Episode 225 - B1G Picture: Northwestern

Rich discusses Northwestern with Adam Hoge before he's joined by Max to break down the impact of the injuries to Garret Rand and Isaiah Loudermilk for 2018.


  • 2:30 Lysol wipes on a keyboard is a no-no
  • 4:00 Welcome back Adam Hoge
  • 5:30 2017’s quietest 10 win season
  • 7:30 Clayton Thorson’s return
  • 9:30 Who else is of note for the 2018 offense?
  • 12:15 Northwestern’s lack of explosiveness
  • 14:15 Will the defense be as good as last year?
  • 18:15 Expectations for 2018
  • 27:45 2018 UW football as 2014-15 UW basketball
  • 28:45 The impact of the DL injuries
  • 40:00 Goofer QB
  • 42:30 P.O.D. Breaks down Sota
  • 44:00 Steve in Portland on the media’s perception of the Badgers
  • 47:45 Pat in MKE on the lack of football talent in MKE
  • 55:30 Shirts, hoodies AND hats!

    Episode 201 - Week 5: Northwestern

    Rich and Max discuss the Badgers' enigmatic 33-24 win over Northwestern.


    • 1:30 The Badgers. They don't look like they suck.
    • 4:15 The tailgate
    • 9:15 The Talkaround
    • 12:30 A weird game
    • 20:00 Was Justin Jackson hurt?
    • 21:00 The DB's are good
    • 24:45 cutting Hornibrook some slack
    • 31:00 Scoreboard Bryn on Stave as this year's QB
    • 35:15 The running game... NOT GREAT BOB!!!
    • 40:15 UR Players of the Game
    • 44:45 Big games in the B1G
    • 54:00 Looking towards Lincoln

    Episode 185 - All Time* Badgers: Offensive Edition

    Rich and Max preview Northwestern with Adam Hoge before completing their All-Badger team on the offensive side of the ball. 


    • 1:15 Please welcome Abby aka Child 1
    • 4:00 Welcome Adam Hoge of the Northwestern sidelines
    • 4:45 Were expectations met in 2016?
    • 7:00 Will the offense be significantly better?
    • 11:45 What does the defense look like?
    • 15:45 What's one thing to watch?
    • 19:00 How will 2017 play out?
    • 22:30 Adam's take on the Badgers
    • 26:30 All Representative Badger Team (Offense Edition)
    • 29:45 Offensive Line
    • 42:00 Tight End
    • 49:45 Wide Reciever
    • 58:15 Running Back
    • 1:01:00 Fullback
    • 1:03:30 Quarterback

    Episode 136 - B1G Picture: Northwestern

    Rich and Max are joined by Bucky's Fifth Quarter founder Adam Hoge, now the Bears Insider for WGN Radio and sideline reporter for Northwestern football. Adam discusses whether it's better to be good versus lucky, what to expect in Clayton Thorson's 2nd season, how good the defense will be after a strong 2015 campaign, and what he makes of the Badgers' prospects for the upcoming season. Rich and Max close the show with a discussion of listener etiquette in bakeries, what in the world Max uses DropBox for, and a reminder for listeners to send in their B1G trades. 


    • 2:00 Come for the trade ideas... Wait til next week
    • 5:30 Welcome Adam Hoge to talk Northwestern football
    • 6:30 Were the Wildcats not much better than last year?
    • 9:15 The development of Clayton Thorson
    • 12:45 Expectations at WR
    • 15:30 Why did the DB's move to WR?
    • 17:30 How will the OL shake out?
    • 20:15 Replacing departed DL's
    • 22:15 Can the Cats repeat 2015's defensive success?
    • 24:30 How will Northwestern look in 2016?
    • 27:00 Adam's thoughts on the 2016 Badgers
    • 30:30 5 minutes on our awesomely awesome show lackey Steven
    • 35:00 Max's Technology Corner
    • 37:45 Arman "helping" Rich

    Episode 114 - Week 13 Mega Show: No Puns about Jazz, Sorry

    With the game overshadowed by questions about officiating, Rich and Max delve into the chaos that was the Badgers' 13-7 loss to Northwestern. They discuss the bevy of officiating controversies in the game, the bevy (I'm liking this word today!) of turnovers by the Badgers, and the dominating performance by the defense.  They finish the show with a visit from Bizarro Max, a preview of the Minnesota game, and explore Max's Thanksgiving menu. 


