Episode 83 - Return of the Max!

Because they simply had too much to be contained in one show, Rich and Max return so that Max can share his thoughts after a 3 week hiatus.  He gives his predictions for Iowa in 2015 (what else is he really going to talk about?) and reviews Phil Steele's predictions for the Badgers in '15 as well. The hosts close the show with some podcast and television recommendations for listeners of a certain demographic.  


How to Be Amazing

Origin Stories

Odd Squad


  • 1:15 Max breaks the Internet... And other technology
  • 3:00 Alcohol preferences
  • 5:15 There's a new way to get your Buckaround fix
  • 12:15 The third to last reminder to get your Buckaround shirt
  • 15:15 "This is the only thing I'm going to say about Iowa tonight." 
  • 19:30 Max defends the big uglies
  • 22:15 It's time for the #Maxminute
  • 32:00 Rich has issues with the layout of Phil Steele's magazine.
  • 39:30 Rich relents and allows Max to participate in BS from the JS
  • 46:00 Recommendations
  • 53:30 Talk to you later

Episode 70 - Spring Practice Potpourri

Returning from a two week hiatus, Rich and Max give their thoughts on Spring Practice thus far. They discuss Chryst's handling of the quarterbacks, whether Tanner McEvoy will play wide receiver (Rich kinda whiffs on this part), what inside linebacker is going to look like, and the strange way the relationship between the athletic department and Badger football media works.  They close out the show with a brand new segment that EVERYONE is going to be talking about! 


  • 1:20 Max's article and Twitter handles
  • 4:00 And now for something new and exciting... Well not no, but later in the show
  • 7:05 Let's talk about spring practice and the lack of drama
  • 10:45 Stave is our quarterback
  • 15:30 recurring Tanner McEvoy talk, now with more WR
  • 18:25 Inside LB's, wherein Rich explains the sort feature to Max
  • 25:55 Austin Hudson's transfer and keeping things hush-hush.
  • 31:50 A listener question and advanced sorting.
  • 43:05 Return of the MAC (discussion).
  • 46:00 Max's Minute(s)
  • 1:04:40 One last question