Episode 214 - Golden Buckys: 2017 Edition

Rich and Max present the most prestigious awards show in all of sports: The Golden Buckys!


  • 1:30 Max couldn't hear Rich in the first attempt at this ep (seems ideal), but fixed now
  • 4:30 Your 2017 Golden Bucky's
  • 5:30 Most Outstanding Player M: J Taylor R: TJ Edwards 
  • 8:30 Offensive MVP M: Hornibrook R:  D Davis
  • 12:00 Deffensive MVP M: TJ Edwards R: Nelson
  • 14:00 Most Improved M: Van Ginkel R: Cephus
  • 17:00 Unsung Hero M: Sheehy R: Jamerson
  • 20:15 Biggest Underperformer M: Peavy R: Peavy
  • 21:30 Ray Ball Award Both: Rushing
  • 25:45 Freshman of the Year Both: J Taylor
  • 26:15 Future Star Both AND me: Danny MFing Davis lll
  • 29:15 Worst Game M: B1G Title Game R: Illinois
  • 32:45 Play of the Year M: Van Ginkel's picks R: AJ Taylor catch vs UM
  • 36:00 Game of the Year M: Minnesota R: Orange Bowl
  • 42:00 Coach of the Year M: Settle R: Gilmore
  • 46:00 Dave in Brookfield on meme of 2017 season
  • 50:30 Mark in Riverwoods, IL on people disrespecting Badgers
  • 59:30 Evan Flood next episode

Episode 207 - Week 11: Iowa

The Badgers turned in an all time defensive performance against the Iowa Hawkeyes in their 38-14 victory. Rich and Max try to make sense of what this means.


  • 2:00 The Dynamic Duo is back
  • 6:00 The Talkaround
  • 8:15 Was this performance surprising?
  • 12:00 The safeties
  • 16:00 The Iowa run game
  • 17:45 Is the UW front 7 THAT good?
  • 19:00 Defensive MVP of the game
  • 24:00 Journal Sentinel Jesse on Shaw running outside the tackles
  • 29:45 Who was a great RB that had such glaring deficiencies as Taylor? (Guess who brought this up?)
  • 32:45 Davis and Pryor are very good football players
  • 35:00 Hornibrook had his typical game
  • 44:45 Projecting ahead
  • 48:45 UR Player of the Game
  • 56:45 Big games in the B1G
  • 59:45 Who's gonna coach Nebraska?
  • 1:03:30 #WhyNotWisconsin
  • 1:06:00 This week's game
  • 1:10:45 Donde esta Jazz Peavy?

Episode 200 - The BuckaCentennial

Rich and Max have done this 200 times. They talk about it. Oh, and look at where the Badgers are heading into the bye week.


  • 0:45 Sweet retro intro
  • 2:30 Rich's Alexa pays excellent attention
  • 5:15 Tyler in Stevens Point on Hornibrook
  • 20:00 Newfound WR depth
  • 27:00 Ryan in Chicago on Pryor
  • 32:15 What's the deal with Peniston?
  • 35:15 Lack of Shaw and James
  • 44:00 Guys making the leap on the DL
  • 46:30 The LB's and questions on the outside
  • 49:45 The DB's
  • 51:00 Jay in The Good Land on putting things on tape
  • 54:00 Jake in Sun Prairie on perception if/when Badgers lose
  • 58:15 Steve in Portland on the Buckarounds origins

Episode 161 - Week 10 Northwestern: Lifting the Curse

For the first time in 17 years the Badgers won in Evanston. Rich and Max discuss the victory - and if that actually means anything.


  • 1:30 A boring week
  • 4:00 The Voicemails
  • 8:00 Did we learn anything
  • 9:15 WiscoBiscuits and Amanda in Madison on Shaw, Clement and movement
  • 18:45 David Edwards and the OL as a whole
  • 23:15 SacTown Andy on Chryst and the offense's lack of development
  • 26.30 The Redzone... No, not Galloway's pod. Listen to that too though
  • 30:30 Balky on the 2nd best defensive performance this year
  • 36:00 Jazz Peavy, the offenses top playmaker
  • 37:30 Paul Chryst and clock management
  • 39:30 UR Player of the Game (Connor Allen snubbed again)
  • 41:00 Max is coming to your city (if your city is Madison)
  • 46:15 Big Games in the B1G

Episode 124 - Way too Early Offensive Depth Charts 2016 Edition

It's time to start looking ahead to 2016! Rich and Max are by themselves this week and give their best guesses as to what the Badger offense will look like in the coming season. 


