Episode 245 - Week 10: Rutgers

Rich and Max review the Badgers 31-17 victory over the Scarlet Knights


  • 1:15 Max is in a dark place

  • 3:45 Rich tells us about negativity

  • 6:45 Yards per play by quarter

  • 9:45 Hornibrook’s performance

  • 24:15 Coan’s performance

  • 30:00 The running game

  • 32:30 What is happening at LT?

  • 33:30 Why didn’t Cruikshank redshirt?!?

  • 35:00 Zach in Roberts on play calling

  • 42:15 This defense is young and improving

  • 44:00 Christian Bell is a DE playing LB

  • 47:00 Ian in Madison on a DL grad transfer and future DL depth

  • 53:00 Injuries

  • 55:00 JT in South Cackalacka on 2019

  • 57:45 UR Players of the Game


Episode 234 - We Just Want to Talk About Football

Rich and Max react to the news of the suspension of Quintez Cephus plus discuss latest news from Badger Camp.


  • 1:15 The first time we don’t want to be here
  • 3:00 Max is just sad
  • 4:00 The impact ON the field
  • 5:00 The #1 WR is gone for at least the year
  • 6:45 Danny Davis gone too?
  • 8:00 Playing our the worst case scenario
  • 10:15 Settle loves Taiwan
  • 15:15 Even worst case this passing game is light years ahead of 2010
  • 23:45 DCW in the Chateau Bow Wow
  • 26:30 The Captains
  • 28:45 Has The outlook for the team changed?
  • 33:30 Nate in Dallas on who it is better to lose to
  • 42:45 Marty in St Cloud on putting players in the NFL
  • 48:45 Jeremy in Green Bay on the unknown quantities at CB

Episode 219 - The Deafening Silence of a Businesslike Spring

Rich and Max take stock of a spring practice with minimal drama and little intrigue. How do you make this interesting?


  • 1:15 I'm Rich and l'm here with my dying co-host Max
  • 4:00 No QB controversy means no drama
  • 9:45 South Jersey Pete on the Deal with Taiwan
  • 14:30 Steve in NY on Taiwan Deal's flabby guns
  • 15:45 Tom on the Train on where Farrar's role this year
  • 20:15 Rich is getting what he wanted at DB
  • 22:45 The injury list
  • 24:30 Will there be a 50-50 run-pass play call this year?
  • 27:30 The Spring Game
  • 35:00 Kyle's closing the doors. Go say hi!!

Episode 192 - Adoptive vs. Adopted

With Max away Rich is joined by Show Lackey Steven to talk Badger camp plus previews Maryland with Lamar Johnson of Testudo Times


  • 1:00 Max is missing
  • 2:15 Welcome Lamar Johnson of Testudo Times
  • 2:45 With the Recruiting and the bowl was 2016 a success?
  • 3:45 What was the biggest step forward?
  • 4:30 What will the offense look like?
  • 6:45 Will it be similar to Harbaugh?
  • 7:30 What kind of performance can the D turn in?
  • 10:00 How will 2017 play out?
  • 11:30 What can Durkin do long term at Maryland?
  • 13:30 It me. Show Lackey Steve
  • 15:00 Why Lambeau? Why not Camp Randall?
  • 22:00 Cichy's season ending injury
  • 29:45 Steve rambles
  • 30:30 What to make of the RB battle?
  • 33:30 Is this the tipping point for Deal?
  • 36:00 Nickelback... no, nickel back and the battle there
  • 38:30 Why doesn't Cain know the signals?
  • 40:00 The kick returners
  • 43:15 Will Wheelwright's replacement have the same impact?
  • 45:00 Rand Back to DT
  • 48:45 PLAYOFFS?!? You want to talk PLAYOFFS?!?
  • 51:30 Housekeeping
  • 57:15 Paul from Madison

Episode 153 - Week 3 Georgia State Review: Close Call

The Badgers got to 3-0, but the 23-17 victory was certainly too close for comfort for most as Wisconsin squeaked by one of the weakest programs in the FBS. Rich and Max share what they learned in what was a far tenser contest than anyone imagined. 


