Episode 201 - Week 5: Northwestern

Rich and Max discuss the Badgers' enigmatic 33-24 win over Northwestern.


  • 1:30 The Badgers. They don't look like they suck.
  • 4:15 The tailgate
  • 9:15 The Talkaround
  • 12:30 A weird game
  • 20:00 Was Justin Jackson hurt?
  • 21:00 The DB's are good
  • 24:45 cutting Hornibrook some slack
  • 31:00 Scoreboard Bryn on Stave as this year's QB
  • 35:15 The running game... NOT GREAT BOB!!!
  • 40:15 UR Players of the Game
  • 44:45 Big games in the B1G
  • 54:00 Looking towards Lincoln

Episode 194 - Fall Camp Wrap up with Jesse Temple

Rich and Max discuss the state of the Badgers with Jesse Temple of Landof10.com.


  • 2:00 Enter the Buckaround props
  • 5:30 Welcome back Jesse Temple of Landof10.com
  • 6:15 Are the Badgers the most boring team of the last decade to study?
  • 9:15 Jesse's sense of the team in a post-two a day world
  • 11:30 Rich passes off Schaff's Hornibrook O/U's as a fake line
  • 13:45 Handicapping the backup QB race
  • 17:45 Did Deal really have a chance to start?
  • 20:00 Where do Ibrahim and Taylor fit?
  • 21:30 Is the O Line worth the hype?
  • 24:30 Is Cepheus > Wheelwright?
  • 27:00 How will the D Line shake out?
  • 31:15 Is there something interesting at LB?
  • 35:15 The Nickel Back race
  • 36:45 No chance of a 3 Safety set?
  • 37:45 Breakout freshman?
  • 39:15 Shocker... Rich wants to know what could go wrong?
  • 43:00 Request for bold predictions

Episode 191 - Fall Camp Grab Bag

Rich and Max talk about the latest developments in camp plus answer some listener mail


  • 2:00 Paul Chryst's boring monolith
  • 3:45 The guys got to... at least talk about... camp
  • 5:15 Running Backs
  • 11:00 Leon Jacobs likes to work out
  • 16:00 Tom on the train on keys to success/failure
  • 25:00 Ben in Chicago on underperformance
  • 31:00 Ballky in SLC on All Badger Team and 
  • 36:30 Brian in Ogg on Twilight starring Barry Alvarez
  • 47:45 Upcoming schedule

Episode 178 - Spring Game Reflections with John Veldhuis

John Veldhuis of Badger Blitz joins the podcast to give his thoughts on Wisconsin's 2017 spring practice. 


  • 3:15 A shoutout to the sponsors
  • 8:45 Welcome back John Veldhuis of Badger Blitz
  • 9:30 What season of Tolzien is 2017 Hornibrook?
  • 15:30 Who is backup QB?
  • 22:15 Is James just a 3rd down back?
  • 26:00 Will Biadasz force the OL to be shifted?
  • 34:00 Cephus and the rest of the WR core
  • 39:45 How much more will Fumigali be involved?
  • 43:00 The DL rotation
  • 47:30 How are all the LB's gonna play?
  • 55:45 What's going on with Rich's favorite band... Nickelback
  • 58:45 Grant from Monona on someone taking a step forward
  • 1:02:45 Differences in DC coaching styles
  • 1:06:45 Who's returning kicks?
  • 1:08:15 Chryst hates the spring game and Rich has a solve
  • 1:13:00 Max is excited about this team
  • 1:17:30 Paul from Madison

Episode 177 - Spring Game Preview

Rich and Max prepare for the final practice of the spring and discuss what they're excited to watch for before the long, quiet summer arrives.


  • 2:00 Tax talk... if only Max knew a good tax accountant
  • 9:30 Rich resolves to be positive this episode
  • 11:00 How Will Sam Brodner look?
  • 12:15 Rich wants to see Tyler Biadasz 
  • 15:15 Max wants to see 5 WR sets
  • 17:45 Ty from Nashville on Fullbacks, where Max talks Ingold w/out mentioning NIU
  • 20:45 How will Jacobs look at OLB?
  • 21:45 PROP Over/Under Jacobs sacks? More carries Ingold or Ramesh?
  • 22:15 Which DB's are out there a lot?
  • 23:15 Ryan from Chicago on Farrar's role
  • 26:00 Who's backup NT?
  • 28:00 How does Hornibrook look?
  • 30:00 Let's talk Loudermilk
  • 32:30 The backup QB's
  • 35:45 Rich can't hold back the negativity
  • 37:00 Why do the spring game at 6:30 on a Friday?!?
  • 39:45 Brian from Middleton asks Rich and Max if something is cool
  • 45:00 PROP Heller's mentions of Patterson
  • 48:45 Rich is Jon Favreau in Swingers
  • 54:15 Paul from Madison

Episode 176 - All Quiet on the Spring Practice Front

Rich and Max discuss the latest developments of spring practice and reflect on the implications of the failed effort to lure transfer Malik Zaire. 