  • 2:00 Looking at projected 2016 offensive depth chart
  • 3:30 QB Depth Chart
  • 7:15 RB Depth Chart
  • 11:30 FB Depth Chart
  • 16:15 The fellas show a poor grasp of the BSAPM
  • 17:30 WR Depth Chart
  • 27:00 TE Depth Chart
  • 36:14 OL Depth Chart - Where there are some differences
  • 42:30 How do we feel about this offense?
  • 44:45 Who did the offense lose?

Episode 114 - Week 13 Mega Show: No Puns about Jazz, Sorry

With the game overshadowed by questions about officiating, Rich and Max delve into the chaos that was the Badgers' 13-7 loss to Northwestern. They discuss the bevy of officiating controversies in the game, the bevy (I'm liking this word today!) of turnovers by the Badgers, and the dominating performance by the defense.  They finish the show with a visit from Bizarro Max, a preview of the Minnesota game, and explore Max's Thanksgiving menu. 


InsideNU's Breakdown of the Controversial calls from Saturday


  • 2:30 It's a montage!!!
  • 6:45 Dude, Matt Millen
  • 8:00 Dare's spike
  • 9:45 The Jazz non-TD (Max isn't taking it well...)
  • 16:00 The Erickson non-TD
  • 19:00 If they wanted to win they shouldn't have turned it over 5 times
  • 24:30 The Badgers gave up 3 TD's at Camp Randall... And lost twice
  • 27:15 Attempting to make sense of RB usage
  • 29:30 Clement's promising post game comment
  • 30:30 Who did the bye week benefit?
  • 32:15 Yet another is this OL good conversation
  • 37:00 If we had listened to Rich earlier maybe we could have saved Ray Ball...
  • 41:30 Who's gonna take over at LT?
  • 43:00 UR Players of the Game
  • 45:00 Bizarro Max and Iowa talk
  • 54:30 It's Axe Week
  • 1:05:30 We lied... We're not changing the intro.
  • 1:06:15 Max's Turkey Day menu... Featuring scalloped oysters

Episode 109 - Week 9 Preview: Rutgers and the B1G (bad) West

With Badger football fans abuzz with talk of a budding quarterback controversy, Rich and Max share their perspective but not before previewing "Rich's Iowa" (a.k.a Rutgers), look at how the team compensates for the loss of Dan Voltz and Rob Wheelwright, and deal with some misconceptions about the "disaster" that was Gary Andersen. Finally, they close the show looking at the potential dearth of bowl teams from the B1G West.


  • 1:00 Welcome to Rich's Iowa
  • 4:00 Rutgers Al isn't Rutgers Al
  • 5:45 Talking the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers
  • 10:00 The Rutgers QB situation
  • 12:00 The worst defense in the B1G
  • 14:00 Could the Badgers score 40?!?
  • 16:30 What do the Badgers do without Wheelwright?
  • 22:00 The MASH unit that is the OL
  • 25:45 WiscoBiscuits wants to talk Stave vs Houston
  • 30:15 Travis wants to talk lack of playmakers
  • 38:45 Big games in the B1G
  • 49:15 Prediction time

Episode 105 - Week 7 MEGA Show. Nebraska wrap (and 3 minutes of Purdue Preview)

With Max off this week celebrating his nuptials, Rich runs the roost with a VERY special guest host that long time listeners should know (and fear). They talk about the resurgence of Joel Stave, Paul Chryst's game management, Rafael Gaglianone's inconsistent but ultimately triumphant day in Lincoln.


