Episode 231 - Fall Camp Preview

Rich and Max react to Paul Chryst's press conference to open fall camp and discuss their "things to watch" for the coming month of practices.


  • 1:00 Rich is in vacation mode
  • 2:15 Max can see the temptation of a 311 tattoo 
  • 3:30 Kasl retires
  • 6:00 Olive to DE
  • 7:45 Coaches like Baun
  • 10:30 Getting Guerendo on the field and the RB’s
  • 14:45 Is there going to be something new with the offense?
  • 18:00 A lot of Jake Ferguson?
  • 22:30 What does Mullens look like?
  • 24:00 The safeties
  • 25:15 Amanda on making strides towards the 2011 offense
  • 28:30 Would Urban Meyer getting fire alter the B1G season?
  • 31:30 John in SF on a nickname for the OL
  • 34:30 China Bob on Cruikshank’s ceiling
  • 40:30 Borland vs Edwards redux
  • 46:15 Prop bet ideas? Send them in

Episode 125 - Way too Early 2016 Depth Charts: Defensive Edition

In a jam packed show, Rich and Max analyze the impact of the departure of Daronte Jones and FINALLY get to their backlog of listener mail. Those segments bookend their detailed projections for what the Badger defense will look like in 2016. 


  • 1:30 Getting back to our roots... And talking weather
  • 3:30 The loss of Daronte Jones
  • 8:00 The Defensive depth charts
  • 8:30 The DL
  • 14:45 The ILBs
  • 16:00 The OLBs
  • 19:00 The CBs
  • 24:00 Safety
  • 32:15 Kicker
  • 32:30 That was quick... Now the returners
  • 33:45 Punter
  • 35:00 The holder... seriously... The holder
  • 37:00 A shoutout for the sensitive Bizarro Max
  • 37:30 Eric from Becker, MN on kickers
  • 40:00 Nick from SW Wisconsin on Kare Lyles
  • 42:45 Tyler from Stevens Point on Wilcox
  • 45:30 Max is glad about Wilcox... Want easy access to this
  • 47:00 Aussie Luke on why he is a Badger fan (hint: it's about a girl)

Episode 122 - The Golden Buckys: 2015 Edition

The end of 2015 - from a BuckAround perspective - is here. Rich and Max hand out their post season awards and close the book on the season that was, but not until they reveal the results of the prop bet competition with friend of the show Andy Schaaf and discuss possible reasons behind the mysteriously quiet (and long!) search for a new defensive coordinator


  • 1:30 Putting 2015 in the rear view
  • 5:00 Recapping the Over/Unders with the illustrious Amos Schaff
  • 16:15 Host Over/Under champ? Max
  • 19:00 WHY is there no DC yet?
  • 21:45 The Golden Buckys
  • 23:15 MOP: Ray Ball... Just kidding it's Schobert
  • 25:15 Offensive MVP: Rich: Dare Max: Erickson
  • 29:00 Defensive MVP: Rich: McEvoy Max:Caputo
  • 32:15 Unsung Hero: Obasih
  • 34:30 Freshman of the Year: TJ Edwards
  • 37:45 Future Star, Offense: Rich Benzschawel Max: Ingold (NIU bias)
  • 39:15 Future Star, Defense Rich: Sagapolu & Dixon Max: Jamerson
  • 43:00 Biggest Disappointment: Rich: Figaro Max: Clement
  • 45:00 Worst Game: Rich: Iowestern Max: Northwa
  • 45:45 Play of the Year: Rich: Wheelwright one hander Max: Rafa's 2nd chance FG
  • 49:30 Game of the Year: USC
  • 51:45 Coach of the Year Rich: Gilmore Max: Aranda
  • 56:00 The end of the #questforfun

Episode 110 - Week 9 Review: Rutgers "Lunacy"

Off the Badgers' 48-10 stomping of Rutgers, Rich and Max have plenty of positives to discuss. They examine the return of Corey Clement, another dominating performance from the defense, and the curious case of DJ Gillins. All this and more but not before Rich issues a heartfelt apology at the top of the podcast...again


  • 1:30 Matt Millen 3 weeks in a row
  • 3:00 Rich makes a public apology
  • 10:00 Let's get happy and talk about the game
  • 11:30 The return of Corey Clement
  • 15:30 Dave Aranda's Madison tenure
  • 16:15 Joel Stave. Joel Stave.
  • 21:00 Four thoughts on Rich's Iowa
  • 24:15 Ho Hum the Badgers D played well
  • 30:45 DJ Gillens is jumping people
  • 33:15 Fourth Downs
  • 38:30 UR Players of the game
  • 43:00 Big games in the B1G



Episode 102 - Week 5 Preview: Iowa, The Maxageddoning

The entirety of 100+ episodes of the podcast have boiled down to this: it's Iowa-Wisconsin in Camp Randall and you-know-who can barely contain himself.  There is no need for a summary of the show here because you know what's coming: Max talking about Kenny Chesney. No, really.


  • 2:00 Everything in your life builds up to Iowa
  • 3:45 Do you want to bask in Max's glow? Go to Jordan's B1G pub!
  • 6:45 Gather round boys and girls. Max will tell the story of Iowa.
  • 11:30 A look at the Iowa run game
  • 14:00 How good is the Iowa DL?
  • 17:00 The Hawkeyes have a very good secondary
  • 18:30 The Iowa segment is the song from Barney... It goes on and on my friends
  • 21:47 Max's Iowa talk makes Rich yawn 
  • 23:00 Do you buy the Badger D?
  • 26:00 Examining the Badger WR's
  • 29:00 This game will show if Stave has made progress
  • 31:30 How much have the Badgers held back?
  • 33:30 Will Clement redshirt?
  • 41:00 Talking about position changes
  • 45:30 Big games in the B1G

Episode 96: Week 2 Preview: Miami (No, not that one)

Looking to rebound from their season opening loss, the Badgers return to Camp Randall to take on the Miami Redhawks in what fans hope will be an exorcism of their Dallas Demons. Rich and Max discuss what they want to see from both sides of the line of scrimmage, in the passing game, and what lingering injuries may mean for the Badgers through the rest of non-conference play. Finally, the close the show with a discussion of Max's well publicized trip to see the mighty Huskies of Northern Illinois.


  • 2:45 #noteworthy
  • 3:30 Max on the MAC
  • 5:00 Northern Illinois defense reference
  • 7:00 Miami is not a MAC powerhouse (not an ACC one either)
  • 9:00 Keyboard broke from sheer volume of NIU references
  • 10:00 What should we expect from the Badgers?
  • 11:00 Will Clement play? Should he?
  • 14:30 How will the WR's perform? 
  • 17:15 Will Caputo play?
  • 20:30 Watch Sheehy and Musso
  • 25:30 Big games in the B-1-G
  • 32:15 The lesson, as always, Iowa is awful
  • 39:30 Max's trip to DeKalb
  • 46:45 Picks for UW vs Miami