Episode 211 - Bowl Season: Orange Bowl Preview

Rich and Max preview the Badgers' matchup with Miami in the Orange Bowl, discuss the early signing period, and close the show with talk of the Badgers' changes on the coaching staff. 


  • 1:30 The boys are back and they are over the loss
  • 5:30 Breaking promises
  • 7:15 The matchup
  • 9:00 Talking efficiencies
  • 15:30 Shades of 2009
  • 17:00 Will the Badger be able to block?
  • 19:00 The Miami schedule
  • 23:30 The motivation edge
  • 26:15 Orange Bowl predictions
  • 28:00 The early signing period
  • 41:45 Early entrants to the NFL
  • 48:30 Transfers... in?
  • 51:30 Tibesar to Oregon St
  • 55:30 Leonhard isn't gonna be here forever
  • 57:15 Peavy graduates
  • 59:00 Order from Silly Yak!!!

Episode 190 - Fall Camp...Already?

Rich and Max are joined by Mike'l Severe to preview Nebraska and then discuss what they're watching for as the Badgers open fall camp.


  • 2:00 Welcome back Mike'l Severe of The Bottom Line on Omaha.com
  • 2:45 Was the 2016 team much better than the 2015 team?
  • 4:15 What to expect on offense?
  • 5:45 is this the best OL that Riley has had?
  • 7:45 Morgan and the WR core
  • 11:30 Will the switch to 3-4 be a step in the right direction?
  • 15:30 How will 2017 play out?
  • 17:30 What if Scott Frost wins 10 games at UCF?
  • 22:00 Run the dang ball Riley
  • 27:30 Chryst press conference
  • 28:15 Max brags about his self restraint... then totally succumbs to it
  • 29:00 Weight changes
  • 48:30 Deiter to LT. Biadasz ready for prime time?

Episode 188 - Breaking Down Wisconsin's Offensive Line

Rich and Max are joined by listener and former offensive line coach Jon from Madison who gives his thoughts on the current state of the Badgers' offensive line. 

Rich and Max are joined by listener and former offensive line coach Jon from Madison who gives his thoughts on the current state of the Badgers' offensive line. 


  • 1:00 Self proclaimed superheroes
  • 3:45 Welcome back Jon from Madison (formerly of Minneapolis)
  • 4:30 Jon's background
  • 5:30 Recapping the 2016 O Line
  • 9:15 How good was Ramczyk?
  • 10:30 Projected 2017 Starting 5
  • 12:15 Is Spring Football more important for OL than other spots?
  • 13:45 Is Dietzen injury prone?
  • 15:15 2017 OL strengths and weaknesses
  • 18:45 Ryan from Chicago on Benzschawel
  • 24:00 Is Dieter up to Frederick/Moffit level?
  • 25:15 Thoughts on Biadasz
  • 30:00 Who on the roster will be the future stars in coming years?
  • 33:15 Anything to read from only taking 1 OL in 2018 class?
  • 34:30 Show Jon your appreciation... by buying him some diapers... for his infant

Episode 180 - B1G Picture: Purdue

Rich and Max are joined by Mike Carmin to get the state of Purdue, discuss the Ben Bryant Situation, and run through listener mail. 


  • 3:00 Welcome back Mike Carmin from JC Online
  • 3:30 What did Darrell Hazel do wrong?
  • 7:30 How does the roster fit Brohm's strengths?
  • 9:15 Any offensive players to look out for?
  • 11:15 How good can the D be under Nick Holt?
  • 13:00 How will 2017 play out?
  • 15:00 Is Purdue more serious about investing in football?
  • 21:30 "It might not be a poop show." - Maxwell Brusky
  • 23:30 Ben Bryant... who knows?
  • 30:15 Adam from Barrington, IL on Chris Orr
  • 34:30 Ben from Chicago on Michael Dieter's upside
  • 37:00 Tim from St Cloud on the Badgers schedule
  • 42:15 Ty from Nashville on the LB's

Episode 158 - Week 7 Ohio State: Moral Victories?

Should Badger fans be happy after Wisconsin's 30-23 overtime loss to the Buckeyes? Rich and Max think they should. 


  • 1:45 Rich is an old man
  • 5:30 Voicemails
  • 11:00 Why did the Badgers lose?
  • 16:00 The margin for error
  • 17:45 D'Cota Dixon is the new Hillary
  • 19:00 The defense is ALMOST elite
  • 22:00 Hornibrook's performance
  • 27:00 The Offensive Line
  • 34:00 Jared from WauKe$ha has he'd enough with the moral victories
  • 35:00 Grant from Winona on the future being bright
  • 44:00 UR Player of the Game
  • 49:15 Big games in the B1G
  • 54:15 Are the Badgers better than Team X?

Episode 130 - Last Call for Spring Football

With the Badgers' 2016 Spring Game just days away, Rich and Max wrap up their discussions of spring practice with a look at the latest developments from camp including the apparent shuffling on the offensive line going into the fall and answer some big picture listener questions. Don't forget to send us your spring game thoughts for next week's show!


