Episode 122 - The Golden Buckys: 2015 Edition

The end of 2015 - from a BuckAround perspective - is here. Rich and Max hand out their post season awards and close the book on the season that was, but not until they reveal the results of the prop bet competition with friend of the show Andy Schaaf and discuss possible reasons behind the mysteriously quiet (and long!) search for a new defensive coordinator


  • 1:30 Putting 2015 in the rear view
  • 5:00 Recapping the Over/Unders with the illustrious Amos Schaff
  • 16:15 Host Over/Under champ? Max
  • 19:00 WHY is there no DC yet?
  • 21:45 The Golden Buckys
  • 23:15 MOP: Ray Ball... Just kidding it's Schobert
  • 25:15 Offensive MVP: Rich: Dare Max: Erickson
  • 29:00 Defensive MVP: Rich: McEvoy Max:Caputo
  • 32:15 Unsung Hero: Obasih
  • 34:30 Freshman of the Year: TJ Edwards
  • 37:45 Future Star, Offense: Rich Benzschawel Max: Ingold (NIU bias)
  • 39:15 Future Star, Defense Rich: Sagapolu & Dixon Max: Jamerson
  • 43:00 Biggest Disappointment: Rich: Figaro Max: Clement
  • 45:00 Worst Game: Rich: Iowestern Max: Northwa
  • 45:45 Play of the Year: Rich: Wheelwright one hander Max: Rafa's 2nd chance FG
  • 49:30 Game of the Year: USC
  • 51:45 Coach of the Year Rich: Gilmore Max: Aranda
  • 56:00 The end of the #questforfun

Episode 88 - #QuestForFun

With fall camp opening today, Rich and Max lead a listener-driven preview of Badgers fall camp. They talk about development on both lines, the questions at wide receiver, and various other areas of concern going into 2015. Just don't forget the slogan for 2015: The #QuestForFun

  • 1:30 #QuestForFun
  • 5:30 Fall Camp is here
  • 7:30 The Paul Chryst press conference
  • 13:00 Where will Tanner McEvoy end up and the impact
  • 17:37 Iowa Heisman reference
  • 20:40 Thoughts on a couple RS Freshmen
  • 28:00 How will the backup RB shake out?
  • 31:00 Will Chryst help Stave emerge?
  • 36:30 Drew Meyer is the punter
  • 37:15 Alec James is an Adonis
  • 39:00 Will the changes in position coaches be noticeable?
  • 42:45 Hawkeyearound
  • 46:15 Hokie Magic?
  • 48:30 Will Kyle Penniston have an impact in 2015?
  • 50:45 How much will Kellen Jones play?
  • 52:00 Over/Under on next UW admissions academic issue
  • 54:15 Gaglianone's personal #QuestForFun
  • 56:00 Northwestern is next... We promise

Episode 71 - Spring Mid-Terms: 2015 Edition

Making his annual spring practice pilgrimage to the BuckAround, B5Q's Luke Mueller joins the podcast to give Rich and Max an update on what he's seeing with Paul Chryst's Badgers this spring.  He breaks down the progression of the quarterbacks, if Dare Ogunbowale can be the #2 running back, and what the new faces at inside linebacker bring to the table.  He even finds time to give some hot punting takes!


  • 1:30 We are the Giving Tree
  • 3:30 Can YOU help with the archives?
  • 6:00 Return of the Jedi, Luke Mueller
  • 8:05 Bart Houston looks solid. Not at punter…at quarterback!
  • 11:45 Compare and contracts Alex Hornibrook and Austin Kafentzis
  • 14:15 Let’s talk Dare, Deal and Kinlaw
  • 18:55 Who will catch the ball?
  • 23:30 New coaches getting Settled…get it?
  • 27:50 The Lines
  • 35:10 Inside Linebackers: what do we have here?
  • 40:55 Trezy…I think, and the last line of defense
  • 46:50 Punting. It’s not pretty folks.
  • 50:15 Why the lack of story lines?