  • 1:15 So fresh and so clean
  • 3:30 The voicemails
  • 8:00 Chryst's best coaching job?
  • 17:30 The Lance Smith highlight reel
  • 20:00 Dare
  • 25:45 Houston had a problem (This count Schaaf)
  • 30:15 TJ Edwards is good
  • 32:15 JS Jesse on a safety hypothetical
  • 34:15 Scott from Twitter on Dixon's tackling
  • 38:15 UR Player of the Game
  • 40:30 Takeaways (Max quietly acknowledges Iowa's loss)

Episode 130 - Last Call for Spring Football

With the Badgers' 2016 Spring Game just days away, Rich and Max wrap up their discussions of spring practice with a look at the latest developments from camp including the apparent shuffling on the offensive line going into the fall and answer some big picture listener questions. Don't forget to send us your spring game thoughts for next week's show!


  • 2:00 Apologies for the delay
  • 4:30 Bill from Neenah and scheduling
  • 8:30 Dylan from PA and coaches getting paid
  • 23:00 Dylan from PA and if UW is a basketball or football school
  • 27:00 Dylan from PA on hating coaches
  • 32:30 Are the OL's dark days over?
  • 37:00 Max is attending the spring game... As am l
  • 43:15 Talking Max's new favorite team, Illinois, and the loss of Dudek

Episode 127 - Spring Practice Preview: 2016 Edition

The Badgers hit the field on March 16th to officially begin the 2nd season of Paul Chryst's tenure as Wisconsin head coach. Max and Rich ready themselves for the next month of practices with discussions of the quarterback race, what the future holds for Taiwan Deal, and how much we can really learn about Justin Wilcox's defense in spring. They close the show with a listener voicemail and analysis of the hire of Lovie Smith.


  • 1:30 Old business and new business
  • 4:45 How will Paul Chryst handle the QB's?
  • 9:00 Is Taiwan Deal the most interesting man in Madison?
  • 11:00 Rich is puzzled by Leon Jacobs
  • 13:15 Rich is a Badgers fan.
  • 13:45 Will a clear starting 5 emerge on the OL?
  • 19:00 The uncertainty in the secondary
  • 24:00 Who will emerge as a playmaker?
  • 28:00 How much can we learn about Wilcox in the spring?
  • 30:00 Tookey Monster on why Wilcox might be hated
  • 32:30 Max doesn't think the Badgers can beat his favorite team in '16
  • 37:00 Illinois has gone crazy... Or big?

Episode 112 - Week 10 Maryland Review: Blueprint to beat the Badger's Defense?

The Badgers head into the bye week with a tighter than expected 31-24 victory over Maryland. Rich and Max discuss the unexpectedly less than dominant performance from the defense, the schizophrenic performance from the offense, and special teams that were a puzzling mix of both good and bad. All this plus Rich's in person experience at Byrd Stadium.


  • 1:30 Welcome to the bye week
  • 3:00 Call us!!! 720-77-BUCKY
  • 4:00 Is this the blueprint for attacking the Badgers D?
  • 10:30 What happens when the Badgers play real offensive talent?
  • 11:15 Your #MACtion interlude
  • 12:30 The Maryland DL
  • 13:45 The RB situation
  • 16:00 Stave went streaking
  • 19:30 Rich misses DJ Gillens
  • 22:00 We've gotta talk about Joel Stave
  • 29:00 SPECIAL teams!!!
  • 36:00 Good coaching is about what you do when your plan doesn't work
  • 39:15 UR Player of the game
  • 40:30 Let's talk about Iowa... Or, let's listen to Max talk about Iowa
  • 43:15 Rich goes to Maryland
  • 49:45 "It's better than Rutgers?"

Episode 101 Week 4 Review: Hawaii - J Leman is Coming for your Soul!

Wrapping up non-conference play, Rich and Max review the Badgers' convincing 28-0 win over the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii. They discuss the dominant performance of the defense, the solid effort in the ground game, and he up and down afternoon through the air. Let be honest here. This is all just a prelude for Max to lose his mind in the Iowa preview in episode 102.


  • 2:00 Meetup with Max near Camp Randall
  • 5:45 Recapping Hawaii
  • 6:15 A look at the secondary
  • 15:00 Not much to discuss with the front 7... Which is a good thing
  • 16:15 A look into the future at LB
  • 18:30 The inverted wishbone is back!!
  • 21:00 Rich has concerns
  • 23:30 Alec Ingold means 4 years of Northern Illinois references
  • 26:15 The OL looks better
  • 29:15 Talking about the throw game
  • 40:00 Jazz' hands on punt returns
  • 45:00 J Leman stares into your soul
  • 46:00 Drew Meyer and the Shanks (album coming to stores soon)
  • 49:00 UR player of the game
  • 51:15 Were there big games in the B1G?

