Episode 181 - Badger Football & the Walk On Experience w/ Joel Nellis

Joel Nellis, Author of Walk on This Way, joins the show to talk about his book plus give an insiders view of Wisconsin football.  Afterwards Rich and Max look at just how hard it is to "make it" as a Wisconsin football walk on.


  • 1:30 Max "Gumby" Brusky and his Brewers jersey
  • 5:00 Welcoming Joel Nellis who co-wrote "Walk On This Way"
  • 6:15 When Joel realized the end of HS wasn't the end of football
  • 9:15 What does "hanging on" your first year entail?
  • 12:45 What is the biggest adjustment from HS?
  • 14:15 Tim in St Cloud on Chryst showing emotion
  • 17:15 How does Chryst remember Joel?
  • 20:30 Why write the book?
  • 27:00 Expectations for 2017
  • 29:30 Rich's walk on spreadsheet