Episode 223 - B1G Picture: Purdue

Mike Carmin previews the Boilermakers in Jeff Brohm's 2nd year plus Rich and Max dissect the national title talk in the media of late. 


  • 1:15 We always do Purdue early
  • 2:30 Welcome back Mike Carmin from JC Online
  • 3:15 Was last year's defensive success a surprise?
  • 5:45 How much hype surrounds the 2018 season?
  • 8:00 What to expect from the offense
  • 11:00 WR and the JUCO route
  • 13:00 How good is the defense going to be this year and who to watch?
  • 15:30 A glance at the schedule
  • 18:45 Jake in Madison is the listener of the week
  • 20:45 Dylan in VA on the Badger players talking NC
  • 33:30 Travis in St Louis on what would be a disappointment
  • 35:15 Thoughts on the de-commits

Episode 163 - Week 12 Purdue: Let's Try and Make this Interesting

Rich and Max attempt to take a novel approach to analysis after the Badgers 2nd overmatched opponent in a row. 


  • 2:00 Rich is fatigued
  • 7:00 Ross Ade Stadium... Max somehow ties this to Iowa
  • 8:45 Why did the Badgers start slow?
  • 15:45 Is Bradrick Shaw fast?
  • 17:45 Is Wheelwright just a guy?
  • 19:15 Is Figaro playing too much?
  • 23:30 What UW defensive plays rival Watt's pick six?
  • 26:30 UR Player of the Game (Connor Allen?!?)
  • 30:00 Game Notes Trivia
  • 32:00 Who is 2nd on the team in sacks?
  • 34:15 Does 2015 or 2016 defense have more sacks/game?
  • 35:15 Who's 3rd on team in tackles?
  • 38:30 Do top 3 receivers have more Rec/Game in 2015 or 2016?
  • 42:00 What is Hornibrook's QB rating? Houston's?
  • 44:00 What RB has the highest YPC?
  • 45:45 PJ Rosowski's touchback percentage?
  • 48:00 Big games in the B1G
  • 55:30 PLAYOFFS?!?
  • 58:00 Listen to Podcast Ain't Played Nobody Wednesday as Rich chose topic

Episode 137 - B1G Picture: Purdue

Nathan Baird joins the BuckAround to give the latest on the Boilermakers. He discusses the future (and past) of Darell Hazell, if the rotating door at quarterback will stop spinning, and gives his thoughts on who the playmakers for Purdue will be in 2016. Rich and Max then close the show with the long awaited host and listener player trade hypotheticals. 


  • 1:30 Beer
  • 5:00 Welcome Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal & Courier
  • 5:30 Has there been improvement under Hazell?
  • 8:45 Does Blough stay as starting QB?
  • 12:00 Who will help Markell Jones at RB?
  • 14:30 Any playmakers emerging?
  • 16:45 Is LB the best/deepest position?
  • 21:00 A look at the DL
  • 22:45 Are the ST special?
  • 25:15 How does 2016 play out?
  • 28:30 A bowl game?!?
  • 30:45 Is 6 wins enough for Hazell?
  • 34:00 Badger player trades
  • 55:00 Max's trade
  • 56:00 Rich's trade
  • 1:03:30 Next week: Minnesota

Episode 106 - Week 7 Purdue Review: Sneaky Bad Fools Gold

After a one week hiatus Max returns to the show to dissect the Badgers' uninspiring 24-7 win over Purdue. They look at another stellar outing from the defense, talk about the relative performances of Walker Williams and Micah Kapoi as they played side by side, and what it means to get a "Good" Stave. 


  • 1:00 The one... The only... Married-er Maxwell Brusky
  • 4:15 Hard hitting Purdue analysis
  • 7:45 The offense isn't good
  • 11:00 Plenty of good Stave
  • 16:15 The snake bitten RB's
  • 18:15 #TeamWalker vs #TeamKapoi
  • 25:15 Purdue is a good MAC team but NOT on the Northern Illinois level
  • 26:15 Defense was awesome
  • 28:00 The 0-4-7
  • 30:00 The starting OL
  • 33:30 The Alec Ingold Experience
  • 35:00 We join our regularly schedule Hawkeyearound already in progress
  • 37:00 UR players of the game
  • 41:00 Big games in the B1G

Episode 84 - B1G Picture: Purdue

Another week, lots more content! Mike Carmin returns to the BuckAround to update Rich and Max on the Boilermakers. He discusses the battle at quarterback, who the "ball carrying" standouts will be, and who he thinks is a future All-B1G player on the defense. Rich and Max close the show with their present & future position strength analysis on the offensive side of the ball and some listener mail.   


  • 2:00 Corrections
  • 5:00 Welcome back Mike Carmen to talk Purdue
  • 5:45 2014 Purdue recap
  • 7:30 Issues with closing out 2014 games
  • 9:45 How significant was QB change?
  • 14:30 How will the 2015 QB competition play out?
  • 17:30 How will the OL scheme change impact the running game?
  • 20:40 Balancing the roster you have with the scheme you want
  • 22:45 A look at the WR's and TE's
  • 26:15 Are the young Lb's the strength of the defense?
  • 30:15 What defensive improvement would have the biggest impact?
  • 33:30 How does this team make a bowl?
  • 36:45 Does Hazell keep his job with 5 wins?
  • 39:45 Subtle Northern Illinois mention
  • 40:00 How does Purdue escape the bottom tier of the B1G?
  • 44:30 Max's "ball moving positions" revolution will NOT be televised
  • 45:45 Buckaround tee shirts. Buy them.
  • 49:00 A look at the offensive depth chart
  • 50:30 QB
  • 54:00 RB
  • 57:30 FB
  • 1:00:00 TE
  • 1:04:00 OL
  • 1:10:15 WR
  • 1:16:45 Listener mail
  • 1:24:00 Nebraska next week. Please send questions.

Episode 51 - Week 11: Taking too Much from Purdue

Rich and Max try not to take too much from the Badgers' 34-16 victory over Purdue, but just can't help it, especially when it come to the quarterbacks and the salty defense.  They also offer their thoughts on "Freedom" and roll out the latest from JSComments.  This week's show went a little long, but it wraps up with an intriguing suprise at the end.  Everyone likes surprises, right?


Episode 34 - B1G Picture: Purdue

Wrapping up the Badgers' conference opponents, Rich and Max are joined by Mike Carmin to break down the Purdue Boilermakers.  Mike explains the reasons behind the dreadful 2013 campaign, handicaps the race at quarterback, and offers realistic expectations in the midst of a major rebuild.  Rich and Max wrap up the show discussing how much a 1-11 Purdue team hurts national perception of the B1G and Max's passion for talking all things Bowling Green.