Episode 99 - Week 3: Pumping the Brakes on Troy

Rich and Max examine the Badgers' 28-3 win over Troy. They talk about the dominating defensive performance, why the team scored so few points, Chris Orr's arms (or lack thereof - TBD) and the Jabbawockeez. 


  • 2:00 Who is listening in Hong Kong?
  • 5:30 Chris Orr's sleeves
  • 6:30 The Brusky Scale of Arm Power Measurement (BSAPM)
  • 11:45 Chris Orr's play... Evan Flood is smart
  • 13:45 Thinning the herd at ILB
  • 19:00 McEvoy's usage
  • 21:00 The O-Line in flux
  • 25:15 The Deal vs Dare debate... Or lack thereof
  • 28:30 Is UW's offense fools gold?
  • 35:00 UW on 4th down
  • 40:00 UR Players of the Game
  • 42:30 Big games in the B1G
  • 52:00 Max didn't talk about NIU in the OSU recap enough... So he's doubling down
  • 52:45 Cue the Iowa music

Episode 96: Week 2 Preview: Miami (No, not that one)

Looking to rebound from their season opening loss, the Badgers return to Camp Randall to take on the Miami Redhawks in what fans hope will be an exorcism of their Dallas Demons. Rich and Max discuss what they want to see from both sides of the line of scrimmage, in the passing game, and what lingering injuries may mean for the Badgers through the rest of non-conference play. Finally, the close the show with a discussion of Max's well publicized trip to see the mighty Huskies of Northern Illinois.


  • 2:45 #noteworthy
  • 3:30 Max on the MAC
  • 5:00 Northern Illinois defense reference
  • 7:00 Miami is not a MAC powerhouse (not an ACC one either)
  • 9:00 Keyboard broke from sheer volume of NIU references
  • 10:00 What should we expect from the Badgers?
  • 11:00 Will Clement play? Should he?
  • 14:30 How will the WR's perform? 
  • 17:15 Will Caputo play?
  • 20:30 Watch Sheehy and Musso
  • 25:30 Big games in the B-1-G
  • 32:15 The lesson, as always, Iowa is awful
  • 39:30 Max's trip to DeKalb
  • 46:45 Picks for UW vs Miami

Episode 95 - Week 1 Alabama Review: Quest for...Fun?

Fresh off the season opener, Rich and Max delve into the finer points of the Badgers 35-17 loss in Dallas to the Crimson Tide of Alabama. They discuss the anemic Badger ground game, how optimistic they think fans should be about the passing game,  and where to look for improvement in the ground game.  


  • 1:00 Good... Morning?!?
  • 5:00 General reactions to the D
  • 21:15 What do you do with McEvoy?
  • 25:00 A Tale of Two Halves... The Joel Stave story
  • 30:00 Taiwan Deal and his arms
  • 32:00 Do you feel good about the OL?
  • 36:00 The WR's look like WR's
  • 38:30 Under the Radar Players of the Game aka UR Players of the Game
  • 48:00 The Big Games in the B-1-G
  • 1:00:30 Takeaways

Episode 88 - #QuestForFun

With fall camp opening today, Rich and Max lead a listener-driven preview of Badgers fall camp. They talk about development on both lines, the questions at wide receiver, and various other areas of concern going into 2015. Just don't forget the slogan for 2015: The #QuestForFun

  • 1:30 #QuestForFun
  • 5:30 Fall Camp is here
  • 7:30 The Paul Chryst press conference
  • 13:00 Where will Tanner McEvoy end up and the impact
  • 17:37 Iowa Heisman reference
  • 20:40 Thoughts on a couple RS Freshmen
  • 28:00 How will the backup RB shake out?
  • 31:00 Will Chryst help Stave emerge?
  • 36:30 Drew Meyer is the punter
  • 37:15 Alec James is an Adonis
  • 39:00 Will the changes in position coaches be noticeable?
  • 42:45 Hawkeyearound
  • 46:15 Hokie Magic?
  • 48:30 Will Kyle Penniston have an impact in 2015?
  • 50:45 How much will Kellen Jones play?
  • 52:00 Over/Under on next UW admissions academic issue
  • 54:15 Gaglianone's personal #QuestForFun
  • 56:00 Northwestern is next... We promise

Episode 79 - Spring Scouting Report with Space Coyote

Making his 3rd appearance on the show, Logan Larson (a.k.a. Space Coyote) returns to the podcast to dissect the Badger spring game. He handicaps the backup quarterback race, evaluates the talent available at wide receiver, has high hopes for the defensive line and explains why Leon Jacobs is one of his breakout stars for 2015. All the while fending off Max's best efforts to turn this podcast into a preview of Illinois. 


