Richard Branch

BuckAround Podcast co-host and co-founder

Born and raised in Connecticut, I attended UW in the late 90's majoring primarily in Fake IDs and weekends.  Having never been exposed to it before, I was blown away by the excitement of big time college football.   I witnessed the Badgers make two successful trips to Pasadena, I watched Ron Dayne run away with the Heisman, and even attended the Purdue game that christened The Jump Around in '98.  

Although I've moved back East, my heart is still in Madison on football Saturdays.  Distance has only increased my obsession with the squad to sometimes disquieting levels.  My wife claims my Russell Wilson man crush is a bit troubling but that's just crazy talk on her part.  

We all have posters of him over our beds, right?...Amirite?... Anyone?!   OK, forget that last part.  

Maxwell Brusky

BuckAround Podcast co-host

I am an avowed and confessed junkie for college football in general and Wisconsin Badger football in particular. I graduated UW, Letters and Sciences in '95.

In my real life, I'm a litigation attorney and father of two (son, daughter).  Originally from Racine, WI, I now reside in the far western suburbs of Chicago.