  • 2:00 Apologies for the delay
  • 4:30 Bill from Neenah and scheduling
  • 8:30 Dylan from PA and coaches getting paid
  • 23:00 Dylan from PA and if UW is a basketball or football school
  • 27:00 Dylan from PA on hating coaches
  • 32:30 Are the OL's dark days over?
  • 37:00 Max is attending the spring game... As am l
  • 43:15 Talking Max's new favorite team, Illinois, and the loss of Dudek

Episode 121 - Getting Offensive About the Offensive Line

Getting into the home stretch of their 2015 wrap up, Rich and Max are joined by long time listener Jon from Minneapolis to discuss the Badger offensive line from 2015. HE bring his background as a player and coach to break down their scheme, technique and condition. Rich and Max also carve out a few minutes before his appearance to talk about the emergence of Tim Tibesar as the leading candidate for the Wisconsin defensive coordinator job before finding out at the end of the show it may well end up being Justin Wilcox. 


  • 1:45 We want to hear from our listeners... We miss you
  • 3:15 Tibesar leading the DC search?
  • 10:30 Stop with the Bostad
  • 16:30 The world renowned Jon from Minneapolis
  • 18:00 What changed from the Andersen regime to the Chryst regime?
  • 21:00 Did Voltz and Marz plateau this year?
  • 24:30 Marz compared to recent LT's
  • 27:15 Grading Dieter vs Voltz
  • 29:15 Is the C position in good hands with Dieter?
  • 31:30 Thoughts on Jacob Maxwell
  • 34:45 A look at Walker Williams
  • 37:00 Micah Kapoi's upside
  • 38:30 How does the logjam in the interior shakeout in '16?
  • 40:30 How did the strength and conditioning impact the Badgers in '15?
  • 42:45 How much of the OL's struggle was due to the RB's?
  • 44:00 MGIII's NFL struggles
  • 44:45 Did Dare actually improve?
  • 46:15 TE usage
  • 51:00 Justin Wilcox leading the DC search?

Episode 110 - Week 9 Review: Rutgers "Lunacy"

Off the Badgers' 48-10 stomping of Rutgers, Rich and Max have plenty of positives to discuss. They examine the return of Corey Clement, another dominating performance from the defense, and the curious case of DJ Gillins. All this and more but not before Rich issues a heartfelt apology at the top of the podcast...again


  • 1:30 Matt Millen 3 weeks in a row
  • 3:00 Rich makes a public apology
  • 10:00 Let's get happy and talk about the game
  • 11:30 The return of Corey Clement
  • 15:30 Dave Aranda's Madison tenure
  • 16:15 Joel Stave. Joel Stave.
  • 21:00 Four thoughts on Rich's Iowa
  • 24:15 Ho Hum the Badgers D played well
  • 30:45 DJ Gillens is jumping people
  • 33:15 Fourth Downs
  • 38:30 UR Players of the game
  • 43:00 Big games in the B1G



Episode 109 - Week 9 Preview: Rutgers and the B1G (bad) West

With Badger football fans abuzz with talk of a budding quarterback controversy, Rich and Max share their perspective but not before previewing "Rich's Iowa" (a.k.a Rutgers), look at how the team compensates for the loss of Dan Voltz and Rob Wheelwright, and deal with some misconceptions about the "disaster" that was Gary Andersen. Finally, they close the show looking at the potential dearth of bowl teams from the B1G West.


  • 1:00 Welcome to Rich's Iowa
  • 4:00 Rutgers Al isn't Rutgers Al
  • 5:45 Talking the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers
  • 10:00 The Rutgers QB situation
  • 12:00 The worst defense in the B1G
  • 14:00 Could the Badgers score 40?!?
  • 16:30 What do the Badgers do without Wheelwright?
  • 22:00 The MASH unit that is the OL
  • 25:45 WiscoBiscuits wants to talk Stave vs Houston
  • 30:15 Travis wants to talk lack of playmakers
  • 38:45 Big games in the B1G
  • 49:15 Prediction time

Episode 67 - Way too Early Depth Charts: Offensive Edition

Buckle up people because it's officially here! The doldrums of the pre-spring practice off season has arrived and Rich and Max have officially set sail for conjecture land with their  depth chart projections for the 2015 season. With a striking amount of agreement between them they are able to put together a consolidated depth chart for the two of them while still finding time to discuss killer whales, arm wrestling, and Billy Dee Williams 


  • 1:30 We're in the mood to talk
  • 6:50 RB: Clement followed by others
  • 14:20 FB: Where we have agreement
  • 20:00 TE: A lot of familiar faces... And some new ones
  • 33:15 OL: The position group with the most question marks
  • 46:00 WR: Who will be opposite Erickson?
  • 56:45 QB: It's gonna be tough to unseat Stave
  • 1:03:00 Farewell from conjectureland

Episode 17 - Spring Practice: The Long Goodbye

After battling technical difficulties for a week, Rich & Max come out firing on all cylinders.  Max expresses his distaste for the selection of B1G night games by ESPN and the Big Ten Network before they grade out the spring (literally!) and Rich identifies where Badgers go to watch their football career die.


Episode 15 - Spring Mid-Terms

Rich and Max are joined by Luke Mueller of Bucky's 5th Quarter who provides his take on what he's seen and heard so far in camp.  Luke talks the offense, defense, and players who may surprise this year.


Episode 12 - Spring Practice Primer

With Spring Practice only days away Rich & Max tackle some of the less discussed aspects of spring practice (what does Michael Trotter's playing time tell us about the future of Badger football) as well as some of the bigger topics as well but not before spending way too much time breaking down the relative merits of the month of March.