    InsideNU's Breakdown of the Controversial calls from Saturday


    • 2:30 It's a montage!!!
    • 6:45 Dude, Matt Millen
    • 8:00 Dare's spike
    • 9:45 The Jazz non-TD (Max isn't taking it well...)
    • 16:00 The Erickson non-TD
    • 19:00 If they wanted to win they shouldn't have turned it over 5 times
    • 24:30 The Badgers gave up 3 TD's at Camp Randall... And lost twice
    • 27:15 Attempting to make sense of RB usage
    • 29:30 Clement's promising post game comment
    • 30:30 Who did the bye week benefit?
    • 32:15 Yet another is this OL good conversation
    • 37:00 If we had listened to Rich earlier maybe we could have saved Ray Ball...
    • 41:30 Who's gonna take over at LT?
    • 43:00 UR Players of the Game
    • 45:00 Bizarro Max and Iowa talk
    • 54:30 It's Axe Week
    • 1:05:30 We lied... We're not changing the intro.
    • 1:06:15 Max's Turkey Day menu... Featuring scalloped oysters

    Episode 113 - Week 12 Northwestern Preview: Factual Narratives

    As the Badgers prepare to take on Northwestern off the bye week, Rich and Max take a look at what Saturday's game will bring. They discuss the Wildcats' inconsistent offense, their stingy defense, and how much of a factor Corey Clement can be in this game. They also find time to discuss Tom Oates' latest column on the state of the Badgers before closing the show with a set of lightning round questions from the audience and an update on the prop bet competition. 


    • 1:30 The team is back
    • 2:00 The TalkAround (72)-77B-UCKY
    • 3:45 Bizarro Max
    • 5:30 The Badgers are gonna play Northwestern
    • 7:15 Max gets his NIU reference in early
    • 11:15 How much can the Badgers score?
    • 16:30 Jarrett from Wauke$ha
    • 18:00 The athletic department's handling of Clement's hand situation
    • 22:00 Tom Oates' Andersen article
    • 36:00 Big games in the B1G
    • 41:45 Lightning round
    • 44:30 Prop bets
    • 48:30 Prediction time

    Episode 89 - B1G Picture: Northwestern

    Rich and Max are joined by Zachary Pereles of InsideNU to discussion the 2015 version fo the Northwestern Wildcats. Zach shares insight into the quarterback race, the depth at the skill positions, and how he sees the defense holding up against the rest of the conference.  They then close with a discussion of who to follow on twitter and some listener mail. Two shows in a week yet again!

    • 1:30 A Rich initiated Iowa reference?!?!?!?
    • 3:45 Zachary Pereles of InsideNU
    • 4:00 2014 Northwestern recap
    • 6:30 Who is the NU quarterback at Northwestern?
    • 8:00 Is this the deepest collection of skill players Fitzgerald has had?
    • 10:00 A look at the O Line
    • 12:15 New faces among the LB's
    • 14:30 Old faces on the D Line and in the secondary
    • 17:30 What to expect in 2015
    • 19:45 A look at Northwestern's rivalry games
    • 21:20 Zachary makes an Iowa reference?!?!?!?
    • 22:00 Northwestern recruiting
    • 24:40 Max makes a long awaited NIU reference
    • 30:30 Buckaround approved Twitter follows
    • 31:30 Badger follows
    • 35:00 B1G follows
    • 38:30 National follows
    • 44:30 Beer at Camp Randall
    • 50:30 Max's buzzer beater Iowa reference
    • 52:00 Illinois next week

    Episode 25 - B1G Picture: Northwestern

    In the latest installment of our B1G Picture series, Philip Rossman-Reich of Lake the Posts joins the BuckAround to talk all things Northwestern.  Philip does his best to forget the disappointment of 2013, talks about Venric Mark in an offense without Kain Colter, and if Northwestern has a shot to surprise people this year.  With Max away this week, Rich tackles some Badger news including some interesting quotes surrounding Joel Stave's shoulder injury.