  • 3:00 Getting shooshed
  • 5:00 The opposite of Total Recall
  • 6:45 Ty from TN on the LB's
  • 16:00 Kyle still has no bumper sticker?!?
  • 19:45 Taylor from Lincoln, NE on this is how it's SUPPOSED to be
  • 26:30 TE usage
  • 29:00 BuckAround Recommendations
  • 37:15 Paul from Madison

Episode 173 - Way Too Early 2017 Depth Charts: Defensive Edition

Rich and Max project the starting defense for 2017, answer listener mail, and discuss the hiring of Bob Bostad as OLB coach.


  • 3:00 Larry the Cable Guy ain't walking through that door
  • 6:00 JS Jesse on is Beau Benzschawel good?
  • 10:45 Ben in Chicago on Buckaround meetup and the RB's and Danny Davis
  • 17:45 Bostad is back
  • 21:00 Is Rich Anti Canada?
  • 28:00 Returning defenders with the most games played
  • 32:15 The DL
  • 36:15 The DB's
  • 46:45 LB's
  • 59:00 Rich serenades the listeners
  • 1:00:00 They actually have a little depth and should be good
  • 1:01:45 Email 5 things you want to see in the best possible spring practice

Episode 151 - Week 1 LSU Review: Everyone Must Chill (Again)

Rich and Max review the Badgers thrilling victory over LSU as well as the bigger games in conference and carve out some time to talk about Kirk Ferentz's new contract at Iowa


1:30 Rich is Joan Rivers
5:30 The Voicemails
9:15 Wisconsin's defense was VERY good
11:00 Who surprised on D?
16:45 The LB's (Speedy recovery to Orr)
19:00 The Offensive Line
25:15 Are the WR's just some guys?
29:15 Tyler on Houston vs Stave and Mental vs Physical errors
36:30 How big of a win was this?
39:45 Season expectations
45:30 UR Player of the Game
50:00 There were other B1G games


Episode 131 - Spring Practice Wrap

With the Badger spring practice coming to a close Rich and Max take stock of what they've seen from the team over the past month plus. They look at areas that have impressed as well as places they feel the team still has question marks before closing the show with a listener question comparing the 2016 offense with Chryst offenses from 2009-10. 


  • 1:30 Skin care and lawn mowing
  • 6:30 Impressed by the depth
  • 9:30 Max arrives at Camp Randall
  • 11:45 Highlighting a concern at NT
  • 14:30 Let's talk QB's
  • 21:00 Corey Clement is ready to go
  • 21:30 Max tries to derail the pod with Iowa talk
  • 24:30 Leon Jacobs and others who may need a new position
  • 28:00 The third string QB probably isn't Bobby Dunn
  • 30:00 A look at the pass catchers
  • 31:30 Rich Rich knows who Reggie Love is (the guy in the poster on his wall)
  • 36:30 Free Safety... Why hasn't Farrar seized this opportunity
  • 43:15 Jake from Sun Prairie on Chryst trying to recreate 2010
  • 52:00 A TE fight breaks out
  • 55:00 How many questions did spring practice answer
  • 1:02:00 Brin from the Scoreboard on seeing people in BuckAround shirts.

Episode 129 - Spring Practice Update with John Veldhuis

Rich and Max are joined for the first time by John Veldhuis of BadgerBlitz.com. John gives an update on spring practice to date including his analysis of the quarterback race, the progression of the offensive line, and what the defense will look like under Justin Wilcox. 


  • 2:45 The Buckaround is back... And ready to talk NIU football
  • 5:30 Welcome John Veldhuis of BadgerBlitz.com
  • 6:45 How are QB's looking?
  • 10:00 Why is Houston the favorite?
  • 12:00 Are either of them better than Stave? Will they be in the future?
  • 17:00 Who is the third string QB?
  • 20:00 What to make of Taiwan Deal?
  • 23:30 Will Dare be the third down back?
  • 25:30 Leon Jacobs... FB?
  • 30:30 Define legitimate and the depth at WR
  • 36:30 Anything of note (aka noteworthy) at TE?
  • 37:45 Back to "normal" at OL?
  • 40:00 How deep will the DL go?
  • 50:45 How will Wilcox's D compare to Aranda's?
  • 52:00 Is TJ Watt a difference maker?
  • 57:00 Who will replace Hillary? Is that even possible?
  • 1:04:45 China Bob wants to talk Titus Booker
  • 1:07:00 Who will return punts?
  • 1:11:30 We're caught up

Episode 124 - Way too Early Offensive Depth Charts 2016 Edition

It's time to start looking ahead to 2016! Rich and Max are by themselves this week and give their best guesses as to what the Badger offense will look like in the coming season. 


  • 2:00 Looking at projected 2016 offensive depth chart
  • 3:30 QB Depth Chart
  • 7:15 RB Depth Chart
  • 11:30 FB Depth Chart
  • 16:15 The fellas show a poor grasp of the BSAPM
  • 17:30 WR Depth Chart
  • 27:00 TE Depth Chart
  • 36:14 OL Depth Chart - Where there are some differences
  • 42:30 How do we feel about this offense?
  • 44:45 Who did the offense lose?

