03:15 Is losing Cephus and Neville THAT big a deal?

  • 1:11:30 The remaining schedule

  • 1:14:00 Talking Pinstripe Bowl


Episode 232 - Still Talkin' Practice

Rich and Max have more to say about fall camp. And the sound is a little touch and go at times. Sorry peeps. 


  • 2:00 Another week to talk camp
  • 3:00 All Deron Harrell all the time
  • 8:30 Christian in Boston on Matt Henningsen and DL depth
  • 14:45 Joe in Tucson on OL recruiting
  • 23:15 Logan in Canton on not redshirting Coan in 2017
  • 36:30 Steve in Portland on Manuel’s comments
  • 48:00 The OL nickname
  • 50:30 Prop Bet hype

Episode 182 - B1G Picture: Minnesota

Rich and Max are joined by Kyle Goblirsch os Gopher247.com to preview 2017 Minnesota. Afterwards Rich and Max sift through listener mail and reexamine the Ben Bryant decommitment from a different angle.


1:45 BuckAround popping collars
3:30 Kyle Goblirsch of Gopher247 and his notes
4:00 What went into firing Claeys
8:00 When did they decide to move on?
12:00 How will Gophers replace 1st rounder Mitch Leidner?
14:00 What about WR?
20:30 Strengths and weaknesses on D?
27:15 How will 2017 play out?
28:30 What do Fleck teams look like long term?
37:15 Ryan in Ft Worth on improved recruiting at Minny and Nebraska
48:30 Adam from Barrington on the non-Conference games
52:30 Ross from Milwaukee on Orr taking a RS
54:30 Jeff in LaCrosse on the new RS proposal
57:45 Malik Zaire and Ben Bryant thoughts


Episode 170 - National Signing Day 2017 with Evan Flood

Evan Flood makes his annual pilgrimage to the BuckAround to talk about the Badgers' latest recruiting class.


  • 2:00 Let's sell some stuff... SillyYak! Eat there!
  • 3:00 Buckaround hoodies and avoiding talk of settling tee bets
  • 6:00 Welcome back Evan Flood of 24/7 for the 7th time
  • 7:15 How did Danny Davis to UW come together?
  • 8:30 The WR group compared to 2016 class
  • 12:00 How good is Jonathan Taylor?
  • 14:45 Neil in if the lack of a D.C. Impacted recruiting down the stretch
  • 16:00 Are the Badgers recruiting to a defensive #brand?
  • 19:00 Does Van Ginkel step in and start?
  • 23:30 The CB's
  • 26:00 Is the scheme helping the CB's?
  • 28:00 The Hawkeyes!
  • 28:30 Who is the class sleeper?
  • 32:00 Can Conan push to start in 2017?
  • 33:30 The path to Vanden Boom's schollie
  • 37:00 Chryst and recruiting
  • 41:15 Show Lackey Steve on low moral fiber and attrition

Episode 134 - Adventures in Monologuing

Rich hosts all by his lonesome this week, diving into the long-promised discussion of the state of Badger recruiting. He discusses hopeful signs for the future while also asking whether or not Badger fans have a improper expectations for how Wisconsin can recruit. Don't forget to send in your Northwestern questions for episode 135!


  • 1:15 The East Coast Elitist... Flying solo
  • 3:45 Talking 'Crootin
  • 5:30 Things are going well at QB
  • 10:45 Identifying targets early
  • 14:00 Not just upper Midwest prospects
  • 17:30 Is Chryst a good recruiter?
  • 23:00 How is Chryst doing this?
  • 29:45 What if Bielema wasn't a good recruiter?
  • 33:00 Wes on flattery and the geographic proliferation of the Buckaround and why non-Badger fans listen