Episode 205.1 - Talking Offensively about the Offensive Line

Max is joined by F.O.T.S. Jon from Madison to break down the play of the Badger offensive line thus far.  LOOK FOR OUR ILLINOIS BREAKDOWN LATER THIS WEEK.


  • 2:15 Welcome back Jon from Madison
  • 3:00 David Edwards
  • 6:00 Tyler Biadasz
  • 9:15 What are the keys to getting off the line?
  • 12:30 What goes wrong when pass protection breaks down?
  • 16:30 Is a healthy Dietzen the best option at LG?
  • 19:30 Is the line not getting off double teams quick enough?
  • 23:30 How will the line hold up with the best D Lines on the schedule coming up?
  • 28:00 Awkward pauses, youth football and behind the scenes with soccer player Max (since REDACTED)

Episode 132 - BuckAround Film Room: Offensive Line Redux?

Rich and Max are joined by the "famous" Jon from Minneapolis who dissects the offensive line post spring game. He looks the hype surrounding Ryan Ramczyk, the future of Dan Voltz, and what to make of the right side of the offensive line.  They close the show discussing satellite camps and televisions deals. 


  • 3:00 An examination of Max's Twitter
  • 7:45 Welcome back John from Minneapolis... Soon to be Madison
  • 9:30 Is Ryan Ramczyk the real deal?
  • 13:00 Who else impressed during the spring game?
  • 14:45 Dan Voltz, where does he fit on this OL?
  • 18:15 What does Voltz's return mean for Dietzen?
  • 20:40 How will the backups shake out?
  • 23:00 What about right tackle?
  • 26:45 What to make of Kevin Estes?
  • 28:45 Is the OL going to be more like what Badgers fans are accustomed to?
  • 31:15 How close is the offense to returning to what Chryst wants to run?
  • 33:00 A look at the TEs
  • 38:30 Tookey Monster on satellite camps
  • 47:45 Travis from St Louis on the B1G signing with Fox

Episode 121 - Getting Offensive About the Offensive Line

Getting into the home stretch of their 2015 wrap up, Rich and Max are joined by long time listener Jon from Minneapolis to discuss the Badger offensive line from 2015. HE bring his background as a player and coach to break down their scheme, technique and condition. Rich and Max also carve out a few minutes before his appearance to talk about the emergence of Tim Tibesar as the leading candidate for the Wisconsin defensive coordinator job before finding out at the end of the show it may well end up being Justin Wilcox. 


  • 1:45 We want to hear from our listeners... We miss you
  • 3:15 Tibesar leading the DC search?
  • 10:30 Stop with the Bostad
  • 16:30 The world renowned Jon from Minneapolis
  • 18:00 What changed from the Andersen regime to the Chryst regime?
  • 21:00 Did Voltz and Marz plateau this year?
  • 24:30 Marz compared to recent LT's
  • 27:15 Grading Dieter vs Voltz
  • 29:15 Is the C position in good hands with Dieter?
  • 31:30 Thoughts on Jacob Maxwell
  • 34:45 A look at Walker Williams
  • 37:00 Micah Kapoi's upside
  • 38:30 How does the logjam in the interior shakeout in '16?
  • 40:30 How did the strength and conditioning impact the Badgers in '15?
  • 42:45 How much of the OL's struggle was due to the RB's?
  • 44:00 MGIII's NFL struggles
  • 44:45 Did Dare actually improve?
  • 46:15 TE usage
  • 51:00 Justin Wilcox leading the DC search?