Episode 137 - B1G Picture: Purdue

Nathan Baird joins the BuckAround to give the latest on the Boilermakers. He discusses the future (and past) of Darell Hazell, if the rotating door at quarterback will stop spinning, and gives his thoughts on who the playmakers for Purdue will be in 2016. Rich and Max then close the show with the long awaited host and listener player trade hypotheticals. 


  • 1:30 Beer
  • 5:00 Welcome Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal & Courier
  • 5:30 Has there been improvement under Hazell?
  • 8:45 Does Blough stay as starting QB?
  • 12:00 Who will help Markell Jones at RB?
  • 14:30 Any playmakers emerging?
  • 16:45 Is LB the best/deepest position?
  • 21:00 A look at the DL
  • 22:45 Are the ST special?
  • 25:15 How does 2016 play out?
  • 28:30 A bowl game?!?
  • 30:45 Is 6 wins enough for Hazell?
  • 34:00 Badger player trades
  • 55:00 Max's trade
  • 56:00 Rich's trade
  • 1:03:30 Next week: Minnesota

Episode 135 - Return of the Max! (part 2)

Max returns to the BuckAround to forcefully rebut Rich's outlandish recruiting claims from episode 134 (SPOILER: they really don't disagree that much, sorry). They also share a #hypothetical from longtime friend Bizarro Max and answer a show history question from Wes in LA. 


  • 1:45 Return of Return of the Max
  • 4:15 Sympatico views on recruiting the offensive side of the ball
  • 6:00 QB recruiting and injury luck
  • 8:00 TE and how Hescock is NOT from Connecticut
  • 10:15 Recruiting in Michigan and the Michigan schools
  • 12:30 Recruiting nationally and Chryst recruiting at Pitt
  • 15:30 Max rambles on about Hayden Fry and the greatness of Iowa... For 15 seconds
  • 25:30 Bret Bielema as a developer
  • 29:30 Bizarro Max on hypothetical B1G trades
  • 36:00 Wes from LA on the origins of the Buckaround pod

Episode 134 - Adventures in Monologuing

Rich hosts all by his lonesome this week, diving into the long-promised discussion of the state of Badger recruiting. He discusses hopeful signs for the future while also asking whether or not Badger fans have a improper expectations for how Wisconsin can recruit. Don't forget to send in your Northwestern questions for episode 135!


  • 1:15 The East Coast Elitist... Flying solo
  • 3:45 Talking 'Crootin
  • 5:30 Things are going well at QB
  • 10:45 Identifying targets early
  • 14:00 Not just upper Midwest prospects
  • 17:30 Is Chryst a good recruiter?
  • 23:00 How is Chryst doing this?
  • 29:45 What if Bielema wasn't a good recruiter?
  • 33:00 Wes on flattery and the geographic proliferation of the Buckaround and why non-Badger fans listen