Episode 230 - B1G Picture: Nebraska

Listener favorite Mike'l Severe returns to preview Nebraska plus Rich and Max talk roster news, Media Days, and debate the best linebacker of the last 30 years.


  • 2:00 Welcome back Mike’l Severe from Omaha.com(somewhere in middle internet)
  • 3:00 What went wrong with Riley?
  • 4:15 What changes with the hiring of Frost?
  • 6:30 Why all the roster turnover?
  • 7:30 Who to know on defense
  • 11:15 How does 2018 play out?
  • 12:15 The mid term future for Frost
  • 15:15 Let’s talk about Northern Illinois
  • 17:30 Moving Lyles to DL
  • 20:00 Brodner and Guerrendo
  • 21:45 Brett Connors
  • 23:30 Weight changes
  • 25:45 Max meets Arrington Farrar and Chris Orr
  • 29:45 Mitchell in Manitowoc on the appropriate DL concern and Edwards > Borland
  • 42:00 Dave in Brookfield on the Gary Andersen hire
  • 48:00 Cord cutting

Episode 190 - Fall Camp...Already?

Rich and Max are joined by Mike'l Severe to preview Nebraska and then discuss what they're watching for as the Badgers open fall camp.


  • 2:00 Welcome back Mike'l Severe of The Bottom Line on Omaha.com
  • 2:45 Was the 2016 team much better than the 2015 team?
  • 4:15 What to expect on offense?
  • 5:45 is this the best OL that Riley has had?
  • 7:45 Morgan and the WR core
  • 11:30 Will the switch to 3-4 be a step in the right direction?
  • 15:30 How will 2017 play out?
  • 17:30 What if Scott Frost wins 10 games at UCF?
  • 22:00 Run the dang ball Riley
  • 27:30 Chryst press conference
  • 28:15 Max brags about his self restraint... then totally succumbs to it
  • 29:00 Weight changes
  • 48:30 Deiter to LT. Biadasz ready for prime time?

Episode 86 - B1G Picture: Nebraska

The second episode in a 2 show week, Rich and Max (in spirit) deliver the promised Nebraska preview with Mike'l Severe of The Bottom Line at Omaha.com. They talk the biggest questions on offense and defense and why Mike Riley isn't an "Energy Vampire". They close the show with a preview of B1G Media Days which include questions they would like asked of Paul Chryst by the media as well as drinking games for those [crazy enough to be] watching at home.


  • 1:45 Apologies for the Jordan Stevenson comments
  • 2:45 A BuckAround welcome to Mike'l Severe
  • 3:30 2014 Huskers recap
  • 4:45 How will Tommy Armstrong fit into Mike Riley's system?
  • 8:00 Will the RB's carry the offense?
  • 10:45 Questions on the OL 
  • 12:00 Two solid WR's... And then what?
  • 14:00 Is the DL the best defensive position group? Not according to Mike'l.
  • 15:20 Who will play LB for the Huskers?
  • 18:45 What brought Riley to Nebraska?
  • 22:00 Welcome back Max!!!
  • 22:45 Last chance to get your LIMITED EDITION BUCKAROUND tees!!! Rich MEANS it!!!
  • 28:30 A self aggrandizing NIU mention
  • 30:30 B1G Media Day and it's flaws.
  • 33:30 Questions the Buckaround would ask at Media Day
  • 44:45 I repeat. The "skill position revolution" will NOT be televised.