  • 2:00 Welcome Skinlamp Nate to the pod!
  • 3:00 Let's talk Stave... Is he better?
  • 10:00 Are the WR's any good?
  • 18:15 Jazzed about Peavy?
  • 19:15 Are the Badgers a passing team now? (Spoiler... NO!)
  • 27:30 Thoughts on Jafa and 2 pods per week
  • 31:30 ANOTHER solid performance by the defense
  • 36:45 UR player of the game
  • 42:30 "Want to know something interesting about Purdue?"
  • 44:15 Are the Badgers better off finishing 2nd in the West this year?
  • 49:00 Tune in next week to hear all about Iowa, Northern Illinois and Darius Hillary!

Episode 101 Week 4 Review: Hawaii - J Leman is Coming for your Soul!

Wrapping up non-conference play, Rich and Max review the Badgers' convincing 28-0 win over the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii. They discuss the dominant performance of the defense, the solid effort in the ground game, and he up and down afternoon through the air. Let be honest here. This is all just a prelude for Max to lose his mind in the Iowa preview in episode 102.


  • 2:00 Meetup with Max near Camp Randall
  • 5:45 Recapping Hawaii
  • 6:15 A look at the secondary
  • 15:00 Not much to discuss with the front 7... Which is a good thing
  • 16:15 A look into the future at LB
  • 18:30 The inverted wishbone is back!!
  • 21:00 Rich has concerns
  • 23:30 Alec Ingold means 4 years of Northern Illinois references
  • 26:15 The OL looks better
  • 29:15 Talking about the throw game
  • 40:00 Jazz' hands on punt returns
  • 45:00 J Leman stares into your soul
  • 46:00 Drew Meyer and the Shanks (album coming to stores soon)
  • 49:00 UR player of the game
  • 51:15 Were there big games in the B1G?

Episode 97 - Week 2: Miami Scoring Machine

The Badgers rebounded from the defeat in Dallas to pulverize the Miami Redhawks. Rich and Max talk about the dominating defensive display, things to like about the passing game, and what they took from the up and down day on the ground.


  • 2:00 Max is a homer... But for who? Badgers? Hawkeyes? Huskies?
  • 7:30 58-0 provides a lot to talk about
  • 9:30 The defense was really good
  • 15:30 Schobert > Biegel
  • 19:00 Is McEvoy good at safety?
  • 22:45 McEvoy at QB, will that be a thing?
  • 27:00 Special teams have been... Special
  • 31:15 In case you hadn't heard Arkansas lost to a MAC contender
  • 32:15 They're not gonna break the seal on Penniston
  • 34:00 The throw game
  • 44:30 Let's talk about the bad stuff... O Line
  • 52:15 UR players of the game
  • 57:45 Big games in the B-1-G
  • 1:06:30 The B1G... Hey, it doesn't look like crap

Episode 72 - Media Relations

After taking a week off (OK, a week and a half!) Rich and Max return to discuss the latest developments in spring practice.  They look at the depth at running back, the questions at wide receiver, and the pronunciation of Alex Hornibrook's name.  They close the show with Rich's theory on why the Badgers have had such a "quiet" spring.



  • 2:00 Maxwell Brusky: Podcast Superstar
  • 5:30 Spring practice... Just kidding. It's rambling. Mikey Dudek is the new Iowa.
  • 9:30 We are #TeamDare and other RB talk.
  • 16:15 Alex Hornibrook is strong out the gate.
  • 20:45 Weekly (semi-weekly) McEvoy talk and the WR's.
  • 26:00 Sojourn Shelton rebounds.
  • 29:10 Paul Chryst is NOT a quote machine.
  • 40:30 Good night.

Episode 17 - Spring Practice: The Long Goodbye

After battling technical difficulties for a week, Rich & Max come out firing on all cylinders.  Max expresses his distaste for the selection of B1G night games by ESPN and the Big Ten Network before they grade out the spring (literally!) and Rich identifies where Badgers go to watch their football career die.


Episode 16 - Badgers Spring Game with Jesse Temple

Fresh off the Spring Game, Rich and Max are joined by Fox Sports Wisconsin's Jesse Temple who discusses Saturday's game and Spring Practice as a whole.  They talk the quarterback race, the complexion of the defense, and Max's ability to fit into 10 year old clothes.