Episode 163 - Week 12 Purdue: Let's Try and Make this Interesting

Rich and Max attempt to take a novel approach to analysis after the Badgers 2nd overmatched opponent in a row. 


  • 2:00 Rich is fatigued
  • 7:00 Ross Ade Stadium... Max somehow ties this to Iowa
  • 8:45 Why did the Badgers start slow?
  • 15:45 Is Bradrick Shaw fast?
  • 17:45 Is Wheelwright just a guy?
  • 19:15 Is Figaro playing too much?
  • 23:30 What UW defensive plays rival Watt's pick six?
  • 26:30 UR Player of the Game (Connor Allen?!?)
  • 30:00 Game Notes Trivia
  • 32:00 Who is 2nd on the team in sacks?
  • 34:15 Does 2015 or 2016 defense have more sacks/game?
  • 35:15 Who's 3rd on team in tackles?
  • 38:30 Do top 3 receivers have more Rec/Game in 2015 or 2016?
  • 42:00 What is Hornibrook's QB rating? Houston's?
  • 44:00 What RB has the highest YPC?
  • 45:45 PJ Rosowski's touchback percentage?
  • 48:00 Big games in the B1G
  • 55:30 PLAYOFFS?!?
  • 58:00 Listen to Podcast Ain't Played Nobody Wednesday as Rich chose topic

Episode 122 - The Golden Buckys: 2015 Edition

The end of 2015 - from a BuckAround perspective - is here. Rich and Max hand out their post season awards and close the book on the season that was, but not until they reveal the results of the prop bet competition with friend of the show Andy Schaaf and discuss possible reasons behind the mysteriously quiet (and long!) search for a new defensive coordinator


  • 1:30 Putting 2015 in the rear view
  • 5:00 Recapping the Over/Unders with the illustrious Amos Schaff
  • 16:15 Host Over/Under champ? Max
  • 19:00 WHY is there no DC yet?
  • 21:45 The Golden Buckys
  • 23:15 MOP: Ray Ball... Just kidding it's Schobert
  • 25:15 Offensive MVP: Rich: Dare Max: Erickson
  • 29:00 Defensive MVP: Rich: McEvoy Max:Caputo
  • 32:15 Unsung Hero: Obasih
  • 34:30 Freshman of the Year: TJ Edwards
  • 37:45 Future Star, Offense: Rich Benzschawel Max: Ingold (NIU bias)
  • 39:15 Future Star, Defense Rich: Sagapolu & Dixon Max: Jamerson
  • 43:00 Biggest Disappointment: Rich: Figaro Max: Clement
  • 45:00 Worst Game: Rich: Iowestern Max: Northwa
  • 45:45 Play of the Year: Rich: Wheelwright one hander Max: Rafa's 2nd chance FG
  • 49:30 Game of the Year: USC
  • 51:45 Coach of the Year Rich: Gilmore Max: Aranda
  • 56:00 The end of the #questforfun

Episode 100 - Week 4 Preview: Hawaii a.k.a. Have we Really Done this 100 Times?!

100 Episode? 100 EPISODES!! Rich and Max ring in triple digits with a look ahead to the Badger's final non-conference matchup with Hawaii. They discuss what Norm Chow's team brings to the game, the apparent move of Lubern Figaro from safety to cornerback, shifting Caleb Kinlaw to defense (whoops, recorded this before it was announced), and how the B1G conference schedule is downright awful this week.  Finally they close the show with some listener reactions to last week's Michigan State discussion before a major show announcement in celebration of episode 100.



  • 2:15 Max's special relationship with Hawaii
  • 4:45 Talking Rainbow Warriors
  • 9:45 Will Clement play and allow an honest look at the O Line?
  • 11:00 Where will Walker Williams line up?
  • 12:30 The tale of Figaro
  • 15:00 The future at safety is not Farrar away
  • 17:00 The topic where Rich is wrong the fastest... Caleb Kinlaw
  • 21:00 Big games?!? In the B1G
  • 26:00 Feedback on Sparty vs Bucky
  • 41:30 The most authentic coach in college football
  • 44:30 The Buckaround gives back

Episode 97 - Week 2: Miami Scoring Machine

The Badgers rebounded from the defeat in Dallas to pulverize the Miami Redhawks. Rich and Max talk about the dominating defensive display, things to like about the passing game, and what they took from the up and down day on the ground.


