Episode 218 - Spring Practice Preview 2018: The Paul Jackson Hour

Rich and Max look at what can be learned about the Badgers as they head into another spring practice.


  • 1:30 The biggest of Rich's many podcast mistakes
  • 4:45 Into the Paul Jackson weeds
  • 9:15 The players NOT participating
  • 12:00 Missing from the roster
  • 14:00 Weight changes
  • 18:00 The freshman
  • 21:30 Things to watch in spring
  • 22:00 Taiwan Deal
  • 23:30 Cornerback... wherein Faion Hicks may be the new Hillary
  • 26:45 How TE shakes out
  • 27:45 The DL
  • 30:15 Seperating Hornibrook and Coan
  • 35:00 Listener questions
  • 35:15 Adam in Kenosha on FR playing early
  • 36:30 Matt in MKE on surprise starters
  • 39:00 Ryan in Chicago on Bell moving to DE
  • 42:00 Thanks to Eric. HTML scraper extraordinaire

Episode 64 - January Potpourri

With Signing Day just around the corner, Rich and Max take a look at Chryst's first few weeks as a recruiter in Madison, what Gary Andersen and Sam Madden's comments about Wisconsin academic standards mean in the bigger picture, and finally - FINALLY - close out the 2014 season with the 2014 Golden Bucky awards.  


Sam Madden Article on Maize N Brew

Gary Andersen Discusses Wisconsin's Academic Standards


  • 1:30 Too much to talk about.
  • 9:30 What have we seen from Chryst the recruiter?
  • 21:30 A reader email about Gary Anderson.
  • 25:00 Academics, admissions and Sam Madden.
  • 34:20 Put your tuxes on! It's the Golden Bucky's!!!
  • 35:35 Overall MVP: spoiler... It's MELVIN!!!
  • 36:25 Offensive MVP: where Rich is wrong (Alex Erickson) and says someone besides MELVIN.
  • 38:15 Defensive MVP: Warren Herring
  • 39:55 Unsung Hero: Sam Arneson
  • 41:50 Biggest Disappointment: Rich has Love. Max has Shelton
  • 44:35 Freshman of the Year: Fumigalli for Max and Obasih for Rich
  • 46:00 Offensive Future Star: where Rich (picking George Rushing) mocks Max for the correct answer (Clement).
  • 48:00 Defensive Future Star: Figaro for Max and Sheehy for Rich
  • 50:20 Worst Game: LSU for Max and Northwestern for Rich
  • 53:50 Best Game: it's Auburn
  • 56:00 Play of the Year: Max says Love's jet sweep vs LSU but Rich says MELVIN on 4th and 1 vs Auburn
  • 58:30 That's a wrap on 2014