Episode 95 - Week 1 Alabama Review: Quest for...Fun?

Fresh off the season opener, Rich and Max delve into the finer points of the Badgers 35-17 loss in Dallas to the Crimson Tide of Alabama. They discuss the anemic Badger ground game, how optimistic they think fans should be about the passing game,  and where to look for improvement in the ground game.  


  • 1:00 Good... Morning?!?
  • 5:00 General reactions to the D
  • 21:15 What do you do with McEvoy?
  • 25:00 A Tale of Two Halves... The Joel Stave story
  • 30:00 Taiwan Deal and his arms
  • 32:00 Do you feel good about the OL?
  • 36:00 The WR's look like WR's
  • 38:30 Under the Radar Players of the Game aka UR Players of the Game
  • 48:00 The Big Games in the B-1-G
  • 1:00:30 Takeaways

Episode 79 - Spring Scouting Report with Space Coyote

Making his 3rd appearance on the show, Logan Larson (a.k.a. Space Coyote) returns to the podcast to dissect the Badger spring game. He handicaps the backup quarterback race, evaluates the talent available at wide receiver, has high hopes for the defensive line and explains why Leon Jacobs is one of his breakout stars for 2015. All the while fending off Max's best efforts to turn this podcast into a preview of Illinois. 


  • 1:30 It's all Badgers tonight
  • 6:00 Making his THIRD appearance... Logan Larson aka the Space Coyote
  • 7:00 All B1G breakout team starting... Wait for it... Joel Stave
  • 12:00 The competition for the backup QB
  • 19:45 What's the Deal with Taiwan?
  • 24:45 Some surprise standouts on the OL
  • 30:15 Are UW WR's going to be awful?
  • 32:10 TE's appear solid
  • 33:45 Is the DL the most improved unit on the defense?
  • 37:45 Let's talk about Leon Jacobs... A lot.
  • 46:20 Will the defense perform better against top offenses?
  • 55:00 Where for art thou Austin Kafentzis? (spoiler: it's Nevada)

Episode 69 - Spring Practice Preview

Basketball? Who needs basketball! Rich and Max ring in the beginning of spring practice with their thoughts on what can be learned about the team over the next month. The look at the myriad of questions on offense, where there are concerns on defense and manage to talk about Iowa nine times over the course of the episode. Spring practive primers: "There are many like it, but this one is ours!"


  • 1:44 Iowa geography and outdated discussions of The Bachelor
  • 3:16 Buckaround's spring coverage is different
  • 5:36 Let's talk about Tanner McEvoy. He's fast enough, he's big enough and gosh darn it people like him (at other positions).
  • 12:46 Quarterbacks, a competition? Who's number 2?
  • 18:46 WR's development
  • 22:45 Who will step up on OL? Max sneaks in Iowa discussion.
  • 27:41 Let's talk defense. inside LB's, Jeremy Patterson and the secondary.
  • 34:20 PUNTERS!!!
  • 39:55 Slot WR Can Jazz Peavy be this year's Rob Wheelwright (have more than one catch)?
  • 41:30 Closing thoughts

Episode 68 - Way Too Early Depth Charts: Defensive and Special Teams Edition

Wrapping up what they started last week, Rich and Max take a stab at projecting the 2015 defense. They look at some of the new starters at defensive line and linebacker and agree that the secondary looks very crowded with the potential additions of Tanner McEvoy and Natrell Jamerson, but first take time to examine the significance of how the John Settle hire was rolled out.  


  • 1:30 A series of apologies
  • 4:00 How the University introduced Coach Settle
  • 12:10 The defensive line
  • 22:20 The linebackers
  • 33:00 The defensive backs
  • 44:45 Kicking and punting and returning
  • 50:00 Player acquisition, player development and player deployment... Boom.
  • 56:30 That's a wrap

Episode 48 - The Xs & Os of the Badgers Defense with Space Coyote

With Rich rolling solo this week,  Logan Larson - better known as the Space Coyote - makes his long awaited second appearance on the BuckAround to examine the Badgers on the defensive side of the ball.  He focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of a youthful but athletic defensive line, how the Badgers compensate for a lot of smaller bodies playing at linebacker, and whether or not we are being fair in saying Sojourn Shelton has had a disappointing year thus far.  Logan's first visit over the summer was one of the most popular and his return will not disappoint.


Episode 47 - Week 7: A Not So Convincing Win Over Illinois

Despite rebounding with a solid 38-24 win over the Illini, Rich and Max delve into what was a far from perfect performance from the Badgers.  They examine the use of Tanner McEvoy and Joel Stave at quarterback, Sojourn Shelton's rough afternoon, and the breakout performance of Leon Jacobs.  Despite all this they even find time to have an impromptu business meeting before closing out the show.  


Episode 8 - Way too Early Depth Chart - Defensive and Special Teams Edition

After breaking down the offense last week, Max and Rich delve into the far more uncertain defense, explore the options at kicker, and Rich struggles to pronounce 'Serge Trezy' while Max's references to 80's movie franchises make us both sound old.