  • 2:00 Max is a homer... But for who? Badgers? Hawkeyes? Huskies?
  • 7:30 58-0 provides a lot to talk about
  • 9:30 The defense was really good
  • 15:30 Schobert > Biegel
  • 19:00 Is McEvoy good at safety?
  • 22:45 McEvoy at QB, will that be a thing?
  • 27:00 Special teams have been... Special
  • 31:15 In case you hadn't heard Arkansas lost to a MAC contender
  • 32:15 They're not gonna break the seal on Penniston
  • 34:00 The throw game
  • 44:30 Let's talk about the bad stuff... O Line
  • 52:15 UR players of the game
  • 57:45 Big games in the B-1-G
  • 1:06:30 The B1G... Hey, it doesn't look like crap

Episode 90 - B1G Picture: Illinois

Wrapping up the last conference opponent on the Badgers' schedule, Rich and Max are joined by Bob Asmussen of the News-Gazette. He discusses the return of Wes Lunt, the rise of Jihad Ward, and what the future holds for Tim Beckman at Illinois. They close the show with a discussion of the latest news from Badger Practice and some listener mail


  • 1:30 Tee shirts have shipped
  • 2:45 Welcome Bob Asmussen of the News-Gazette
  • 3:15 Illini 2014 recap
  • 3:45 What is Wes Lunt's ceiling?
  • 5:15 How will the WR position play out?
  • 6:30 Why did Aaron Bailey transfer?
  • 7:30 Who is behind Ferguson at RB?
  • 8:45 Who will start on the O Line?
  • 11:00 Are the DB's a strength?
  • 12:30 Are the LB's even stronger?
  • 15:00 Will the DL improve?
  • 16:15 Explaining the coaching turnover
  • 18:15 Is this staff more cohesive than in the past?
  • 19:00 How has the administration handled the off field stuff?
  • 20:45 No quit in the Illini
  • 22:00 2015 outlook
  • 24:45 Rich has Illini thoughts
  • 27:00 Where do the Illini fall in the Chicago radio pecking order?
  • 28:00 Rich and Max go to camp... Not really but they talk about it
  • 33:00 Pumping the brakes on the McEvoy hype
  • 35:00 Pronunciation with Dr Watson
  • 36:15 Listener Iowa punter reference
  • 38:30 A look at the OL
  • 42:00 Two pods next week

Episode 68 - Way Too Early Depth Charts: Defensive and Special Teams Edition

Wrapping up what they started last week, Rich and Max take a stab at projecting the 2015 defense. They look at some of the new starters at defensive line and linebacker and agree that the secondary looks very crowded with the potential additions of Tanner McEvoy and Natrell Jamerson, but first take time to examine the significance of how the John Settle hire was rolled out.  


  • 1:30 A series of apologies
  • 4:00 How the University introduced Coach Settle
  • 12:10 The defensive line
  • 22:20 The linebackers
  • 33:00 The defensive backs
  • 44:45 Kicking and punting and returning
  • 50:00 Player acquisition, player development and player deployment... Boom.
  • 56:30 That's a wrap

Episode 62 - 2014 Retrospective with Jesse Temple

With the dust finally starting to settle surrounding the coaching change, Rich and Max catch up with official Friend of the Show (his words, not ours) Jesse Temple to reflect on the 2014 season.  Jesse gives his thoughts on the staff's handling of the quarterback situation, why Rich was so wrong about Marcus Trotter place in Dave Aranda's defense, and of course no visit from Jesse is complete without some fashion talk.  There is something for everyone!


