Episode 235 - Wrapping up Camp with Jesse Temple

Rich and Max enter game week with the beat writer's perspective from Jesse Temple


  • 1:30 It’s game week
  • 3:30 Welcome back Jesse Temple if The Athletic
  • 4:15 Has Hornibrook progressed?
  • 9:15 Dunn & Krumholz and their potential impact
  • 12:30 Talk about Cruikshank
  • 14:45 Danny in Stalis (sp) on other WR’s who could make an impact
  • 17:00 How will the carries shake out behind Taylor?
  • 19:45 Who wins out at LT?
  • 21:15 Should Badgers fans be concerned about the DL?
  • 26:00 How many snaps can Olive play?
  • 27:30 Where forth art thou Xander Neuville?
  • 29:30 Guessing Jake Ferguson’s stat line
  • 31:15 The OLB’s are a strength
  • 34:15 DCW and the rest of the CB’s
  • 39:45 Dave in Brookfield on why the Badgers might not win the B1G West
  • 42:00 How will the new redshirt rule play out?
  • 44:45 What’s their record?!?
  • 50:00 Hawkeye Around
  • 55:00 Last call for prop bet submissions

Episode 150 - 2016 Badger Fall Camp Wrap Up with Jesse Temple

Jesse Temple returns to the BuckAround to discuss the Badgers as they head into the season opener with LSU. 


2:00 Two guys in their pajamas eating buttered fish
4:30 Welcome back Jesse Temple of ESPN
4:45 Was the QB race as close as we think?
6:45 Can Houston match Stave's first year?
8:45 Will Hornibrook play vs LSU?
10:15 Comparing Bart and Alex
12:15 Corey's Sr year
14:00 Are the RB's as a whole improved?
15:30 The OL will be improved?
18:30 The WR depth
21:00 The LB's will be a strength
25:15 Breakout candidates
26:30 Special Teams
28:45 Will this Badger team make a bowl?
31:00 Jesse wrote a book! Rich read it! Max ate buttered fish!
33:30 What Jesse learned
36:45 Wisconsin is a boxing school
41:45 Confidence levels


Episode 93 - B1G Picture: Alabama

The season is finally here! Heading into the opener, Rich and Max are joined by Drew DeArmond to break down Saturday's matchup in Dallas. Drew discuses Alabama's major issues at quarterback, the strength of the Alabama defensive front, and who will catch passes with the departure of Amari Cooper. 


  • 1:30 Congrats to friend of the show Jesse Temple on his new gig
  • 4:45 It's game week!!!!
  • 5:15 Welcome Drew DeArmond to the show
  • 7:30 How do Alabama fans see this game?
  • 10:45 What does Alabama want out of their QB this year?
  • 13:15 How will Bama's WR's look this year without Amari Cooper?
  • 16:15 What is OJ Howard's role?
  • 18:45 What makes Bama's DL so special? (Hint: the 9 NFL prospects)
  • 22:00 Is the news better for Badger fans at LB? (Spoiler: Nope)
  • 25:15 So maybe there's weaknesses in the secondary?
  • 29:00 Where are the biggest advantage and disadvantage for Alabama?
  • 31:30 How have the Alabama QB's done protecting the ball in practice?
  • 34:15 Prediction time
  • 40:15 New BuckAround format

Episode 77 - B1G Picture: Rutgers

Rich and Max officially kick off the B1G Picture series with a discussion of Rutgers football with Dan Duggan of NJ.com. Dan breaks down the quarterback battle, the depth concerns on defense, and what Rutgers can be as a football team in 2015 and beyond.  Rich and Max close the show discussing the latest in Badgers recruiting, read some listener mail, and lament the loss of Jesse Temple on the Badger football beat.  


  • 1:15 Sargent Major Max
  • 2:45 The Revenge of Dan Duggan
  • 3:20 2014 Rutgers Recap
  • 4:30 The tale of Jeff Towers
  • 6:30 The Ralph Friedgen situation
  • 10:30 Who's gonna be the QB?
  • 13:00 And who will they throw to?
  • 15:00 The RB's will be a strength
  • 19:00 The OL has questions
  • 20:30 The DL has some stars and some issues.
  • 23:00 The LB's lack depth
  • 24:30 What's left in the secondary?
  • 26:00 2015 and beyond
  • 31:45 Rutgers place in the B1G
  • 34:45 Rich and Max talk about Rutgers behind Dan's back.
  • 38:30 The sky is falling 
  • 51:45 Breaking... Listeners love shoutouts
  • 53:15 Bold prediction feedback
  • 1:02:00 Jesse Temple is leaving Fox Sports Wisconsin

Episode 62 - 2014 Retrospective with Jesse Temple

With the dust finally starting to settle surrounding the coaching change, Rich and Max catch up with official Friend of the Show (his words, not ours) Jesse Temple to reflect on the 2014 season.  Jesse gives his thoughts on the staff's handling of the quarterback situation, why Rich was so wrong about Marcus Trotter place in Dave Aranda's defense, and of course no visit from Jesse is complete without some fashion talk.  There is something for everyone!


  • 2:20 What do we call Jesse Temple?
  • 4:50 Please welcome the incomparable Jesse Temple
  • 5:30 Melvin Gordon is an honest guy
  • 9:00 Who surprised?
  • 13:10 Who underachieved?
  • 15:00 Did this year have more weird storylines than usual?
  • 18:35 Did the handling of the QB set the team back?
  • 25:30 What allowed Trotter to thrive in Aranda's system?
  • 27:15 What happened to the freshmen WR's?
  • 30:00 Was the staff surprised by the scrutiny?
  • 31:45 Did the coach and media dynamic change after the LSU game?
  • 34:20 In hindsight did you see red flags prior to Andersen's exit?
  • 36:45 Summing up the 2014 season and the Andersen era
  • 41:00 Is there a difference in the media coverage of Paul Chryst?
  • 43:40 Listener question... Yep, just one
  • 48:45 Recapping Jesse's predictions
  • 55:00 Good night everybody

Episode 35 - Fall Camp Fashion Show with Jesse Temple

Jesse Temple makes his long awaited return to the BuckAround to break down the details of fall camp.  Rich and Max ask about the emergence of the freshmen at wide receiver, depth at the linebacker position, bask in Rich's brilliant and unwavering support of Reggie Love as a viable receiving option for the Badgers (guess who writes this), and even learn Jesse's secrets to being the most well dressed writer on the Wisconsin football beat.  


Episode 16 - Badgers Spring Game with Jesse Temple

Fresh off the Spring Game, Rich and Max are joined by Fox Sports Wisconsin's Jesse Temple who discusses Saturday's game and Spring Practice as a whole.  They talk the quarterback race, the complexion of the defense, and Max's ability to fit into 10 year old clothes.