  • 1:30 It's all Badgers tonight
  • 6:00 Making his THIRD appearance... Logan Larson aka the Space Coyote
  • 7:00 All B1G breakout team starting... Wait for it... Joel Stave
  • 12:00 The competition for the backup QB
  • 19:45 What's the Deal with Taiwan?
  • 24:45 Some surprise standouts on the OL
  • 30:15 Are UW WR's going to be awful?
  • 32:10 TE's appear solid
  • 33:45 Is the DL the most improved unit on the defense?
  • 37:45 Let's talk about Leon Jacobs... A lot.
  • 46:20 Will the defense perform better against top offenses?
  • 55:00 Where for art thou Austin Kafentzis? (spoiler: it's Nevada)

Episode 73 - Spring Wrap up with Jesse Temple

Rich & Max are joined by Fox Sports Wisconsin's Jesse Temple to draw Wisconsin's 2015 spring to a close. Jesse gives insights on UW's offense and defense and what he saw from Paul Chryst's first spring practice at head coach. And of course, hair and men's fashion.



Gordon Motivated by not Becoming a 1st Round Bust 


  • 1:20 Hobby talk
  • 4:20 New Home Owner Jesse Temple
  • 5:20 Back up QB battle
  • 8:55 The RB situation and Deal vs Dare
  • 11:30 Listener question and a discussion about the WRs.
  • 17:30 Is the Wisconsin OL a concern?
  • 20:20 Status of the DL
  • 22:40 Are the LB's actually a strength?
  • 24:40 Wisconsin Defense 2015: More Pressure and Stuff
  • 26:20 Tanner Talk
  • 28:30 The Best Question
  • 31:45 Who will return the kicks?
  • 33:15 The coaching staff and the media
  • 38:50 Prop bets
  • 46:30 MELVIN Gordon's honesty
  • 52:15 Wrap up

Episode 72 - Media Relations

After taking a week off (OK, a week and a half!) Rich and Max return to discuss the latest developments in spring practice.  They look at the depth at running back, the questions at wide receiver, and the pronunciation of Alex Hornibrook's name.  They close the show with Rich's theory on why the Badgers have had such a "quiet" spring.



  • 2:00 Maxwell Brusky: Podcast Superstar
  • 5:30 Spring practice... Just kidding. It's rambling. Mikey Dudek is the new Iowa.
  • 9:30 We are #TeamDare and other RB talk.
  • 16:15 Alex Hornibrook is strong out the gate.
  • 20:45 Weekly (semi-weekly) McEvoy talk and the WR's.
  • 26:00 Sojourn Shelton rebounds.
  • 29:10 Paul Chryst is NOT a quote machine.
  • 40:30 Good night.

Episode 71 - Spring Mid-Terms: 2015 Edition

Making his annual spring practice pilgrimage to the BuckAround, B5Q's Luke Mueller joins the podcast to give Rich and Max an update on what he's seeing with Paul Chryst's Badgers this spring.  He breaks down the progression of the quarterbacks, if Dare Ogunbowale can be the #2 running back, and what the new faces at inside linebacker bring to the table.  He even finds time to give some hot punting takes!


  • 1:30 We are the Giving Tree
  • 3:30 Can YOU help with the archives?
  • 6:00 Return of the Jedi, Luke Mueller
  • 8:05 Bart Houston looks solid. Not at punter…at quarterback!
  • 11:45 Compare and contracts Alex Hornibrook and Austin Kafentzis
  • 14:15 Let’s talk Dare, Deal and Kinlaw
  • 18:55 Who will catch the ball?
  • 23:30 New coaches getting Settled…get it?
  • 27:50 The Lines
  • 35:10 Inside Linebackers: what do we have here?
  • 40:55 Trezy…I think, and the last line of defense
  • 46:50 Punting. It’s not pretty folks.
  • 50:15 Why the lack of story lines?