  • 2:20 What do we call Jesse Temple?
  • 4:50 Please welcome the incomparable Jesse Temple
  • 5:30 Melvin Gordon is an honest guy
  • 9:00 Who surprised?
  • 13:10 Who underachieved?
  • 15:00 Did this year have more weird storylines than usual?
  • 18:35 Did the handling of the QB set the team back?
  • 25:30 What allowed Trotter to thrive in Aranda's system?
  • 27:15 What happened to the freshmen WR's?
  • 30:00 Was the staff surprised by the scrutiny?
  • 31:45 Did the coach and media dynamic change after the LSU game?
  • 34:20 In hindsight did you see red flags prior to Andersen's exit?
  • 36:45 Summing up the 2014 season and the Andersen era
  • 41:00 Is there a difference in the media coverage of Paul Chryst?
  • 43:40 Listener question... Yep, just one
  • 48:45 Recapping Jesse's predictions
  • 55:00 Good night everybody

Episode 54 - Week 14: The 11 Year Itch

Off a 34-24 come from behind victory over arch-rival Minnesota, Rich and Max analyze what the 10th victory of the season means for the Badgers.  They examine the team's ability to come back from an early 17-3 deficit, the adjustments made on both sides of the ball in the 2nd half, deal with a very challenging Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel comment contest, and cautiously deal with the thoughts of, shall we say, a very devoted fan.


Episode 51 - Week 11: Taking too Much from Purdue

Rich and Max try not to take too much from the Badgers' 34-16 victory over Purdue, but just can't help it, especially when it come to the quarterbacks and the salty defense.  They also offer their thoughts on "Freedom" and roll out the latest from JSComments.  This week's show went a little long, but it wraps up with an intriguing suprise at the end.  Everyone likes surprises, right?


Episode 49 - Week 9: Tickled Pink with a Win over Maryland

Rich and Max relive the glory that was the Badgers' 52-7 trouncing of Maryland.  They look at the multitudes of positives in all three phases of play while still finding time to discuss moving, Max's odd use of the word certain verbiage, and Rich's big plans for the Rutgers game this coming week.  It's a LONG show, but tons to talk about!


Episode 48 - The Xs & Os of the Badgers Defense with Space Coyote

With Rich rolling solo this week,  Logan Larson - better known as the Space Coyote - makes his long awaited second appearance on the BuckAround to examine the Badgers on the defensive side of the ball.  He focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of a youthful but athletic defensive line, how the Badgers compensate for a lot of smaller bodies playing at linebacker, and whether or not we are being fair in saying Sojourn Shelton has had a disappointing year thus far.  Logan's first visit over the summer was one of the most popular and his return will not disappoint.


Episode 45 - Week 6: A Rainy Day in Evanston

Rich and Max sift through the still smoldering embers of the Northwestern game and try to answer the burning questions surrounding UW's offense, specifically a seeming QB controversy and just what's with this offensive line. Also, was the defense really THAT bad? Also, the first winners of the @JSComments message board trivia contest are revealed!


Episode 43 - Week 5: A Wonky Saturday with South Florida

Dissecting the Badgers final game on the non-conference slate, Rich and Max break down Wisconsin's 27-10 win over South Florida.  They look at how Melvin Gordon largely look over the game in the 2nd half, how the offensive line took a step back this week, and compare Tanner McEvoy to Badger quarterbacks since the beginning of the Alvarez Era in Madison.  They even find time to reveal the identity behind the @JSComments twitter feed.  



Episode 40 - Week 2: Stay Chillin' People

Coming off a solid performance against the Western Illinois Leathernecks, Rich and Max delve into the finer points of the Badgers' 37-3 victory.  They gauge the progress Tanner McEvoy has made as a passer, evaluate Alex Erickson as a receiver, and even sing the praises of the defense.  They even find time for listener mail and play some user submitted feedback from a very special listener!


Episode 38 - Week 1 LSU: Backing off the Ledge

Coming off the Badgers' disappointing 28-24 defeat to LSU, Rich and Max discuss what shifted the balance of the contest despite Wisconsin amassing a 24-7 lead early in the 3rd quarter and find a few encouraging signs in an otherwise heartbreaking loss.  

NOTE: Connor Sheehy was incorrectly credited with a sack on the show; it was in fact Jake Keefer


Episode 33 - Fall Camp Fanboys

After a lesson on the pronunciation of his name from freshman kicker Rafael Gaglianone, Rich and Max analyze the Badgers as they approach the midpoint of fall camp. They discuss the lack of the depth on the offensive line, the changing cast at safety, and Rich's "Marquis Mason," the emerging Reggie Love. Oh yes, they say a little something about the quarterbacks, too.


The Forgotten Man - Zach Heilprin interviews Reggie Love